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Recap written by Christine
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Sharon in "Young and The Restless" 8/24/21

Nate went to Devon’s hoping to see Moses. Devon said his brother was upstairs, but he was probably taking off soon. Nate just wanted to touch base with his cousin again. He admitted he was a little disappointed Moses wasn’t going into medicine, but it was his life. Nate thought that Devon would be a great mentor to Moses. He said losing Neil was hard on Moses, but he was growing into a young man now, and a lot of that was thanks to Devon. Devon gave Nate and Sofia credit too. Moses came down and overheard Devon suggest inviting Sofia out to visit. Moses didn’t want that because he thought his mom would want to take him back to NY.


Moses admitted that he’d been dodging his mom’s calls the past few days because he didn’t want to explain why he stopped pursuing a career in medicine. He said she was so excited about him becoming a doctor, and to her, there was a big difference between being a doctor and being in the entertainment industry. Devon understood that, but the job still required hard work and dedication. He offered to have that conversation with Sofia. He said that Neil wanted him to go into business, not music, but Devon was able to get him to come around. Nate and Devon knew Faith was one of the reasons Moses wanted to stay. Devon said he’d make the call to Sofia, but Moses would have to follow up with her and let her know he was excited about this decision. Nate had to go. Devon and Moses teased him about not being too famous to spend time with the little people anymore. He said he’d be around a lot, but right now he had to go fill a gap that just opened.

Ben was at Abby’s. She told him that Rey and Victor both checked in, but neither had any new leads on Mariah. Ben was concerned for Abby, but she thought they should be focusing on Mariah, because they had no idea what conditions she was in right now, whether she and the baby were getting nutritious food and whether they’d get the help they needed if something went wrong. Ben urged Abby to stay positive. With all the people looking for Mariah, a lead was bound to turn up. Abby just hoped Mariah knew how much Abby cared about her. Ben said of course she did, but Abby worried that Mariah felt abandoned by Abby. When Abby went through her purse for a tissue, she pulled out a Maternity brand protein bar. Ben picked it up, and Abby said that she always kept a few in her purse because Mariah liked them. Ben said he saw Maternity bars before.

Mariah in "Young and The Restless" 8/24/21

Mariah exercised in her room and confided to Bowie that if the door even opened a crack, she was going to bolt. Mariah had a pile of the protein bars Ben recognized. She ate one then got up to do more aerobics. She suddenly grabbed her belly and said “what was that?” She inhaled sharply. To her horror, the sensation happened again, and she realized she might be going into early labor.

At Crimson Lights, Faith surprised Sharon by being excited for school to start in a few weeks. Faith knew she should dread the end of summer vacation, but this year already felt better than the last. Having a friend like Moses in her corner helped. She thought she could deal with the bullies this time, because she felt more mature and safe. Faith noticed something was off with Sharon and asked if she was okay. Sharon assured her daughter that everything was fine. Before Faith left for her meeting with Moses, she asked if Sharon heard from Mariah lately. As Rey walked in, Faith said she knew Mariah was taking some time to herself, but she barely responded to texts. Sharon pretended all was well, and Faith left. Sharon second guessed her decision to keep Faith in the dark about the situation with Mariah. Rey reminded Sharon that she’d decided not to worry Faith without being able to give her something positive, like a reason to believe Mariah would be okay. Abby called and told Sharon and Rey to come over right away.

Back at the Chancellor house, Ben told Tessa, Abby, Sharon and Rey that the last time he was in Genoa City, he saw a guy buying a whole bunch of maternity protein bars. Rey didn’t think that was much of a lead. Abby urged Ben to tell Sharon and Rey what he’d told her. Ben said this guy was an older man who could’ve been buying them for his wife, but Ben didn’t get an “expectant father” vibe from him. Rey asked for a description. Ben said he was average height with gray hair, and he was wearing a button down. Rey said just because this guy was older didn’t mean he wasn’t a father-to-be, or perhaps grandfather-to-be. Tessa thought the same thing. Sharon asked if Ben remembered anything else about that encounter. Ben recalled that the guy had a shopping list written on paper with storks on it. The guy dropped it, and Ben picked it up and handed it back. Tessa looked hopeful and asked if it was yellow, and Ben said he thought so. Tessa gave Mariah a notepad just like that, and Mariah kept it in her purse.

Rey, who now thought this was a promising lead, instructed Ben to dig deep and tell him every little detail he could remember, no matter how insignificant it seemed. Rey also wanted to know the name and location of this store and the time and the date of the encounter. He hoped they’d get lucky and the store had security footage. Sharon said that if this man had Mariah, buying the protein bars she liked was a good sign that he was taking care of her needs on some level. Elated by the lead, Abby called Ben a hero. Devon showed up. Rey made some phone calls to the station about Ben’s information. Sharon thanked Ben. Across the room, Devon said Christine hadn’t gotten in touch with Chance yet, but she was working on it. Abby hoped that Mariah would be home before Chance returned and their precious baby would be safe. Ben looked over at Abby.

Faith and Moses met at the park. She’d made a pop quiz for him, and she asked what they were doing on May 4th. After some thought, he said they were played chess in her hospital room. She noted that they shared their first kiss recently, and she only kissed people she cared about, and they had to care about her enough to remember important times they shared together. She promised this trip down memory lane would be fun, but he looked nervous and asked what if he wasn’t good at dates and failed. She looked at him, and he sensed they’d be over if he failed. “No pressure right?,” she asked, and he grinned at her.

Moses got all the questions right, but Faith said that all his right answers would be thrown out if he didn’t know this last one. He didn’t think that was fair, but she said she made the rules. She asked what happened August 6th. He was stumped, though he knew it was a few days after the concert. She said it was the day that he gave her the pressed vinyl copy of the concert. She got up to leave, since he didn’t know the answer. He said he liked her a lot, and he let her set all the rules and he tried not to pressure her, but it was impossible to pretend he was okay with just being friends. He wanted to spend time with her. “It’s what I want, not what I expect,” he said. He said she gave him this feeling all the way back on May 4th when they were playing chess. Faith thought there was something so special about the vinyl record. It had a note from Kendra and Krista saying she should hold onto Moses. She said the last year went so wrong, but in a way it went right because she was still here and healthy, and he stuck by her through it all. She wanted to spend time with him too. He asked if that meant he passed. Moses thought Faith’s smile meant he got an A+ on her quiz, but she said he missed a question. He said he had a question, and if she got it right, they’d both get As. He asked what happened on August 13th. That was easy for her – she’d never forget their first kiss. He didn’t think Nick would forget either. Moses suggested that he and Faith go on a real date, and she loved the idea.

Traci and Jack were at the Abbott house. He told her how excited Kyle and Summer were to have Harrison. He respected Ashland for doing what was best for the child, even though it would be hard to have Harrison so far away. Traci knew Jack was putting a positive spin on Harrison’s move, but she could tell he missed him already. He said she was very perceptive, which made her a good writer. She asked him to take a look at the book she was working on, which was a fictional account of Dina’s early days at high society in Paris. She only needed him to look at the first few pages. He said he could do a maximum of five before he had to go back to work. Jack became engrossed in the book, and Traci smiled knowingly as he devoured it. Eventually, she interrupted to ask him to take her to lunch, and he was shocked by how much time had passed. He asked how she knew this book was just what he needed. “I know you. And I thank my lucky stars for that every single day,” she said. They hugged.

At work, Billy asked why he’d try and keep things from Lily when she saw through him better than anyone. She suggested that one day he’d stop trying. He admitted he was trying to find something on Ashland that would make Victoria second guess the marriage, which Billy thought would be a mistake for Victoria, Johnny and Katie. Lily pointed out that Billy assured Victoria that he accepted her engagement. He said that if he didn’t find anything, Victoria would never know he’d investigated Ashland, so no harm, no foul. However, if he did find something, Victoria could be angry, or she could be relieved she and the kids dodged a bullet, in which case she’d be indebted to him forever. Lily scoffed and said to dream on.

Jack and Traci were at Society, and he told her that her book would be a bestseller. He thought her writing captured the spirit of their mother. Billy happened to come up, and Jack told him about the book. Billy wanted to read it, but not now, because he and Lily were having a game night with the kids. Traci stepped away to go chat with an old friend. Jack asked if ChancComm was still pursuing the story on Tara’s arrest. Billy said they couldn’t ignore a story of that magnitude just because it involved their family. He mentioned that they were working on a story that would be a deep dive into Ashland’s background. Jack didn’t think that would end well. Billy didn’t see anything wrong with an investigation. Traci returned, and Jack said their little brother was digging up dirt on Ashland, a man famous for destroying anyone who crossed him. Traci asked why Billy was doing it. Jack was concerned with how this would affect Victoria. Billy hoped to uncover something that would make Victoria second-guess this mistake she was making. Traci asked how Billy would feel if someone was slinging mud at Lily, and he said that was different because Lily was an open book. Jack wondered if this mistake Victoria was about to make was marrying someone with a terminal illness or marrying someone like Ashland. Billy didn’t see why it couldn’t be both.

Jack in "Young and The Restless" 8/24/21

Jack and Traci went back home, and she noticed that he was back in his mood. She asked if it was Harrison or Billy, and he said a little of both. He knew Harrison was where he belonged though, and he said he was fine. She said she’d tell anyone else to step back and recharge, but Jack was their father’s son, and she knew he wouldn’t do that. Traci said John would’ve thrown himself more deeply into work. Jack said he had his hands full now that his his co-CEO was in Italy. He told her to focus on finishing her fabulous new book, and if she was looking for someone to worry about, Billy was a good choice. He left the room, and she looked concerned.

Nate in "Young and The Restless" 8/24/21

Nate met Lily in her office. She told him that the numbers for AskMDNow were excellent, and he was a huge hit. He told her that was bittersweet for him. He’d been promoted to chief of surgery at the hospital, and he didn’t have the time to be the face of the site anymore. He was there to help her find a replacement. She was disappointed, but she understood, and she was proud of him for reaching this level of success. She said he’d be hard to replace – he had the good looks and brilliance in one package. He thought he knew someone who had all that and more – Elena. She thought that was an interesting idea. After Nate left, Billy brought Lily lunch and told her that he had work to do. The gleam in his eye told her it had to do with Ashland. A reporter had informed Billy that Ashland was involved with an older woman before he met Tara. There weren’t many details on this relationship except that she’d been very wealthy and Ashland had been in his 20s at the time. Lily said that wasn’t compelling, and it was a little ageist. Billy sensed there was more to it, and he was going to find it.

Elena was at Crimson Lights taking a minute to regroup when Amanda walked over. Noting that Elena looked exhausted and was still in scrubs, Amanda hoped that she wasn’t about to go to the hospital. Elena said her shift was over. She was trying to decompress with chamomile tea because she had to go back to work in less than eight hours. Things had been tough lately, as Elena had been picking up extra shifts. She didn’t know why her name kept ending up at the top of the assignment list. According to Amanda, Nate said the surgeons loved having Elena assist because she had the best bedside manner on the staff. Amanda joked that Elena should become terrible at her job so that no one would request her.

Elena finished her tea, but she said she was still tired and wired. Amanda thought Elena was just worn out. Elena said she had to go upstairs and force herself to sleep. Amanda asked if nobody at the hospital could lighten Elena’s workload. Elena said she was fine, but Amanda was concerned. Elena went upstairs.

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