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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Ashland thought about and decided against calling Victoria. Nate came in to get some dessert to surprise Elena. Nate noticed Ashland seemed a little off. Ashland said he was dealing with unresolved issues. Nate said he was here if Ashland needed a friend. Ashland replied that it’d been awhile since he had one of those, and he could use one now. Ashland said some details about his life that he wanted to keep private recently came to light. When he was young and desperate, he made some choices people might not understand. In a defining moment, he saw the opportunity to improve his life, and he grabbed it. Since that time, he worked tirelessly to become the man he is now, and he tried to forget the man he used to be, as if one could truly forget one’s history. His bride-to-be knew about this chapter now. Nate admitted he suspected something happened because Victoria was unusually tense earlier. Ashland said that was before Victoria even knew the whole story. Nate asked if the wedding was still on.

Nate liked to think he was a good judge of character, and he believed Ashland was a decent guy. Ashland said thanks – it meant the world to him that Nate though of him that way. Nate believed most people had ghosts of one kind or another in their past. Ashland appreciated Nate giving him the benefit of the doubt. He hoped Victoria could be convinced to do the same. Ashland wasn’t expecting to fall in love after his ex ran roughshod over his heart, but Victoria changed all that. She gave him a reason to live. Planning a future with Victoria meant everything to Ashland, and the thought that his past could threaten that… He didn’t know what happened next. His mind told him to wait and give Victoria time, but his heart told him something different. Nate suggested Ashland should follow his heart.

Nikki showed up at Victoria’s office and asked if Ashland had answers to Victoria’s questions. Nikki could see that Victoria was upset, and she offered a non-judgmental ear. Victoria said she finally knew who Ashland was. Victoria told Nikki the whole story about the friend and the car accident. Nikki understood why Ashland wanted to hide it. Victoria said Ashland hid it from her because it was a painful part of his life that he didn’t want to talk about anymore. Victoria saw the pain in Ashland when he told her what happened, and it was heartbreaking watching him relive that story. Victoria was disappointed that the only reason Ashland told her was because, once again, he was backed into a corner. Nikki assumed Billy had forced Ashland’s hand. She said she told Billy to back off. Victoria said it wasn’t Billy – it was much worse – it was Nicholas.

Victoria was tired of people running around behind her back interfering under the guise of looking out for her. Nikki thought Nick genuinely was looking out for Victoria, unlike Billy who was just trying to undermine Victoria’s relationship with Ashland. Nikki said Nick just wanted Victoria to be happy. Victoria said she would be happy if people did as she asked. She asked Nick not to interfere, but he went sneaking around. He disregarded her wishes, and when he got the information, he went to Ashland, and not her. Nikki said that maybe Nick thought Ashland would be able to explain. Victoria said there was no excuse – she was his sister. Nikki was so sorry this happened. Nikki was shocked when Victoria said she dis-invited Nick from the wedding. Nikki thought Victoria would regret not having Nick by her side, if there was still going to be a wedding. Nikki noted that Victoria hadn’t said one thing about how she felt about Ashland. Victoria couldn’t turn her emotions on and off. She still loved Ashland. “Of course you do,” Nikki said. She said she wasn’t trying to tell Victoria what to do. Victoria appreciated the support, but that was all she cared to say. She said Ashland would be the first to know what she decided. Victoria left, and Ashland showed up. and Nikki told him that Victoria just left. He asked if Victoria was at a meeting or making wedding arrangements. Nikki said there was no need to dance around it – Victoria told her everything. Ashland asked if Nikki saw him differently now. Nikki hadn’t decided what she thought of Ashland now. He understood. She hated what it was doing to Victoria. Ashland did too. He loved Victoria and he wanted to make things right. Nikki said she wasn’t going to offer Ashland insight into handling this situation, if that’s what he was hoping for. She thought that he should wait for Victoria to be ready contact him. He said he’d get a hotel room until Victoria let him come home.

Ashland was on his way to the Grand Phoenix elevator when Victoria showed up and called his name.

Nick went to the Abbott house, and Phyllis asked how his trip was. Jack left the room to call the pilot. Nick said Victoria was making a terrible mistake. Nick told Phyllis the Bobby DeFranco story. He said Ashland stole his dead best friend’s identity. Nick had put together bits and pieces of the story, and he’d wanted to confront Ashland alone. He didn’t want to involve Victoria until he knew what he was dealing with, but she and Ashland showed up together and insisted that she stay. Nick said Victoria went off on him and said she was done with him. “That’s what I get for doing the right thing,” he sighed. Phyllis chalked it up to a sibling squabble, but Nick said Victoria didn’t want him at the wedding. Phyllis thought Victoria was just shooting the messenger. Phyllis was shocked Ashland stole a dying man’s identity. Nick explained that Ashamed said he had no way to save his friend’s life, and he had once chance to get away from his abusive father. Phyllis understood making that decision, if the story was true. Nick wondered what else Ashland was hiding. He thought his sister deserved better. Phyllis insisted that Nick had to go to the wedding and work this out with his sister.

Nick wanted to reach out to Victoria, but he thought that space would do them both some good. He’d figure things out after Summer’s wedding. He didn’t want any part of this to cast a shadow on their little girl’s big day. Jack returned and said there was a storm coming, and the pilot thought they should fly out tomorrow morning. Phyllis and Nick were disappointed. Jack said he already talked to Kyle, and he and Summer were willing to adapt. He told them to go home and get some sleep. Phyllis thanked Jack for keeping her company while she waited for Nick, and he said she never had to thank him for that. They left. Traci came in and said she rearranged her schedule so she could fly to Milan with them. Jack said that was great. He added that Ashley was flying in from Paris. Traci noticed a glow in Jack when they talked about Phyllis earlier and a wistfulness when he saw her leave with Nick. Jack admitted he’d been thinking about his history with Phyllis. Traci asked how worried she should be. Traci thought friendship was one thing, but this was Phyllis. Traci hoped he wasn’t planning on creating new memories with Phyllis. Jack said he wasn’t planning to act on his feelings. He respected Phyllis and Nick’s relationship. Traci asked where this was coming from. He thought the whole debacle with Sally made him think about what he’d loved and lost. He didn’t say this to get Traci’s pity. He wanted her to give him space and he didn’t want her to worry about him. She laughed at the idea that she wasn’t going to worry.

Traci found Jack looking at a picture of Dina. He said he had a dream of her giving him advice. It was funny because he used to have visits with their dad after he passed. Traci mentioned that she saw and talked to Colleen all the time. She said sometimes it was about simple things, and sometimes they were more significant, like the day Colleen came into the world and the day she left it. She thought it was normal. He said she never told him that. She didn’t think it was a big deal. He said maybe not. He thought it was amazing he was so invested in parental advice – he never listened to John’s advice when he was alive, and he always felt so so distant from Dina in those later years. Traci said Dina wasn’t known for being parental. She didn’t think it was odd that Jack wanted to listen to his parents now – love never left them, it just changed form. It was their responsibility to recognize the way it came into their lives. He agreed that love came and went and changed shape, but it never died – everyone who touched their heart stayed there, and he felt like they were the better for it.

Phyllis and Nick went to her place and talked to Summer on the phone. They were pleased Summer sounded happy. Phyllis said Summer and Kyle would get the life they deserved. Nick thought every couple should feel that way on their wedding day. Phyllis asked Nick if he regretted finding out the truth about Ashland. She blamed herself for encouraging him to follow his instincts and go to New Jersey. He said he would’ve done it whether she gave him her approval or not. It was completely his decision. He had no regrets. He did what he thought was right, what any brother should do. He said Victoria still loved and respected Ashland despite everything. Phyllis said maybe this strengthened Victoria’s bond with Ashland, and Nick helped Victoria go into this with her eyes open. He knew his sister wouldn’t see it like that, at least any time soon.

At their place, Mariah asked why Tessa talked to Sharon about her emotional state or desire to have a baby. Tessa said Sharon was Mariah’s mother, and they both loved her. Mariah said it should’ve stayed private. Tessa admitted Mariah had a right to be upset, but Tessa didn’t know who else to talk to. Mariah felt Tessa should’ve talked to her, but Tessa said she didn’t feel like she could. Tessa stated that she tried to talk to Mariah, but Mariah didn’t want to hear what she had to say. Mariah said that Tessa knew they could talk about anything. Tessa admitted she backed down because she didn’t want to disappoint Mariah more. Tessa also felt like Mariah wasn’t listening to her. More than anything, Tessa wanted to have a family with Mariah one day, but this wasn’t the right time. There were their careers to think about, they needed a home to live in. Mariah started to wave away Tessa’s concerns, but then she stopped and promised to listen. Tessa wasn’t sure she was ready to be pregnant or be a mom. She was also worried that Mariah’s decision was coming from a place of desperation. “Ouch,” Mariah said. Tessa said Mariah was kidnapped, she gave birth, now she was trying to find her place in Dominic’s life. Tessa thought Mariah was trying to distract from all the emotions going on inside, and she thought Mariah should work through that first. Mariah heard Tessa, but she disagreed.

Mariah said she wasn’t escaping, she was saving herself. She’d been on her own her whole life, and she hadn’t just survived, she thrived, and she said Tessa had done the same. Mariah thought she could be a surrogate then go back to her life, but she couldn’t. “Because you were kidnapped,” Tessa said. Mariah said no it was because being pregnant with Bowie changed her. She was ready to pour love into a child. Tessa wasn’t ready for that. Mariah asked what first time parents were ever ready. Tessa stressed that she needed to be in the right mindset, and she thought Mariah needed to find her balance again. Tessa didn’t think anyone should have a baby to mend a hole in their heart. She insisted that it was wrong to saddle a child with the chore of healing a wound. “It’s not fair to push me for something that I am not ready for because then I will lose my balance and we will both be a mess,” Tessa cried.

Mariah asked if that was it? End of discussion? Tessa said she’d never shut down all conversations about having a baby. She wanted to hear Mariah’s thoughts and help her in any way she could. Tessa thought having honest conversations like this were a step in the right direction. They agreed to keep the lines of communication open. They thought that together, they could handle anything. They said they loved each other, and Tessa said they’d both get to where wanted to be, eventually. She felt it in her heart and soul. Mariah felt that too. In the meantime, Tessa thought they should back off the baby discussion until they got back from Tuscany. Mariah accepted this. She didn’t want to push Tessa away – she needed her more than ever. Tessa said she wasn’t going anywhere without Mariah.

Later, Tessa walked in and saw Mariah in bed, and Tessa said she couldn’t think of a better way to end this day than falling asleep in Mariah’s arms. Tessa chattered about what she and Mariah could do tomorrow, like mani-pedis, but she noticed Mariah’s eyes were closed. Tessa said I love you and turned out the light without climbing into bed. Mariah opened her eyes.

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