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“Mystery Island” Review on by Eva 10/9/2023

I enjoy watching mystery movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I wanted to watch Mystery Island because the scenery on the commercial looked beautiful. I later found out that the movie was filmed in Panama City, Panama.

The movie centers around Dr. Emily Priestly (Emily Henstridge) a phycology consultant for Scotland Yard. Emily decides to take a vacation when a serial killer threatens her. So, she takes a vacation with her best friend Baroness Jane Walcott (Kezia Burrows) to Mystery Island. Jane is an investor in the island which hosts murder mystery weekends. The people who come for the weekend solve a staged mystery using actors. A famous mystery writer, John Murtaugh (Robert Getman), came up with the idea for mystery Island. The mystery becomes real when the author and creator of Mystery Island is found dead. Detective Jason Trent (Charlie Weber) asks Emily to help him figure out the identity of the killer. I have said too much about the story, so I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to ruin the movie for you.

I enjoyed this movie except I felt the ending of the movie was rushed. I like it better when the resolution of the mystery is explained more slowly. I have a feeling this movie is the first in a series of movies, so I hope they will fix this problem. The chemistry between Jason and Emily isn’t bad but I hope it will get better if they make more movies. I also wish they would go to different islands to solve mysteries sometimes, not just stay on mystery island.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. If you missed the movie, check your DVR guide for the next air date because Hallmark movies and mysteries likes to air their movies several times.

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