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Recap written by Christine

Billy went to the Grand Phoenix for his meeting with Gaines, who was nowhere to be found. Billy inquired at the front desk. Crystal, the hotel manager, checked the computer and said it looked like he’d checked out. Billy spotted Victor sitting in the lounge, doing something on his phone. He walked over commented on how strange it was for Victor to spend this much time at Phyllis’s establishment. He theorized that Victor sent Gaines away. Victor told Crystal that if anyone was looking for him, he’d be in the hotel restaurant. He left.

Ashland was in Victoria’s office. Gaines had missed their meeting earlier, and Ashland wasn’t happy. He called Gaines and left a testy voice message about it. Ashland warned Gaines that it would be extremely foolish to renege on their deal. Victoria entered, and Ashland dropped the menacing tone and ended the call. Victoria said it sounded like someone was in trouble. Ashland claimed that one of his employees wasn’t getting on board with the merger. Victoria asked why Ashland didn’t just fire them, and he told her that this person was the holder of a lot of institutional knowledge that they couldn’t afford to lose. She felt that he was being deliberately vague, and one again, it felt like he was hiding something from her. She reiterated that he could confide in her. She was his ally, and she’d be his wife. She asked what the phone call was really about. Nikki walked in with terrific news. She realized she was interrupting.

Ashland told Nikki she wasn’t interrupting, and so she announced that, while Tessa had already been slated to sing at the wedding, Leslie Brooks had agreed to play something. Ashland said he couldn’t wait, then he quickly tried to excuse himself. Victoria pointed out that they hadn’t finished their discussion, but he left anyway, claiming he had to make some international calls right this minute. Nikki asked Victoria if everything was alright, and she said of course. It was clear to Nikki that something was on Victoria’s mind. Victoria said she may have spoken too soon when she said Ashland felt safe with her and like he could tell her anything. She said he seemed worried, but he was pretending everything was fine. She wondered if it might have something to do with Billy – maybe he was continuing his harassment campaign. Nikki had no doubt Billy was still investigating. She said other investigators might be trying to dig into Ashland’s history too. Victoria said that Ashland didn’t tell anyone else the truth about his past. Nikki suggested that someone figured it out on their own.

Ashland showed up at the hotel. Billy rushed right over and informed him that Gaines was gone. Victor appeared, and he claimed Ashland was there to meet him. He said their table was waiting. Billy hoped it was a table for three, because he had questions for them both. Laughing, Victor called Billy a pest. Billy didn’t think Victor and Ashland actually scheduled a meeting here. He thought it would be more natural for a board member and company owner to meet would be at Newman Media, which was just around the corner. Ashland said he and Victor were more than colleagues – they were about to be family. Billy hadn’t forgotten. Ashland said he and Victor were here to discuss the wedding. Ashland thought it was obvious that Billy regretted letting Victoria go. Victor said it was a mistake to meet here, and he suggested he and Ashland go to his ranch instead. Billy was sure Ashland had fond memories of the ranch where Victor watched him have a heart attack instead of calling for help. Victor told Billy to take a walk off a cliff.

Billy ran into Victoria and Nikki at Crimson Lights. He mentioned that he saw Ashland earlier, and they Ashland both had a meeting with Jesse Gaines. He stated that this was Ashland’s lawyer, or ex lawyer, who was in town for a few days. Victoria pretended she didn’t care. Billy could tell Victoria was trying to cover the fact that she’d never heard that name before. He was surprised Ashland didn’t tell her about Gaines. Victoria said she, Ashland and Nikki were running an international conglomerate. She asked if he really thought they had time to give each other a rundown of who they spoke to in the course of a day. He tried to convince her that she needed to know Gaines. “I don’t care, Billy!,” she snapped. She ordered him to leave her and Ashland alone and stay the hell out of their lives.

At the ranch, Ashland declined Victor’s offer of a drink. Ashland thanked Victor for running interference with Billy. Ashland could handle Billy, but it was getting to be a bit much. “Don’t worry about it. I took care of it for you, okay?,” Victor stated. Ashland wished that were true, but he thought Billy would remain a thorn in his side. Victor clarified that he was talking about taking care of Gaines, not Billy. Victor asked Ashland if he’d like that drink now. Ashland said Jesse Gaines was a nobody, an old acquaintance he’d recently gotten back in touch with. Victor said Gaines collected $300,000 a year from Ashland for decades, without doing a thing. To Victor, it looked like extortion. Victor offered Jesse a lot of money to leave Ashland alone for good. He said to consider it a wedding gift. Ashland asked if Gaines asked Victor for money. Victor said that he sought Gaines out and offered him a payoff or a prison stint for blackmail. Ashland asked what Gaines said about their history. Victor didn’t care what Gaines had to say. He said he and Ashland were similar – they had rough backgrounds and they pushed people around a lot and did things they’d probably regret now, but it made them who they were today. Victor was a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones. Ashland said that Gaines couldn’t be trusted to keep his word. Victor knew, and he was keeping an eye on him. Victor made it clear that he did this for Victoria, not Ashland. He said Victoria was the happiest she’d ever been because of Ashland, and Victor didn’t want that to change. Victor warned that what he’d done today, he could undo in the blink of an eye. Ashland understood. He promised that he just wanted to make Victoria as happy as she’d made him. “As long as it stays that way, you have nothing to worry about,” Victor replied.

At the Chancellor house, Abby held Dominic and tried to figure out why he was crying.

Mariah entered her hotel suite and found a note saying Tessa was running errands. She started to unpack her bag and found a bib in it. It caused her to flash back to moments with Dominic. Devon stopped by to check on Mariah and Tessa. Mariah said she was good, though it must’ve seemed like she freaked out on the day of the baptism. He said nobody thought that, but they’d been thinking about her. She asked if he and Abby had been discussing her mental health. He said Abby wanted everyone to be happy, and if they weren’t, she felt responsible. He said they were all trying to figure this out together. He wasn’t even sure what his role in Dominic’s life would be.

Holding Dominic in the first moments of his life was the single most amazing experience Devon ever had. He knew that connection would only get stronger. He also knew that he was the godfather, not the father, but it wasn’t that simple. Mariah asked if Devon shared this with Abby. He didn’t, because she had enough on her plate. Mariah asked if he thought she shouldn’t have shared her feelings with Abby. Devon thought Mariah made the right choice, since she and the baby were under the same roof, and she needed that separation. Mariah wondered how things got so out of control. He thought things would settle as time went on, and once Chance got home. He asked how she was really doing. He offered to hire her a bodyguard if she still felt unsafe, though he was sure Stitch was long gone. Right now, she wasn’t too worried, though she’d be relieved if Stitch was found. Mariah stated that she and Tessa had a plan to help Mariah heal. Nothing was concrete yet though. He was glad she was hopeful bout the future. She said she was incredibly excited, and he could tell Abby that she was well on the road to recovery.

Devon showed up at the Chancellor house, and Abby said it was perfect timing because she just put the baby down for a nap. Devon was disappointed, since he’d hoped to spend some time with the baby. They talked about the baby. Dominic was a night owl, but Abby loved motherhood, even when she was up at 3 AM. She asked about his life. He said he asked Amanda to move in. Abby wanted all the details. Dominic started crying, so Abby went upstairs to check on him. Devon looked at his grandma Katherine’s portrait while he waited. Abby brought the baby downstairs, and he was still crying. She said she couldn’t take the oft-given advice to sleep while the baby slept, because he never slept. Devon offered to take Dominic for a walk so Abby could rest. She didn’t want to impose, and he assured her he didn’t mind.

Devon took Dominic to Chancellor park and told him about Katherine, his great grandmother. He said Dominic had the Newmans, Abbotts and Chancellors, and the Winters. He wished Dominic could’ve met Neil. Devon said Dominic had deep roots here, and he’d never question where he belonged.

Tessa went to Crimson Lights. Sharon asked if Mariah was coming. Tessa said Mariah was taking a walk, so Tessa decided to come check in with Sharon. Sharon was glad Tessa came. Sharon said that Mariah asked her for space, and it was really hard to comply. Tessa thanked Sharon for respecting Mariah’s wishes. Sharon was optimistic that Mariah was on the way to emotionally distancing herself from Abby’s baby. Tessa wasn’t so sure about that. She informed Sharon that Mariah wanted a baby as soon as possible. She wanted some advice on how to talk to Mariah about this without upsetting her. Sharon thought that Tessa needed to decide whether she wanted a baby right now. Tessa said it wasn’t just about what she wanted. It was obvious to Tessa that this idea wasn’t coming from a healthy or grounded place. Tessa started crying – the fantasy was lifting Mariah’s spirits, and Tessa didn’t want to take that away from her. Tessa also didn’t want to make promises she might not be able to keep though.

Tessa wasn’t opposed to the general idea of a baby, but she wasn’t sure she was ready, and after all Mariah went through, Tessa didn’t think that Mariah was either. Sharon thought Tessa should follow that instinct. She said Mariah was grieving and trying to fill a void. Tessa said if daydreaming was helping, was there any harm in letting it go on any longer. Sharon didn’t think it was right to let Mariah get her heart set on the idea, then have that taken away from her too. Tessa realized that was true, but she knew talking to Mariah wouldn’t be easy. Sharon thought Mariah would understand.

After Tessa left, Rey showed up. His shift ended early. Sharon was glad to see him, because she needed him to save her from herself. She was having a hard time not running over to the hotel and mothering Mariah to death, whether she wanted it or not. Tessa had made it sound like Mariah was really struggling. Rey thought it was great that Sharon got closer to Tessa while Mariah was missing. That meant Tessa would be more likely to come to Sharon if there was an emergency she needed to get involved in. Sharon admitted that was a good point. In the meantime, he had some ideas for how to keep herself occupied.

Later, Sharon met Rey at Society, where he’d prepared a surprise. He was wearing a shirt he bought in Miami, and the speakers were playing a song they danced to on their last night in Miami. The menu tonight also featured foods they ate on their honeymoon. She wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to top this date. Rey held a fragrance strip in front of Sharon’s nose. Her eyes were closed. It smelled like the botanical gardens in Florida, but she didn’t know where he’d find tropical flowers in Genoa City. He had her open her eyes. She saw a bottle of perfume. He said every time she wore it, she’d be transported back to that magical time, so their honeymoon would never end. She said she had a honeymoon surprise for him when they got home – she’d be wearing nothing but the perfume.

Tessa went home with the mail she picked up from their old apartment. They’d received Victoria and Ashland’s wedding invitation. Mariah thought it was nice that they received an invitation even though they weren’t going to be there as guests and were only invited because Tessa was singing. Tessa was so excited for the trip to Italy. She thought they needed a change of scenery. Mariah said they could try and make plans with Summer and Kyle for after the wedding. Tessa hoped Kyle understood why Mariah couldn’t be his best person at his wedding. Mariah said she explained everything to Kyle, and he was understanding. Mariah thought this would be the perfect trip before she and Tessa settled down, not that you couldn’t travel with a baby. Tessa attempted to say something, but Mariah interjected to share a fantasy about their baby, Bowie, and a child of Amanda and Devon growing up together. Tessa assured Mariah that she wanted a baby with her, but she wasn’t ready yet. She thought they had to make sure they were both prepared to take on this life changing move. Mariah was sad, but she understood.

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