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Recap written by Christine

Adam went to Billy’s and asked for Jesse Gaines. Billy pretended he’d never heard the name. He wanted Adam to leave so he could pack for Tuscany. Adam entered uninvited and stated that Billy that was not going to Tuscany. Billy asked if

Adam was going to stop him. Adam told Billy that if he was smart, he wouldn’t make this move he’d come to regret. Adam asked Billy why he was so hell-bent on sabotaging Victoria’s happiness. Billy stated that he was trying to ensure Victoria’s happiness. He was at peace with trying to stop Victoria from marrying a deceitful, duplicitous man. Adam contended that, no matter what Ashland did, Adam, Billy and Victor had no room to throw stones.

Adam thought Billy looked petty trying to track down this guy from Ashland’s past. Billy maintained that he had no idea who Adam meant, even pretending that he thought the guy’s name was Jamie Gams. “Just come off of it,” Adam ordered. He knew Billy met with Jesse Gaines, a shady guy from Ashland’s past, whose father worked for Camilla Rhodes. Billy thought that Adam was here because Victor ordered him to come. “Your father told you to jump and you said ‘how high?’” Billy said that Adam didn’t really know any details because Victor didn’t trust him enough to tell him. Billy thought that made Adam pathetic. Adam argued that he was actually on the inside, and Billy was the one on the outside of the situation. Adam thought Billy was trying to divert attention away from the matter at hand. Adam and Victor were in agreement that Victoria had the right to have the wedding go off without a hitch. Billy contended that Adam didn’t give a damn about his sister, and she barely tolerated him. Adam didn’t pretend he and Victoria were close, but things were better than they’d ever been, and he respected her as a businesswoman. Billy said that Victor put Victoria in charge and wasn’t micromanaging her. Adam said Victor was focused on his new venture with Adam. Billy said that Adam got the consolation prize. Adam was thrilled about working with his father, and he was working to repair his relationship with his siblings. He wasn’t out to destroy anyone’s life, unlike Billy. Billy insisted that he was protecting Victoria and the kids. Adam said Victoria could take care of herself and her kids. Adam thought Billy was jealous and insecure and unable to let go. He believed it killed Billy that Victoria moved on to a man who was superior to him in every way. Adam liked Ashland, and he thought he was a good influence on Billy’s kids. “Don’t mention me. Don’t mention Victoria and don’t ever talk about my kids,” Billy ordered. Adam said to relax – this was just a talk. Billy said they both had planes to catch, and unless Adam drugged him, he couldn’t stop him from leaving. Adam said that Billy was going to fail, and he couldn’t wait to have a front row seat to his humiliation. Adam left.

Gaines came downstairs and asked if that was who he thought it was. Billy said it was Adam Newman. Gaines was concerned that Victor’s son was part of this now. Billy told Gaines they were going to the airport. Gaines never agreed to that, and he refused to go. Billy insisted and promised to make it worth Gaines’ while. As much as Gaines would love more money, there were other factors to consider. He said that if he went to Italy, he’d be delivered into the hands of the two men he betrayed. Gaines asked how to know he could trust Billy not to use him and throw him to the wolves. Billy swore he had Gaines’ back. He was sure that Ashland and Victor wouldn’t do anything in front of that many people, so all he and Gaines had to do was get in, talk to Victoria and get out. Gaines was still wary.

Billy thought that Gaines could get something sweeter than money – revenge. Billy assured Gaines that he was justified in resenting Ashland for stealing Gaines’ father from him. Billy stated that Ashland got all the praise and accolades and Gaines Jr. got shoved to the sidelines. Gaines felt like Billy really understood. Billy knew something about being the black sheep, and he said that Gaines had it worse than he did because Ashland used Gaines’ father. Billy said that Ashland still didn’t respect Gaines. Gaines was happy to help expose Ashland, and he thought it would be a magnificent moment. Billy told Gaines to imagine how satisfying it’d be to be part of taking Ashland down. “You’d be able to see the look on his face when he realizes that you were the one with the power all along,” Billy said. Gaines was sold. “When do we leave?,” he asked. Billy said he had to finish packing and make a phone call. He told Gaines to grab himself a drink and a bite to eat. Gaines said this trip would be one for the ages. Billy agreed – Gaines would get his revenge, and Billy would prevent someone he cared about from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Billy called Lily to see how she and Mattie were. They were fine. She asked about his kids, and he said Hannah would have them packed and ready to fly to Tuscany with Lily. He said that she might not have to get on that flight though because if things went the way they thought he would, there wouldn’t be a wedding to attend.

In Tuscany, Ashland was glad to have a private moment with Victoria. He wanted to know why she was going forward with the wedding. He wanted nothing more than to be her husband, but now he wasn’t sure she should marry him. He thought, perhaps, he should call off the wedding. She asked where this was coming from. He said Nikki was worried Victoria was getting married for the wrong reasons. If that was true, that would devastate him. He wanted her to be happy and for this to be the best day of her life. She knew her mother meant well, but she was wrong. Victoria said she was doing exactly what she needed to do. Ashland asked if Victoria was marrying him to avoid questions and potential scandals and protect the company. She said that was in both their best interests. He said, a year ago, he would’ve felt that way too and focused on protecting the company at all costs. He held her hands and said her love profoundly changed him, and he knew he betrayed that love with his secrets. He could see how deeply wounded she was – earlier, when she could barely look at him, it destroyed him. He didn’t want her to go through with the marriage if her heart wasn’t in it. “You think you have me all figured out, but even when I was furious with you, I never said that my heart wasn’t in it,” Victoria replied.

Ashland was sorry he hid the truth and that his past was threatening what they built together. He asked what she thought when she looked at him. Last night, Victoria kept thinking about what he told her, and she wondered what she’d do in his position. He had no doubt she would’ve done the morally right thing in each instance because she was a good person and there was a line she’d never cross. She asked what that made him. He said he was a ruthless sometimes self-serving man who wanted to be better because of her. He wanted to live because of her, and he wanted a chance to make amends because of her. She believed him, and she wanted to give him that chance. Despite everything she loved him, and she always would. She still wanted to be his wife. They kissed.

Upstairs in their Tuscan bedroom, Nikki informed Victor that she encouraged Ashland to call off the wedding. Victor didn’t agree with this. He said they were sending mixed messages because he’d just told Victoria how happy he was that she was marrying Ashland. Nikki didn’t understand how Victor was okay with the wedding after everything they’d just learned about Ashland. It occurred to her that he’d known about Ashland’s secret prior to today and that he didn’t tell her or Victoria. He confirmed that this was true. He said he kept it quiet because he didn’t want the press or Billy finding out. She asked what exactly Billy knew. Victor had no idea, but he knew Billy continued to investigate. Nikki had a lot of thoughts about Billy and about how Victor handled this situation, but her main concern was Victoria. He felt the same way. She asked how he could believe it was a good idea for Victoria to get married simply because she thought it was good for business. “Obviously her heart is broken,” Nikki said.

Victor said that if he thought the wedding would be to Victoria’s detriment, he would’ve asked her to walk away. Nikki didn’t think Victor saw Victoria’s true feelings underneath her armor. Nikki said Victoria always wanted to look tough and in control in front of Victor. All Victor knew was that Victoria and Ashland loved each other, and he thought that was what was important. He knew Ashland desperately wanted to spend whatever time he had left with Victoria. Nikki wanted Victoria to be happy, and if the marriage made her happy, Nikki would support it.

Nate and Elena entered the Palazzo and interrupted Ashland and Victoria’s deep kiss. Elena talked about how wonderful it was to fly on a private jet. Nate thanked Ashland. Ashland felt that it was the least he could do for his best man and his lovely lady. Nate offered to help Ashland and Victoria in any way he could. Victoria appreciated that, but she only asked that they enjoy themselves. Ashland took Elena and Nate to their room. Later, Nate and Ashland were alone on the patio, and Nate noticed Ashland stumble. Ashland admitted he wasn’t feeling well, but he wasn’t letting anything in the way of the wedding. Elena returned from her walk and talked about the stunning view.

Ashland thanked Nate for the sage advice to follow his heart the other day. It seemed to him that things had worked our pretty well. Elena and Nate exchanged a look, and she encouraged him to tell Ashland. Nate revealed that he and Elena ran into Billy in Genoa City. Billy had alluded to some information he learned about Ashland, perhaps some of the stuff Ashland had been worried about when he spoke with Nate. Elena added that Billy didn’t want the wedding to happen. Ashland appreciated the warning, but he, Victoria and her parents were aware of Billy’s intentions, and there was nothing he could do to stop the wedding. Ashland urged the pair to settle in and he said he’d catch up with them later. He left. Elena was glad Ashland wasn’t worried, because it’d be a shame if Billy caused trouble in paradise. Nate was glad to see how calm Elena was. Elena felt a bit anxious because she didn’t know how they’d get a chance to see everything there was to see of Italy. He said they couldn’t, but they could come back to Italy later. She asked what his can’t miss sights were. He wanted to show her the Theater of Silence and the waterfall nearby. She said she’d love to see that with him. The thought of being here with him in such an idyllic place made her heart race. He felt it too.

Nikki and Victor were outside by another part of the Palazzo. They admired the ambiance and he said it’d help Victoria and Ashland because you couldn’t help but fall more in love here. Victor kissed Nikki on the cheek, then he got a call that he had to take, so he left. Nikki continued her walk and found Elena and Nate. They talked about the Palazzo, and Nikki mentioned that it was going to Victoria and Ashland as a wedding gift.

Adam called Victor and brought him up to speed on Billy. Adam thought Gaines and Billy were colluding, and he couldn’t dissuade Billy from going to the wedding. Victor knew Adam did what he could. Adam felt that he’d been at a slight disadvantage since Victor didn’t give him any specifics on Gaines or the threat to Victoria and Ashland. Victor said it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Adam, he just didn’t want to disseminate this information, for Victoria’s sake. He didn’t even tell Nikki. Adam wanted all the details, because he thought the more he knew, the better he’d be able to help. Victor told Adam everything. Adam said that Ashland’s secret was a lot to take in. he asked how Victoria was handling it. Victor thought Victoria’s relationship with Ashland transcended everything that happened years ago. Adam was glad. Victor thought those two belonged together. Adam said that they would be as long as Billy didn’t show up shooting his mouth off. That would be mortifying for Victoria and Ashland, and it’d damage Ashland’s legacy and Newman/Locke. Victor was unhappy because he paid Gaines a lot of money to go away, and he broke his word. Adam asked how far Victor wanted him to go to stop Billy and Gaines.

Ashland, Victoria, Nikki, Nate and Elena had drinks on the patio. Victoria said that if Elena and Nate ever wanted to get married, she and Ashland could loan them the Palazzo. Nate and Elena were caught off guard by the topic of marriage. Nate said that Victoria and Ashland made tying the knot look appealing though. Victoria said communication was key. Victor joined them, and he was pleased to see how loving Victoria and Ashland were with each other. He whispered to Victoria that everything was going well and would continue to go well.

In their suite, Tessa packed for Italy and told Mariah that she wished she was coming too. Tessa hated the idea of Mariah being here alone. Mariah accused Tessa of being scared that she’d fall apart or freak out over Dominic. Tess clarified that Mariah was putting words in her mouth. She wasn’t scared to leave Mariah alone, but she was concerned. Mariah was adamant that she was fine. She just wanted to be nearby Dominic in case he still had a cold or any other crisis came up. Tessa carefully asked what Mariah was going to do if that happened. Mariah wanted to protect him like she did before he was born. Her mind knew that wasn’t her job, but her heart hadn’t caught up. Tessa got that, and she was sorry. Mariah was doing her best to accept that her role changed, and that was why she was keeping her distance. Tessa didn’t think Mariah was really keeping her distance if she felt like she needed to stay nearby. Mariah got that this didn’t make sense to Tessa, but she needed this. Tessa knew that experience changed Mariah, and she was okay with that, because she loved every version of Mariah. She just wanted Mariah to be happy again. Mariah replied that having a baby would make her happy, but Tessa took that off the table, so now what? Tessa thought they should take their time and plan for their future as parents. Tessa said that if Mariah went to Tuscany, maybe they could spend a few extra days in Italy and go sightseeing or go see that Italian metal band they liked that won Eurovision. Then after they were relaxed and rejuvenated, they could start talking about a baby. Mariah thought this sounded like a bribe. Tessa asked if it was working.

Mariah was tempted by the offer, but she wasn’t ready to pull away from Dominic. She said moving out of the mansion was a huge step and the right one, but she had a lot of work to do before she could comfortably disconnect in a healthy way. She knew Abby would take care of Dominic, but what if Mariah was gone, and he needed breast milk? Tessa said there were other options. Mariah said Abby talked about switching to formula, but Mariah felt like she needed to be here to provide for him. Tessa felt like Mariah was making a lot of excuses.

Mariah insisted that she had legitimate reasons for staying in Genoa City. Tessa didn’t intend to sound harsh. She didn’t mean to put any pressure on Mariah or make her feel like she wasn’t with her 100%, because she was. Mariah said it didn’t always feel that way. Tessa felt that this was hard for both of them, and that her words came out wrong. She promised she was here for Mariah and she’d help in any way she could. “Then stay with me. Please don’t go to the wedding,” Mariah replied. Mariah said Victoria and Ashland already had Leslie Brooks, so they didn’t need two musicians. She suggested Tessa pretend to be sick. Tessa couldn’t do that. It would be unprofessional. Mariah told Tessa to go and have a great time. Tessa wanted to keep talking, but Mariah said they could talk when Tessa got back. Mariah went to another room.

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