GH Trivia Quiz #2

GH Family Relationships


Alan and Lucy at their wedding on "General Hospital" on ABC

1. Which of these men was Anna married to?

a. Valentin

b. Robert

c. Faison

d. Martin

e. Sean

2. How many husbands has Lucy Coe had?

a. 6

b. 7

c. 5

d. 2

e. 4

3. Martin is what relation to Spencer?

a. Uncle

b. Grandfather

c. Father

d. Cousin

e. Great-Uncle

4. Ned once had sex with which family member?

a. cousin

b. step-sister

c. aunt

d. adopted mom

e. niece

5. Who is Jake’s biological dad?

a. Lucky

b. Drew

c. Zander

d. Jason

e. Luke

6. Gladys’ relationship to Molly

a. aunt

b. second cousin

c. sister

d. great-aunt

e. no blood relation

7. Including both GH and “Port Charles,” how many different characters has Michael Easton played?

a. 3

b. 2

c. 5

d. 4

e. None of the above.

8. Who has the most daughters?

a. Maxie

b. Alexis

c. Carly

d. Ava

e. Nina

9. Which character shot his son?

a. Sonny

b. Marshall

c. Gregory

d. Mac

e. Cyrus

10. Who lied about being Mac’s son?

a. Dante

b. Brick

c. Cody

d. Chase

e. Yuri



1. b

2. c

3. e

4. c

5. d

6. e

7. c

8. b

9. a

10. c


Dev, Mike, Sonny and Gladys on "General Hospital" on ABC

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