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Recap written by Christine

Victor entered his office. Adam was surprised, because he wasn’t expecting Victor tonight. Victor wanted to know how things went with Chelsea at the penthouse. Adam referred to it as “returning to the scene of the crime.” He said it was strange being there with Chelsea, but fortunately, Connor didn’t know anything about it. Victor asked if Chelsea knew there was no future with Adam. Adam thought so. He said she was focused on moving forward, and she took the job at Newman Fashion. Victor thought that was good because Adam could keep an eye on Chelsea. Victor asked about the source of the videos of Billy. Adam was fairly confident he knew who was sending them. He said he’d asked the person, and they wouldn’t confirm or deny it. He thought this person was sincere in wanting to help Newman Media. “So you expect me to trust you because you trust them,” Victor stated. Adam thought they should focus on the fact that Billy was unraveling, and they had him where they wanted him. Victor suggested they’d done enough to Billy, since he’d left ChancComm and been publicly humiliated. Adam said that Billy was still telling everyone that Ashland committed fraud. He thought they should seize this opportunity to discredit Billy. “Why should we show mercy now?,” Adam asked. Victor didn’t argue with that, but he thought they should proceed carefully, and Victor wanted to be kept in the loop. Adam agreed.

Nate and Elena were at Crimson Lights. He was going to give her all the time she needed to decide whether or not she wanted to move in with him. She thought there were some things they had to discuss first. She didn’t like the smell of food cooking in the morning, because it made her nauseous. She liked to get up and run early, which could be annoying. She also liked to have her own closet space. None of those things bothered him. He warned her that he had an enormous baseball card collection. She thought that was a ridiculous hobby, but she already saw his cards in the spare bedroom. He wore avocado face masks. She asked if he’d make her one too, and he said yes. She said she’d love to live with him and his baseball cards and avocado masks. They hugged.

Chance and Abby were out at Society to celebrate the capture of the people who set the bomb. Devon and Amanda arrived, and Abby invited them to the table. Devon said they didn’t want to intrude, but when Abby said she had pictures of Dominic, he said he couldn’t resist. Devon loved the photos and asked for copies. Abby said that was the least she could do after he helped her live stream with Dominic while she was in Spain. It was a powerful moment watching Chance see his son for the first time. Abby said she started showing Chance the video diary she made while he was gone. Devon mentioned that he made a cameo on that diary, talking about the music he’d play for Dominic once he was born. Chance was glad to get a glimpse of what he’d missed. He said he had a lot to catch up on. Devon added that there were a lot of milestones Chance would be around for. Abby suggested that Dominic’s first word would be Dada. Devon and Amanda exchanged a look.

Amanda told everyone that Devon was the baby whisperer. Chance was interested in hearing the secrets. Abby assured Chance that he’d find his own rhythm with the baby. Devon said that the baby loved jazz and when you whispered in his ear. When the baby was staying at the house, Devon found a parenting group that had good tips, and he said he’d send them the link. Devon said that you couldn’t follow all the advice though – he’d massaged the baby’s belly after he ate, like the site said, but the baby didn’t like it. Abby was sure that Dominic didn’t have any complaints about Devon. Chance looked uncomfortable. Chance was ready to leave. He thanked Devon for taking care of Dominic, then he and Abby left.

Elena and Nate went to Society, where they told Devon and Amanda their news about moving in together. Amanda mentioned that Chance and Abby just left. Elena wished she’d gotten to see Dominic. Devon mentioned that the baby sat up for the first time. Nate asked how Chance’s transition back home was going. Devon said Chancee was still adjusting, but he’d figure it out.

Amanda and Devon went home. She asked what she could do to ease his mind. He said he saw Dominic today, so he was great. She knew the short visits weren’t cutting it. She suggested he asked Abby and Chance for a little one on one time with Dominic. He thought about it, but he wasn’t sure how well it’d go over. Chance was already struggling, so Devon didn’t want to press for more time with Dominic and overstep into Chance’s territory. Amanda said that Devon would never know until he asked.

At their house, Abby hoped it was okay that she invited Devon and Amanda to join them at Society. Chance was fine with it. She noticed that he’d been a little quiet. He said it was because he didn’t get to spend as much time with the baby as everyone else had. She assured him he’d make his own memories with the baby and have stories with him soon enough. He hoped so. Victor stopped by to say he was happy that the bastards responsible for the explosion had been found. Dominic cried, and Abby went upstairs. Victor asked how Chance was. He said Abby was taking good care of him. Victor asked what Chance’s plans were.

Chance said his spot was waiting for him at the GCPD. Victor remembered Chance joined the GCPD because he wanted to be closer to home. Victor said Abby was devastated when she thought Chance died in the explosion. Chance would always regret putting her through that. Victor said being a cop was dangerous. Chance stated that he’d been through worse. Victor said it would be unfair to Abby and everyone else if she had to deal with something like that again.

Lily and Billy were at home, and he was on edge because Jack was coming over, and they were going to talk about the plan. Lily offered to leave, but Billy said he wanted her to stay. Jack arrived. Jack hoped this wasn’t about buying ChancComm, because he wasn’t interested in doing that. Billy said he had a plan that didn’t require anything of Jack. He said Lily was the only one who knew, and she thought it was important to give Jack a head-up. Jack wondered if Lily was hoping he’d dissuade Billy from carrying out his plan. Lily said she supported Billy’s idea, but she thought there were some things Jack should be aware of.

Billy wanted to make it clear that Victor and Adam made it look like he published a phony story about Ashland Locke. Jack stated that he already knew this. Billy said they were being sued for reckless disregard for the truth, even though the article was actually true. Billy said he couldn’t let that perception stand. He couldn’t move forward without reclaiming his dignity. He planned to expose Newman Media for being backstabbers, or rather, trick Victor and Adam into exposing themselves. Jack asked how Billy intended to do that. Billy was going to give Victor and Adam what they wanted; make their darkest dreams come true. “Of course it won’t actually be true, but it won’t matter to [Victor and Adam]. That is the point,” Billy stated. Jack asked if Billy was going to give Victor and Adam a fake story and hope they ran with it. Billy said it would be a story that Newman Media wouldn’t be able to resist. Jack was almost afraid to ask. “The tragic demise of Billy Abbott. The once promising CEO who is now swallowed up in despair and addiction.” Billy stated. Billy said that Victor and Adam would eat it up with a spoon, and when the time was right, Billy would turn the tables and sue them.

Jack didn’t like this plan. Billy said he’d be visiting some of his old friends. Jack asked if that meant bookies. Billy said that he’d be able to prove in court that he hadn’t actually fallen apart or gambled. Jack asked how Billy was going to do that. Lily tried to assure Jack that Billy had thought this through. Jack was dismayed because that Lily approved, because he’d hoped she could talk Billy out of this. Billy said he didn’t want to tell Jack about this in the first place. Jack didn’t understand why Billy had to stay mired in this obsessive need to hurt Victor and Adam. Jack said Billy could vindicate himself by going to Chancellor or Jabot. Billy said that the reputation Adam and Victor saddled him with would stay with him for the rest of his life until he could prove that they were the ones motivated by greed and vengeance. Billy stated that he’d already set the plan in motion, and he wasn’t asking for Jack’s permission or approval. Jack asked why Billy was bringing him in on this now. Billy said Lily thought it would be cruel to let Jack hear the rumors and believe them. Jack asked what about Jill or Johnny and Katie. Lily said that the kids were going to boarding school. Jack was stunned Billy was sending the kids away. Billy said it was Victoria’s idea, and he thought it was the right one. Lily added that Jill was visiting the Chancellor offices as part of the CEO handover. Billy knew his sisters would be in and out of town, and he didn’t expect Jack to lie to them, and Jack said he didn’t plan to lie to Traci and Ashley. He didn’t want any part of this. Lily asked if they could trust Jack to keep quiet. Jack didn’t see why he’d keep quiet. Billy said that if Jack ruined this plan, he’d never trust Jack again. Billy didn’t think this plan was as dangerous as Jack thought it was. The thing that scared Jack the most was Billy’s certainty and tone – it smacked of the same overconfidence that had been at the root of Billy’s downfall over and over again. Billy thought this was his best chance to repair his reputation. Jack wanted to be wrong. He left.

Lily hoped Billy wasn’t angry with her for getting him to tell Jack about his plan. He wasn’t angry, in fact, he was having second thought about this idea, because he didn’t want to come off as a selfish jerk. He said this was going to affect his family, and hers. He hoped her kids away at college wouldn’t find out, but there was Devon and Nate and Lily’s friends and colleagues. He said nothing was more important to him than her, not his reputation nor his career. He said if this was too much for her, she just had to stay the word, and he’d drop it. She didn’t love the idea of hurting her family or Jill, but she could just say that she wasn’t worried about him and she didn’t believe the rumors. He said people would tell her she was in denial. She hoped this would all resolve quickly, and she could clear it up, or she could confide the truth in a couple of people, like he did with Jack. She was behind him 100%. She did wish he’d drop this and come to Chancellor with her, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to rest until he cleared his name, and when he did, she’d put on the full court press to recruit him. He hoped she knew how grateful he was for her love and support. They kissed. Lily came downstairs and she was all dressed up. Billy said that Lily looked amazing. They prepared to go out so that he could carry out the next part of his plan.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was on the phone with Summer. The call ended, and Nick walked in with a present. Phyllis thought that it was something for Summer that he wanted to mail to Italy along with the packages Phyllis was sending. Nick clarified that this was for Phyllis. He bought it when they were still together, and it was custom made, so it couldn’t be returned. He supposed he should’ve waited to give her this gift until things felt less awkward between them. Phyllis admitted she’d purchased something for Nick when they were together too, and she took him upstairs to get it. She wasn’t sure she was going to give him, until he gave this gift to her. He joked that she was giving him something that someone gave her, but she said that once he opened it, it’d be clear that she bought it for him. She said the gift would show that it was someone who knew him well. They acknowledged the awkwardness and said they should be past it.

Nick gave Phyllis a locket with pictures of him and Summer inside. The inscription said “Love always, Nick.” Phyllis thought the gift was amazing. Nick’s gift was a personalized cologne called Essence of Nicholas. Phyllis spent months working with the company on a customized fragrance. He said she was literally the only person in his life who’d do something like this for him. She hoped they never lost their connection. “It’s hard to find that special bond with somebody,” she said. He hoped they didn’t lose that connection either. Phyllis and Nick went downstairs, and she said Summer wanted to do a video call and open presents together. Nick was on board with it. Jack arrived, and Nick told him about Summer’s idea. Jack wanted to participate. Nick thanked Phyllis for the gift and left. Jack was glad things were better with Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis could see that something was going on with Jack. Nick had been lingering by the doorway watching, and he left.

Adam went to the hotel and overheard Jack telling Phyllis he was afraid Billy was about to make the same series of mistakes. Adam said it wasn’t his intention to push Billy over the edge. Jack didn’t buy Adam’s excuses. “We both know what you did to Billy and why,” he snapped. Adam said Jack only had Billy’s side of the story. Jack knew for a fact that Billy never intended to publish that story on Ashland, a story that was very likely true. Adam said Jack would have to take that up with Ashland. Jack accused Victor and Adam of setting a trap for his brother. He said Billy had children, Victor’s grandchildren. Adam asked what about Ashland’s child, Jack’s grandson. Phyllis didn’t believe Adam and Victor had Ashland’s best interests at heart. Adam said they did what they had to do to put the family business first. Jack didn’t believe Adam had a legitimate business reason to to this. He said it was revenge, pure and simple. “For what?,” Adam asked. “Don’t play dumb with me,” Jack replied. Jack said Victor and Adam never forgave Billy for the article on Adam. Adam said he didn’t owe Jack an explanation, and he left. Phyllis asked what was going on between Billy and Adam. Jack replied that it was constant warfare.

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