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Recap written by Christine

At the hotel, Phyllis texted Nick to ask if there was an update on Ashland. Jack entered, then he walked up behind Phyllis and said something. She jumped and told him not to sneak up on her. He said he didn’t – she just didn’t notice him come in because she was buried into her phone. He wanted to know what was with the cryptic text she sent him today. Phyllis was glad Jack opened up to Nick about having feelings for her, because she’d felt awkward about keeping it from Nick. However, she was suspicious about Jack’s reasons for coming clean. Jack explained that he had a dream that Nick was upset that Jack still had feelings for Phyllis. Phyllis pointed out that dreams weren’t real. Jack believed his dream was telling him that he felt guilty. He didn’t want his feelings for her to affect her relationship with Nick. He asked if things were okay, and she said things were fine with Nick. She mentioned that Nick was out of town, and she wasn’t sure he’d be back before it was time to leave for Milan. Nick might have to meet them in Italy. Jack said that meant he and Phyllis would be alone on the jet. She thought Traci would be there, and Jack said she was going to NY to meet her agent. He asked if she was comfortable with this.

Phyllis said there was no situation in the world that would make her uncomfortable with Jack. She apologized for being suspicious of his intentions toward Nick. Victoria showed up asking if Phyllis heard from Nick. Jack left. Victoria asked why Nick took the jet to New Jersey. Phyllis said it was for New Hope. Victoria said New Hope didn’t have business in New Jersey, but Ashland got his start there. Phyllis asked why Victoria was suddenly suspicious of her brother who only wanted the best for her. Victoria said that a lot of people claimed they had her best interest at heart, and they were trying to dig up dirt on Ashland. Phyllis suggested that this was transference – Victoria was targeting her suspicions onto Nick, instead of the place it should be – on Ashland. Victoria said that was ridiculous. Lauren came over with Victoria’s dress. She loved it, and she thought Victoria would too. Lauren reserved a room upstairs for Victoria’s fitting. Phyllis mentioned that she only got to help Summer with her dress over video call. Phyllis offered to take a look at the dress if Victoria wanted another opinion, but Victoria said that Phyllis hadn’t risen to bridesmaid status. Victoria and Lauren went upstairs. Sally showed up and tried to sneak into the elevator, but Phyllis saw her and said she wasn’t welcome at the hotel. Sally said she wasn’t going anywhere. She was part of this town now.

Phyllis stated that this was her hotel, and she’d get security to throw Sally out if necessary. Sally asked if Phyllis really wanted to cause another scene at her hotel. She grabbed her phone to record it. Chloe walked up and said she asked Sally to meet her here, and she had a proposal for Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t want to do business with the person who drove her daughter out of the country. Sally scoffed and asked when Phyllis was going to let that go. She said if Summer were miserable in Milan, she and Kyle would’ve come back. Sally said either Summer loved Milan, or she was staying because she secretly hated being around Phyllis. Chloe changed the subject and said they wanted to do a shoot for the fashion platform here at the hotel. It would be great publicity. Phyllis loved the idea, and she’d do it if Chloe fired Sally. Phyllis walked off.

Phyllis called Nick, and he sent it to voicemail. She left a message asking for an update. He immediately texted back. “I don’t like what I’ve found. Will fill you in when I see you.”

Chloe chided Sally for messing things the potential deal with Phyllis. Sally said they may not have failed on all fronts. Sally said she saw Lauren and Victoria going upstairs with a garment bag. Chloe was sure that Victoria had turned down Sally’s offer of a dress. Sally had tried to set up a meeting with Victoria, but Victoria’s assistant kept turning her down. Chloe thought it was time for Sally to let it go, since it sounded like Victoria already got her dress. Sally said letting things go wasn’t how she got to where she was. “Where you are? You’ve alienated half of Genoa City. Your tainted reputation is going to take a very long time to repair,” Chloe replied. Sally thought she might be able to quicken the pace if she gifted Victoria a one of a kind masterpiece. Chloe said that Sally insinuating herself into Victoria’s wedding plans could blow up in her face.

Upstairs, Victoria put on the dress, and she said it wasn’t what she’d pictured when she saw the sketches. Victoria didn’t blame Lauren or the designer. She really wanted the wedding to be spectacular. Lauren promised they’d make this dress worthy of the occasion. Lauren sent the seamstress out of the room and asked if something else was bothering Victoria. In Lauren’s experience, powerful brides to be weren’t this subdued when the dress didn’t meet their expectations. She told Victoria that if something else was bothering her, it was okay to take it out on the dress. Victoria insisted that things were fine.

At the penthouse, Moses teased Amanda about all the bags she was bringing in. He assured her he was just joking, and he thought it would be good to have her. He said he’d help her with her bags, but he had to go meet Faith. He left. Devon came downstairs. She thought he was at work, but he said he rearranged his schedule so he could be here with her. She called herself the new roommate, and he told her that she wasn’t a roommate – this was her home. Later, she’d unpacked, and he said he bought all her favorite foods. She wasn’t hungry, but she wanted to hang out with him. He told her how he got to have alone time with the baby. It was special to spend time with that little guy. She noted that he was being careful not to call Dom his son. He thought that was an important boundary to keep. He saw what Mariah was going through after she got overly attached. Amanda said that Devon loved Dominic, and they shared genes, so it was natural to be attached. He changed the subject and said Mariah was doing better. He was glad he could talk to Amanda about this. Devon asked how things were going for Amanda. She said Naya was seeing the right doctors, which was promising. Amanda liked having a sister that she could share her anxieties with. She hadn’t known Imani long, but she felt comforted with her. It was kind of like what she had with Devon. She felt like she was home. He felt like he should give her a tour. She said she’d seen the shower and his nice sheets. He said it would be different now because it all belonged to her. “I’m going to invite you to join me in our bedroom,” she said. They ran upstairs.

Faith was at Crimson Lights. Sharon called because the school informed her that Faith was behind in her homework. Faith, who was currently surrounded by books, promised she’d finish it. She swore she wouldn’t jeopardize her second chance or disappoint Sharon and Nick again. The call ended. Faith looked at her phone notification, which stated that it was date night with Moses. She looked upset. Moses arrived, brimming with excitement about the date he’d planned. Faith said she couldn’t go because Sharon was making her work at the coffeehouse. Moses said he’d talk to Sharon about how special tonight was, and Faith said no. He asked why she was really backing out of the date. Embarrassed, Faith admitted she’d been procrastinating, and now she was behind in all her classes. She was slow at typing, so it would take her forever to finish her essays. She felt terrible about messing up the date. Moses took the blame for distracting Faith from her work. She said that’s what her mom thought, so she couldn’t go out with him now. She was sorry she ruined everything. He thought he had a solution.

Moses said that they could do this work together, so they’d finish it faster. Faith thought that sounded like cheating. Moses noted that Faith had written most of her work in her notebooks, but she was a slow typist. He was a fast keyboarder, so he’d transcribe what she’d already done. She smiled. They got to work, drinking coffee and being playful as they finished Faith’s stack of homework. When they finally finished, she said this was the best date ever, even if they didn’t do anything else tonight. She said she had to go home and change. He thought she looked beautiful the way she was, but he said he’d pick her up in an hour.

Adam was in his office looking at an invitation to the wedding of Victoria Nicole Newman and Ashland Marcus Locke.

Jack went to Crimson Lights and ran into Adam. Jack mentioned that he read a complimentary article on Newman Media. It had said Adam was in a renaissance. He was glad that Adam was turning things around. Adam said Connor inspired him to be a better man. Jack asked if Adam would be at Victoria’s wedding. Adam got an invitation, but he assumed the wedding planner sent it by mistake. Jack suggested that Victoria was impressed Adam turned over a new leaf. Adam was trying to be a better person, but he didn’t think Victoria was ready to accept him as a brother that she could love. Jack said that if Adam went to the wedding, he could show Victoria that he cared. Adam wasn’t sure that would work, besides he didn’t want to leave Connor behind or pull him out of school. Jack was sure Adam would do what was right for Connor and for himself.

Adam showed up at Victoria’s office and got a cool reception. He said his instinct was right – the wedding invitation was a mistake. He turned to leave, and she grudgingly admitted that it wasn’t a mistake. He asked why she changed her mind, and he asked if things could warm up between them. She said he invited him because of Victor. He asked if Victor asked her to. She said that Victor didn’t need to ask – they all knew how important family was to him. She admitted that the new and improved Adam lasted longer than she thought. She added that he must be in the middle of a renaissance. He knew she’d read the article. She thought inviting him would be a nice way to thank Victor for his support. She said Victor even gave his blessing for her portrait. Adam looked over and saw it. She hated to inflate Adam’s ego, but Ashland admired the way he stepped up and took over Newman Media, despite the fact that most of the world despised him. “Thank you?,” Adam replied. Victoria asked Adam what he thought. He asked if she genuinely wanted him at the wedding. Victoria said not to push it, because she wasn’t going to beg. She thought they both knew that she, personally, did not want him there. At first, he thought he was doing Victoria a favor by not attending, but then he realized that after all the years of trying to get her to include him, she’d finally opened a door. He thought it would be a mistake not to take the chance, and it’d be rude not to attend. He saw that the wedding was important to her, so he wanted to be there to witness it. She said it was weird that he was being so thoughtful. She said it didn’t mean they were friends, though. “I’ll settle for family,” he replied. After he left, she got a text from Ashland. “May have to cancel dinner. Something’s come up. Nothing to worry about. Will explain later.”

Chloe and Sally were waiting for Adam outside his office. Sally showed Chloe the sketch of the wedding dress. Chloe thought it was gorgeous, sophisticated with hints of old world glamour, but cutting edge. but she said to save it for the next Genoa City wedding. Sally said this was designed specifically for Victoria – her delicate frame, her classic stately good looks – she was the perfect combination of a modern hardworking woman and timeless beauty. Chloe thought Victoria would love it. Chloe said, between her, Sally and Chelsea, they were a goldmine of untapped designer talent. It made her think they should aim bigger than a fashion media platform. She thought they should have a clothing line – the next step in their plot to world domination. Adam walked up and asked what they were plotting. Chloe said Sally was on her way to meet a renowned fashion editor to promote Newman Media. Adam told Sally to knock ‘em dead. Sally asked if Adam was going to Tuscany for the wedding. Adam said Victoria sent him an invitation, but he wasn’t looking for a date. Sally called Adam full of himself. She said she wasn’t asking to be his date, but if he wanted a friend or colleague to join him, he had her number. After Chloe and Sally left, Adam filled out his RSVP card, indicating that he would be at the wedding.

Sally was at Society. she called someone and asked how long it took to get a wedding dress made. The answer was acceptable, and she sent them her design.

Jack went home and called the pilot to change the flight plan to just him and Phyllis.

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