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“A Harvest Homecoming” Review on by Eva 10/9/2023

A Harvest Homecoming is part of Great American Autumn movies series, from Great American Family Channel, which airs a fall-themed movie every Saturday night.

The movie centers around Drew Clark (Trevor Donavan) a substitute teacher who comes home to his hometown of Chestnut Hollow, Texas to substitute teach for a few weeks. Drew meets Aiden Ross (Luxton Hand) and his mother Lainie Ross (Jessica Lowndes) who help Drew realize how much he has missed his family. Drew’s parents have an apple orchard and cider mill which Lainie helps Drew’s parents to manage.

This movie was very sweet and funny. I enjoyed it very much. The second story in the movie involved Drew’s Grandpa Joe (Roger Dunn) trying to impress Miss Francine (Eve Crawford). I have to say that this was my favorite story in the movie.

Trevor Donovan and Jessica Lowndes have great chemistry together as a couple and you root for them to get together. Trevor Donovan even sings a song he wrote called Fields of Gold for the movie.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. If you missed the movie, check your DVR guide because Great American Family channel airs their movies several times. You can also stream this movie on

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