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Recap written by Christine

At the penthouse, Amanda smiled as Devon told her about helping deliver a perfect baby boy. He noted that he’d already told her this twice. She planned to keep asking him to tell her the story though, because she thought he was a hero. She alluded to him being a father, but he told her not to say that. He said Abby was the mother, and Chance was the only father. Amanda said the baby was Abby and Chance’s, but Devon had a biological connection, and it was clear that he felt something for the baby. Devon admitted he did feel an amazing connection that he couldn’t put into words. Amanda thought Devon was thinking about the baby right now. He said he didn’t stop thinking of him. He’d never felt this way before. He was just happy the nightmare was over, that Mariah was safe and Abby had her child. Amanda said it was thanks to Devon. He didn’t think he deserved all the credit. She said he could be humble, but she was going to be proud of him. She had to get going. He planned to go to the hospital and check on everyone, and she said to kiss the baby for her.

Mariah had a nightmare in the hospital, while Abby was at her side. Mariah woke up screaming Bowie, and she demanded to know where he was. Abby assured Mariah that the baby was safe in the nursery, and she said Mariah could go see him if she wanted. Mariah talked about her ordeal in solitary confinement. She’d been all alone, except for Bowie. Abby reacted when she heard the name Bowie. Mariah didn’t understand why this happened. Abby blamed herself for not sensing something was wrong with Ben. She said she was worried about Mariah and she was lost without Chance, then Ben came along saying all the right things. Abby said Ben’s life had hit a low point, and he thought this was a way to get things back on track and make Abby feel grateful to him. Mariah was adamant that Stitch was the only one to blame – he’d hurt her, Abby, Tessa, Devon, Sharon and everyone who loved the baby.

Abby let the nurses know that Mariah was awake. She added that everyone, including Nina and Jill, knew the baby was born, and they were all excited to see him and Mariah. Mariah wanted to see everyone too, after being alone for so long, but maybe not all at once. Mariah was hungry, and Abby said that the nurses were bringing a meal. Mariah was happy to have something new to eat after all those protein bars. Abby told Mariah how Ben’s story about protein bars made Devon suspicious, which was the key to unraveling the story and Mariah’s rescue. Mariah asked if everyone was worried when she first disappeared. Abby explained that Ben used Mariah’s phone to craft a cover story about a business trip and needing time alone. Mariah protested that she’d never leave town without saying goodbye to Tessa. Abby knew that, but they were all trying to be considerate of Mariah’s feelings. Abby added that Tessa was the first one who sensed something was off.

Mariah would never forget Abby bursting through the door to rescue her. She thought she’d have to deliver Bowie alone. “I’m sorry, I just, um, I have to ask. Bowie?,” Abby said. Mariah said she needed something to call the baby – it was just the two of them, and they had many deep conversations, and after a while, Little Man and Kiddo didn’t fit. She swore she wasn’t trying to name him. Abby understood that, and she said she didn’t think Mariah tried to name him. Mariah said she talked to the baby about being strong and brave and the one most important truth – that his mom already loved him so much.

Abby and Mariah went to see the baby, and when they got back Sharon and Rey were waiting from them. Ben went to Iowa, took Max from the facility without checking him out, then he stole one of the doctor’s ID’s and fled to parts unknown. The facility didn’t notice Max was missing until morning, so there was no telling how much of a head start Ben had. Mariah was scared Stitch would come back to Genoa City. Rey said there was an APB out for him, and his description had been sent to clinics and hospitals throughout the mid west. If they showed up anywhere for treatment, Ben would be arrested. Mariah was worried Ben would get away with it, and Rey assured her that the GCPD wasn’t giving up. Rey was going to keep investigating. Abby felt bad that Ben had gone down this path, and she said things were only going to get worse for him and Max. Mariah asked why Abby cared what happened to Stitch. Abby was angry, but she was also a little sad. Mariah wasn’t sad at all. She wanted Ben behind bars where he belonged.

When Mariah was alone, Tessa came by. Mariah confided about the nightmares, and Tessa comforted and reassured her. Abby walked in with the form for the birth certificate. She stayed up all night, and she came up with a name. Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor. Dominic’s name had a “D” for Devon and an “M” for Mariah. Phillip, of course, for his father, Phillip Chancellor IV. An exhausted Abby decided to finish the rest of the form at home, and she left. Tessa decided to ask the nurse if she could take Mariah outside so she could see the sky after being inside for so long. Mariah said Tessa always knew what she needed. Mariah added that Tessa and Bowie kept her sane in there. Tessa questioned “Bowie.” Mariah said it was the name she called the baby, but Abby just gave him like seven names. They chuckled and agreed that the name was so Abby. Mariah turned somber and said she’d be the only one who knew the baby as Bowie. Tessa said that Mariah could tell the baby that some day. Mariah burst into tears. She’d made the baby so many promises, and he was her reason for living. She admitted she didn’t know how to let go. Tessa hugged Mariah. Tessa thought it was natural for Mariah to be feeling some residual anxiety, but she and Dominic were safe, and he’d have a great life because of Mariah. She said Abby and Chance would make sure of that. Tessa added that Mariah would be part of his life. Mariah reiterated that Tessa always knew what she needed. Mariah smiled, but it faded when Tessa looked away.

Abby invited Devon over to her place, and she told him the baby’s name and the significance of it. He liked the name Dominic, in general, and he felt honored by the tribute. He said Dominic would be home where he belonged soon, and Abby would start this journey that would last the rest of her life. They hugged.

Victor and Nick were at Society digesting the news that Stitch was the kidnapper. They felt for Mariah and Abby. Victor was glad that Abby could put this behind her and raise her boy. Victor stepped away to take a call. Billy arrived, and he and Nick congratulated each other on their new Newman-Abbott nephew. Billy was just glad Mariah and the baby were okay. “Stitch better hope I never get my hands on him,” Nick said. Billy thought it was good Nick was protective of Abby, but right now, it was his other sister who needed help. Nick thought Billy should stay out of Ashland and Victoria’s personal life. Billy implied he had a good reason to get involved. He explained that Ashland’s mentor, an older woman, suddenly died, and Ashland bought her TV stations. Ashland didn’t come from money, and he was barely twenty years old at the time, but he somehow had the money to buy two major entities. Billy noticed that Nick didn’t seem surprised, and he asked if Nick and Victor ran a background check on Ashland already. Nick said he needed good reason to get involved in Victoria’s personal life, and he said to let him know if one was found. “Now get out of my dad’s chair,” Nick said, so Billy left.

Victor returned to the table. His team was still trying to find out how Ashland was able to buy the TV stations. Nick repeated what Nikki said – even if something sketchy happened in the past, that didn’t necessarily say anything about what Ashland was like now. Victor still wanted to investigate. Victoria might be angry, but it’d be worth it if they found something serious. Nick said that Victoria might not ever have to know Victor did any digging. There was someone else on the exact same trail about the TV stations. Victor realized it was Billy. Victor asked if Nick told Billy that the Newmans were investigating. While Nick didn’t share that, Billy had jumped to that conclusion. Victor was glad Nick didn’t say anything. He asked Nick to keep his distance from Billy and keep anything uncovered in this investigation in the family. Nick said of course. Victor didn’t want an outsider picking up information and using it against them. Nick didn’t think Billy was doing this for leverage. Victor didn’t care about Billy’s motives. He stated that they’d circle the wagons and protect themselves – the Newman creed. Nick nodded.

Victoria went to ChancComm, and Lily said Billy wasn’t there. Victoria wanted to talk to Lily. She said some of Ashland’s associates were getting calls from reporters with probing questions about the beginning of Ashland’s career. Victoria didn’t think it was hard to figure out where those reporters worked. Lily didn’t think it should be surprising that there were news outlets like ChancComm that were interested in Ashland’s history. Victoria understood Ashland was a public figure, even if there was no story in how his career started. Victoria was surprised that a strong independent woman like Lily was standing by and watching Billy use the company for his own agenda. Lily said she and Billy ran the company as a partnership, just like they did their personal lives. She said she didn’t let him impose his personal agenda on business agendas, but if there was news, they went after it. Victoria didn’t think there was a story here. She understood writing stories on his divorce, and his illness, now that he’d made it public, but now he had to deal with every disgruntled business associate from the last twenty years. She asked why Lily would drag a sick and dying man through the rug. Victoria thought she understood Billy’s motive. She was sure he’d said it was about the kids, but that wasn’t true, in her opinion. “Clearly it’s about me, and we both know that,” Victoria said. Lily didn’t think Victoria’s argument had merit. She wondered if Victoria was making this personal to try and get under Lily’s skin. Victoria felt that if Lily was rationalizing this, it meant Lily had changed, and not necessarily for the better. Elena showed up for her meeting, so Victoria left.

Lily said Nate gave up his job at AskMDNow after his promotion. Elena didn’t know that, but she realized there was a lot on his plate. Lily said Nate suggested Elena as a replacement. Lily thought that Elena’s natural empathy and knowledge made her a great fit. Elena needed a minute to think about it, and Lily understood. After Elena left, Billy showed up. Lily filled Billy in about Elena. Afterward, she stated that his ex came by and called Lily a sellout who let him do whatever he wanted. Billy was sorry. He wished he’d been there to deflect Victoria’s anger. Lily said it was okay. She’d presented a united front and covered her own reservations about Billy investigating Ashland. She still had her doubts about why he was doing this. He started to explain himself again. She interjected that she knew he was concerned about his kids, but she was worried that in his quest to be right about Locke, he might irreparably harm the relationship with the mother of his children.

Ashland was at Crimson Lights. He became unsteady on his feet, and Nate rushed to his aid. Ashland said he was okay, but concerned, Nate wanted to help Ashland get home. Ashland nodded. Once they got there, Ashland said that things weren’t as bad as they looked. Nate said he could tell Ashland was in rough shape earlier. Ashland appreciated Nate’s discretion on this. Nate said of course – Victoria was a friend, and he was always happy to help. He suggested that Ashland might want to speak with another doctor about this, and he offered him a referral. Nate gave Ashland some vitamin supplements for energy that helped people going through chemo.

Ashland assumed the new chief of surgery had more important things to do than tuck him in for a post-chemo nap. Nate said he was off duty, and he’d wanted to get Ashland out of the coffeehouse. He knew Ashland liked to project strength, and he wouldn’t want to be seen in public like that. Ashland was thankful. Nate said that chemo didn’t care about how tough you were, because chemo could be tougher. Ashland was beginning to realize that. Ashland said that when you project invincibility, people begin to see you that way. It was funny how it all faded so fast. Nate said he injured his hand last year, and he still couldn’t operate. His world was wrapped up in being a surgeon, and suddenly he couldn’t perform surgery. He learned to be honest with himself about his limitations and how to ask for help when it was needed. It wasn’t a sign of weakness. Ashland thought Nate sounded like Victoria. Nate said there was nothing to be gained by pretending to have an easy time with chemo, and there was no shame in admitting it sucked. Ashland stated that he was being asked to unlearn decades of behavior. That was a big change. Nate felt that Ashland had to recognize that his life had changed. He said that the doctors might be able to make things a little better if Ashland was honest with them about the side effects. The same for Victoria. Nate understood the instinct to hide things, but he thought Ashland should let Victoria help him. “You were right, Doctor. This sucks,” Ashland said.

Victoria came home after Nate left. She brought Ashland a smoothie. He pretended that he was doing well after his chemo session, and when she assumed that he made it home on his own, he didn’t correct her. As she headed toward the kitchen, he called her back and admitted he was lying. He explained that the treatment was brutal, and he’d been afraid he was going to collapse. She was sorry, and she wished she’d gone to his appointment with him. He said Dr. Hastings brought him home. He admitted that he might not be able to handle this.

Nate and Elena met at Crimson Lights. He apologized for being late, explaining that he was held up a bit. She revealed that she knew he left AskMDNow and recommended her for the job. Smiling, she said she couldn’t believe he didn’t tell her. He said he didn’t want to ruin the surprise of her getting called in and offered a job on the spot. She hadn’t accepted the job yet. She wasn’t sure she was right for it. He said she’d be a natural, and even better at it than he was. He suggested they role play as doctor and patient. He said he had a pain in his heart that disappeared when he saw her. She diagnosed him as being a charmer.

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