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“Night Court” Review on by Eva 1/22/2023

I was a big fan of the original Night Court sitcom from the 1980’s which you can stream for free on freevee if you have never seen the original show. I was wondering how funny the updated version would be because, sadly, all of the cast of the original show have passed away except for John Larroquette who plays Dan Fielding on both shows.

Melissa Reach (from The Big Bang Theory) plays Abby Stone the daughter of the late Harry T Stone who leaves her job as a judge in upstate New York to take over her late father’s court room because she loved hearing her father’s stories about night court. Abby persuades Dan to return to night court as a defense attorney this time to help her learn how night court works. Abby, like her father, is very optimistic and wants to get to know the people that comes before her court.

This show is funny but the cast needs time to get their comedic timing together, as an ensemble cast. Melissa Reach and John Larroquette have great chemistry together and Dan is like a combination mentor and father figure for Abby. I look forward to seeing how their relationship will develop in future episodes.

The show is worth watching but it still needs a little work. I give this show 4 out of 5 stars.

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