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Recap written by Christine

Abby, Mariah and Devon were all apprehensive when the hospital staff took the baby. Nate explained that he was going to the nursery for a bath and tests, but so far, he seemed healthy. Mariah asked if there was anything she needed to do. Nate urged Mariah to rest. They were all grateful to Nate, but he said the three of them did all the hard work, and he congratulated them and left. Mariah confided how it felt to be snatched off the street by a stranger. She’d been afraid that they would kill her after Bowie was born. Abby seemed caught off guard by the name Bowie. Abby said it sounded awful. Mariah had learned it was Ben all along, and she didn’t understand why he’d do it. Abby explained that Ben had hoped to rescue Mariah and be Abby’s hero.

Mariah stated that Ben, the doctor, listened to her scream. She’d been terrified she’d die, but she was trying not to upset the child she was carrying. She was terrified she’d have to bring Bowie into the world all by herself. She didn’t want Ben to get away with this. Devon said the police would find Ben. Elena came in and asked Devon and Abby to leave, because Mariah could only have two visitors at a time, and there were two more people anxiously waiting to see her. They complied, and Tess rushed in and hugged Mariah tight. Sharon came in too. Sharon called Mariah her brave girl for getting herself and the baby through this. Sharon stepped out to give Tessa and Mariah some time. Tessa told Mariah she loved her and they hugged. They talked about how they felt each other when Mariah was being held captive. “I’m never gonna let you go again,” Tessa said.

Sharon returned and Mariah was sleeping. Tessa wished she could make all Mariah’s suffering go away. Sharon said they’d do all they could to support her. Tessa had to run home and get some stuff for Mariah, and she asked Sharon to sit with her.

Rey and Victor were in the hospital corridor. Rey finished a call, then he told Victor that there was no sign of Ben.

Nate sat with Devon in the waiting room. Devon was grateful Nate had been there to walk them through the baby’s birth. It was really something to see a new life coming into the world. It was a miracle. He felt an instant connection when he held the baby. It made him think about his time with Hilary. He didn’t know if this made sense. Nate said that baby was carrying a part of Devon, and he helped bring him into the world. It made perfect sense.

Abby was surprised to see Victor was still in the hospital. He gave her a Fenmore’s bag. There was a teddy bear in it. He said it reminded him of one Abby used to have when she was a toddler. Abby remembered him – it was named Oodles. She thanked Victor for bringing in his investigators. He said he’d do anything for her. She knew the feeling because she had a baby of her own. He knew she’d have to take care of Mariah and the baby, but he looked forward to his first visit. They said they loved each other. He wanted to see the baby soon, though.

After Victor left, Devon joined Abby. They marveled at the experience they shared. He stated that she wanted a family, and they all joined together to make that perfect little boy. He was grateful things didn’t turn out worse. She was thinking the same thing. Abby said that Devon didn’t just create the baby, he saved the baby’s life, because he trusted his instincts about Ben. Abby said she was too bowled over by Ben’s kindness to see what was happening until it was too late. He didn’t think she should blame herself. No one could’ve predicted Ben would do something like this. He noted that she was the one who came through and found Mariah. He felt that the three of them kept the baby safe.

In the waiting room, Tessa thanked Devon and Abby for bringing Mariah home to her. Devon said they didn’t need thanks. They loved Mariah. Tessa wanted to go to the chapel to say thank you for answering her prayers. After Tessa left, Abby mentioned that she wanted to see Mariah. Devon didn’t mind her taking the second visitor spot. He was going to call Lily and let her know what happened. He wished Neil was here to see the baby. She had no doubt that Neil was with them and he was smiling on their perfect little boy.

Abby sat with the sleeping Mariah. Sharon was out of the room. Abby was heartbroken that she had no way of letting Chance know he was a dad, like he’d always wanted to be.

Elena and Nate were at Crimson Lights. He couldn’t get over the fact that he’d coached his cousin through childbirth. He thought it had a profound experience on Devon, and he believed it hit Devon in a way he didn’t expect. Elena assumed that was because of the baby he lost with Hilary. He said Devon had a deep meaningful bond with the baby. She was happy for Devon. They agreed that the baby was lucky to have Devon in his life. He was impressed Mariah, Devon and Abby kept their heads together. Elena was proud of Nate.

Elena went back to work, and she took Baby Newman to Abby for a feeding. Mariah was planning to pump, but since she was sleeping, Elena brought a bottle of formula. Abby took her child and marveled that he was the most amazing baby in the world. Devon walked up and overheard Abby bonding with the baby. She said she’d waited her entire life for him. Mariah woke up when Abby said “Mommy’s here.” Mariah looked upset.

At Society, Sally and Chloe video chatted Chelsea. It was Sally and Chelsea’s first time meeting. Sally stated that she’d followed Chelsea’s work for years, and she proved this point by sharing her thoughts on every clothing line Chelsea once worked on. Sally was honored to be working with Chelsea. “And I would consider it a miracle if you came up for air,” Chelsea replied, commenting on the length of Sally’s monologue. Chloe was shocked when Chelsea said she wasn’t sure she was taking the position. Chloe protested that she accepted Adam’s job offer to work with Chelsea. Chelsea appreciated Chloe’s hard wok on the platform, but she couldn’t commit yet.

Chelsea called Adam, who was at work. They chatted about Anita, who was on the mend, and Connor, who was home from camp and looking forward to school starting. She thanked him for maintaining structure for Connor while she found her footing. Adam wanted Connor and Chelsea to be in each other’s lives. She thought he sounded like he meant that. The other reason Chelsea called was to talk about Sally. He asked what she thought of the new hire. Chelsea heard about Sally’s track record with jobs. She understood that Chloe saw something in her and Chelsea could relate to needing a chance. However, she talked to Sally for less than a minute and she could already see Sally was a master manipulator with a lack of scruples. She knew he gave Chloe free reign, but Sally deserved a second look. He said not to worry because he was keeping an eye on everything.

Nick met Phyllis at The Grand Phoenix. She was sorry she missed his lunch invitation, but she’d been tied up. Nick said Sally told him Phyllis was with Jack. Phyllis complained about Sally antagonizing her. Nick knew Sally was trying to get back at Phyllis for uncovering her scheme. Nick wanted to forget about Sally for a moment. He asked if Phyllis would be tempted to get back together with Jack if Nick wasn’t in the picture. She didn’t want to answer his weird hypothetical. He said he was just trying to have an honest conversation. She said Nick was in the picture, and she loved him. She didn’t know where this was coming from. She thought it’d be like asking if he’d be with Sharon if Phyllis weren’t in the picture. He was just curious, and he asked her to humor him, so she said Jack was just a friend. She asked if he was threatened by Jack, and he said of course not. He was confident in their relationship. She was glad, because she was a one man woman, and Nick was the man for her.

Nick didn’t mean to make Phyllis uncomfortable. Phyllis thought about how difficult it must be for Victoria to be in love with someone who didn’t have a lot of time while dealing with interfering relatives. Nick wished he could trust Victoria’s instincts, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Ashland wasn’t trustworthy. Phyllis thought it was beautiful for Nick to worry about his sister, and she couldn’t judge him for running interference. Victor called Nick to let him know he was an uncle again. Nick asked about Mariah, and Victor said she was fine. Nick wanted to visit, but Victor asked him to hold off because everyone needed their rest.

Phyllis ran into Sally at Society. “You stay away from my man,” Phyllis warned. Sally called Phyllis insecure. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw Nick. She then remembered that she saw him planning a romantic surprise, but Phyllis had been too busy fawning over Jack. Phyllis said she and Jack were in the past. Sally thought it’d be healthier for Sally and Jack to move on, because this seemed inappropriate. Phyllis said it wasn’t a good idea for Sally to try and retaliate against her. “Haven’t you had enough,” Phyllis asked. “I’m still here aren’t I,” Sally replied.

Phyllis called Sally full of herself. Sally thought she had a right to be since she landed on her feet after Phyllis attempted to ruin her life. Phyllis scoffed and called Sally delusional. She was sure that Chloe would cut Sally off when she did something underhanded. Sally said Chloe knew how valuable she was. Sally felt that she had an opportunity to make a name for herself on a fashion platform that was part of a powerhouse media company. She said she and Adam really got each other. Phyllis doubled over laughing. She said karma was going to take Sally out. Sally was sure that Phyllis would be proven wrong. Phyllis told Sally to get out of her life. Phyllis said if Sally even mentioned her name, her stay in this town would come to an abrupt end.

Nick ran into Adam at Crimson Lights and told him about their new nephew. He thought Christian would be excited. Adam asked Nick’s take on Victoria and Locke. Nick said Victoria seemed happy, and that was all he cared about. Adam asked how much they knew about Ashland. Nick had been asking himself the same question. Sally walked in and said hi to the brothers. Nick walked away without acknowledging her. Adam commented on that, and Sally said Nick was still mad about the whole Summer thing. Sally wasn’t worried about that though, because she loved a challenge. Sally said she was inspired by Adam’s advice to focus on making a name for herself instead of Phyllis. He reacted with mock dread, asking what he’d unleashed. She told him to be afraid, very afraid. She promised it was something that would be good for the company. He hoped she’d abandoned seeking revenge on Phyllis. Chloe walked in and said they had too much to achieve to waste time on personal vendettas. Adam agreed, and he said tomorrow was the official public launch of Newman Media, and they had to be ready to hit the ground running. He suggested they come in early tomorrow. He left.

Chloe didn’t agree with Sally telling Adam she wanted to get revenge on Phyllis. Sally said she’d promised Adam that she’d channel her energy into Newman. She wouldn’t blow this rare opportunity. She sensed that Chelsea wasn’t on board with Sally’s involvement. Chloe said that Chelsea took awhile to get used to people. Chloe wasn’t going to let Chelsea back out of this.

Chloe got on video with Chelsea after Sally left. Chelsea had reservations about Sally. She’d heard some things. Chloe said Sally heard some things about them too, but Sally talented, motivated and hungry. Chelsea wasn’t sure. Chloe implored Chelsea to come home. She could only hold the position open for so long, and if Chelsea didn’t take it, they might be forced to move on without her.

Sally showed up at Adam’s office with something to show him. He said he left the fashion decisions up to Chloe, but she suggested that she wanted his opinion anyway. She thought this thing she’d worked on would be perfect for the launch. He looked at her work, and he liked it. He thought she really was talented, and he said they’d definitely use her creation. He wanted to know what she planned to do to make a name for herself. She still wouldn’t say, but she told him to remember the word “Spectacular.” He was determined to get this out of her. He asked her to accompany him to the launch party tomorrow. “We’ll see,” she replied.

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