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Anna and Drew locate the crashed cars that have been abandoned by Maxie, Felicia and Peter. Peter catches up to Maxie as she flees the scene. He tells her to turn around and come with him or he’ll shoot her. Maxie tells Peter she would rather die than live her life with him. Peter raises the gun to shoot Maxie, but Felicia comes from behind him and strikes him in the head with the tire iron from the rental car. Peter falls down an embankment and comes to rest on his back in the snow. Maxie and Felicia rush down to secure the gun Peter had in his possession as Anna and Drew arrive on the scene. Anna tells Maxie, Felicia and Drew that they can go on ahead, and she’ll wait for the ambulance. Peter begs Maxie to stay with him and tells her that he can’t feel his legs. However, the three of them do as Anna has requested.

Anna kneels down beside Peter as Peter realizes that Anna never placed the call for an ambulance. Anna intends to let Peter die from his injuries. Peter reaches up, and Anna takes his hand as he draws his last breath. Anna then closes his eyes, checks for a pulse and bursts into tears. She then rejoins the others, who are waiting back at the crash scene for the police. Felicia notices something is off with Anna, so she questions her. Anna reveals that she never called for an ambulance. Felicia says that Peter was a monster and that she agrees with Anna’s decision. Felicia phones Mac at General Hospital to let him know that she has found Maxie and that Peter is finally dead.

Brook Lynn and Chase take Bailey (Louise) to General Hospital to see Mac. While there, they share their first kiss. Afterwards, Brook Lynn seems troubled.

Sonny and Carly meet in Carly’s office with their respective attorneys to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Both Sonny and Carly want the divorce to be amicable and without a lengthy, courtroom battle. However, they immediately have a disagreement over who will keep their main house – where Donna and Avery reside. Sonny refuses to let Carly have it, but after a private chat between the two of them, Sonny relents and agrees that Carly having the house will probably be better for the girls. He is upset with himself that he has done permanent damage to the family. An agreement is reached and both parties consent to allowing the attorneys to draft the final divorce papers.

Sonny leaves Carly’s office, very upset, and goes to Charlie’s bar for a drink. He runs into Brando, who notices he looks like he could use someone to talk to. Sonny confesses that he and Carly are filing for divorce, and he tells Brando that he should make a grand gesture to Sasha. He suggests that Brando take her away to Niagara Falls for a romantic weekend getaway.

Sasha calls an after-hours business meeting with Nina and Lucy. She wishes to discuss some new ideas about their company. While at Kelly’s for the meeting, she runs into a former associate, and it’s revealed that she used to provide Sasha with drugs back when she was an addict. The dealer offers to hook Sasha up, but Sasha politely tells her she is not an addict anymore.

Brando arrives at Kelly’s and breaks up the ladies’ meeting a bit early. He asks Sasha to go away with him to Niagara Falls, and Sasha agrees. Later, after Brando leaves, Sasha goes back into Kelly’s and asks the drug dealer for something that will help her get through the next few days.

Meanwhile, at Kelly’s, a conversation between Trina, Esme and Josslyn gets nasty, with Josslyn accusing Esme of being jealous that Spencer bought Trina a gift before leaving for his incarceration. Trina feels slighted because Josslyn used her to make her point that Esme’s attempts to get into Trina’s good graces are less than genuine. Trina storms out of the restaurant angrily after telling Josslyn that everything is fine between them. Esme is furious and prepares to leak the sex tape that she made of Josslyn and Cameron in bed during their weekend getaway at Sonny’s cabin.

Back at General Hospital, Britt and Austin discuss what will happen between Austin and Maxie when Maxie returns to Port Charles.

Sonny prepares to leave Charlie’s and is clearly inebriated, but he convinces himself that he’ll be fine because his place is “not that far away.” As he prepares to leave, Nina arrives at the bar. She has obviously checked the many voice messages that Sonny has left her while in his inebriated state.

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