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Recap written by Christine
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Mariah sat barefoot on the floor, leaning against the doorway of her makeshift cell. Bowie was active today, and she told him she loved feeling him moving in her belly. She’d accepted that her plan to lure her captor out by covering the camera had failed. She needed to know why someone went through the trouble to keep them here. Later, the dumbwaiter sent down a tray of protein bars and prenatal vitamins. She told Bowie that at least their captor was taking good care of them. The protein bars meant that this was someone who knew her eating habits or had studied them recently. She assumed this had to be about money, like a ransom. She wondered if Sharon or Abby had been contacted. She theorized that this could be about Bowie. As a Chancellor-Newman-Abbott, he was a worth a fortune. She knew Abby would give millions. But if that’s what this was about, why was she still trapped here? She wondered if someone who hated her was trying to punish her. Was she right before when she thought it was someone from the cult? She had an outburst, but then she told herself that she had to stay sane and keep it together for Bowie. “I’m not gonna let anything happen to us. To you.” She promised they’d find their way home.

Tessa on "Young and The Restless" 8/19/21

Tessa went to Crimson Lights after she’d gotten back from her visit with her sister. She’d wanted to meet Crystal face to face and see if anyone had threatened her. She told Sharon and Rey that Crystal was fine, and she had no reason to believe that anyone from their past had taken Mariah. Tessa was happy her sister was okay, but she was even more desperate to find Mariah. Sharon revealed that they’d discovered some disturbing information that she’d decided not to tell Tessa over the phone. Tessa sat down, and Rey explained that Mariah hadn’t made any calls or used her credit cards since she left, which lead him to believe she wasn’t sending the texts. He assured Tessa that he was tracing Mariah’s steps before she disappeared. Tessa started crying as she realized she was right – someone took Mariah.

Tessa blamed herself, but Sharon said it wasn’t her fault. Sharon understood the feeling, though – her daughter needed her, and she didn’t realize it. Rey said Mariah wouldn’t want either of them to blame themselves. Tessa cried that it was too late for that. She knew, deep down, something was wrong from the beginning, when Mariah left without a word or a packed bag. Instead of acting on her fears, Tessa had rationalized things. She said if she’d been more vocal and forced the police to do something, maybe Mariah would be home now. Rey stated that there wasn’t enough information to launch an investigation back then. He was adamant that Tessa did the best she could with the information she had. He promised that he’d find Mariah. Sharon turned to Rey, with a tear-streaked face, and asked what they could do. He said there was something important they could do.

Devon and Abby on "Young and The Restless" 8/19/21

Devon visited Abby at the Chancellor house. She said she was trying not to think that something bad happened to Mariah or the baby. He had some information that he thought might put her in a better state of mind. He reached out to Christine about Chance. The reason Abby hadn’t heard from Chance was because he was laying low due to a development in the case. Abby asked what kind of development. Christine didn’t know that, but she was going to try and inform Chance about the situation with Mariah. Abby felt that Devon crossed the line by reaching out to Chance without even asking her. She didn’t want Chance to worry or feel pressured to come home. Devon suggested that Chance should be brought up to speed so he could make an informed decision. Abby said she couldn’t ask Chance to leave his mission because she missed him. Devon said that Chance and Abby decided to have a child, and now she was being forced to deal with some unsettling things on her own. She said she wasn’t alone – she had Devon, Tessa, Sharon and Rey to support her while they tried to find Mariah. Devon was grateful to be part of Abby’s support system, but he said her husband was the one who should be here with her. Tessa came home, and Sharon joined her.

Sharon on "Young and The Restless" 8/19/21

Tessa and Sharon explained that Rey wanted everyone to keep texting Mariah’s phone and pretending to they thought she was the one responding. It might buy them some more time to keep Mariah safe while the police searched. Sharon said Rey would bring Mariah home, and the person who did this would get what they deserved. Devon had somewhere to be. He said to let him know if there was anything else he could do. Abby walked Devon to the door. He hoped she could forgive him for crossing the line. She said there was nothing to forgive. She appreciated him looking out for her. She wanted her husband to come home, but not until he was completely ready. She knew Chance was making the world a better safer place. Devon said that there were other agents who could do that work, but Chance only had one wife. Either way, he knew Chance was doing all he could to get back to Abby. She agreed. He left. The group discussed reaching out to “Mariah.” The last message they got from Mariah’s phone was the one where she said to stop pressuring her, she’d be home when she was ready and the intervention was making it worse. Sharon felt she should be the first to text, since she was the mother. She wrote a message saying she waited so long to text because she didn’t want to bombard “Mariah” and she was sorry she upset her. Tessa and Abby thought that sounded perfect, so Sharon sent it. Abby decided she should go next and offer some words of support and say she knew Mariah was taking good care of their little boy. Tessa said she’d say that she meant well and she missed Mariah, and she’d be there, arms wide open, when Mariah returned. Tessa tearfully imagined how overjoyed she’d be when she saw Mariah. Tessa hoped the kidnapper would text back. It’d be a sign that they’d successfully tricked the abductor. Abby was frustrated and mad at herself for letting herself think that Mariah chose to disappear. Tessa said not to go there. She was in that place earlier, and nothing good came from it. She said Mariah needed their positive thoughts. Abby agreed

Devon went to Crimson Lights and asked Rey about offering a reward for information on Mariah’s whereabouts. Rey thought that would tip the kidnappers off and possibly put Mariah in more danger. Devon asked how bad Rey thought this situation really was. Rey didn’t think they should think the worst. Devon was trying not to, but they knew how ugly the world could be. He was hoping Rey could give him a reason to be optimistic. Rey thought it was a good sign that the text stream was still ongoing. “Look, to be blunt, if things were over, there would be no reason to keep up a facade,” Rey said. Rey thought this was someone from Mariah’s past – Sharon had mentioned someone named Alice Johnson. He also thought this could be someone who wanted a child, in which case, that person would make sure Mariah stayed healthy and strong. If that was the case, Devon worried about what would happen after Mariah gave birth. Rey said they’d bring Mariah home before they had to find out. Rey had to go back to the station for another case, but he’d keep Devon in the loop. Rey left, and Devon set up a meeting with someone.

Mariah” sent a group response thanking them for checking in and saying she loved them. Sharon, who was back at Crimson Lights, wondered who this person was and what they wanted. Back at the mansion, Tessa and Abby received the text too. Abby supposed they should be glad the ruse worked. Tessa swore she would do anything to hear from Mariah herself. Ben/Stitch showed up and Abby remarked that he was back in town. She told him Mariah was still missing. They hugged.

Nick ran into Ashland at Society and asked if he was meeting Victoria for dinner. Ashland was there to get takeout. A quiet dinner was appealing after the day he had. Nick heard Ashland let Harrison go live in Milan. Ashland called it the hardest decision he’d ever made, followed by the most difficult moment he’d ever experienced – saying goodbye to his son. Nick admired Ashland’s choice. Ashland said it was right for Harrison, and it helped to have Victoria to come home too. Nick heard about the engagement. Ashland knew things were moving fast, and he expected Nick to have an issue with it. Nick was happy Victoria was happy, but the engagement had some obvious obstacles, and he didn’t want to see her heartbroken. Ashland didn’t know why the Newman men thought Victoria was so fragile, when she was the strongest person he’d ever met, and she didn’t make foolish decisions. Nick agreed that Victoria was tough, but he said she’d made some questionable choices in the past, especially when it came to her love life. “There’s one of them right there,” Nick said when he saw Billy walk in. Ashland asked if Nick was implying he was another one of Victoria’s mistakes. Nick wasn’t trying to be insulting; he just didn’t want Victoria disillusioned or disappointed. Ashland said he wasn’t Billy, and he’d learned it was problematic to compare the present to the past. He said Victoria didn’t have to justify her feelings or actions to anyone. He loved her with everything he had, and he believed she felt the same way. Nick believed that, and he mentioned Victoria said the same thing. Ashland suggested that everyone stop second guessing Victoria or passing judgment on her heart. He felt that the past was in the past. He and Victoria were living in the moment and looking toward the future. He grabbed his takeout and left.

Billy saw Ashland leaving, and he went over to Nick. Billy thought Ashland had looked a little peeved, and he assumed that Ashland and Nick had discussed the engagement. Billy sensed he and Nick were in agreement that this marriage would be a mistake. He’d tried his best to be supportive, but he couldn’t do that anymore. He mentioned how quickly Ashland and Victoria were moving. “Interesting observation coming from Mr. Spontaneity himself,” Nick replied. Billy saw the irony, but he said they were talking about Victoria. He thought she was caught up in the intensity of the relationship instead of making sure it was right for her. Nick brought up Victoria and Billy’s impulsive Jamaican wedding. Billy conceded his hypocrisy, but he also thought he and Nick were on the same page about the engagement. Nick had reservations, but he didn’t think they were coming from the same place as Billy’s. He thought Billy was jealous or that he didn’t want to admit Victoria was capable of moving on from him. Nick said Billy had a great girl, so why wasn’t that enough? Billy was worried about the mother of his children, and he loved her the way Nick loved Sharon. Billy noted that he could bring up Nick’s relationship rap sheet too. Nick said that if Victoria wanted to marry Ashland, there was nothing Nick or Billy could do about it. He just wanted her to be happy. Billy did too, but how happy would Victoria be if Ashland didn’t make it out of this? Billy hoped he was wrong, but he saw a lot of pain in Victoria’s future and possibly Johnny and Katie’s too. Nick knew Victoria would be hurt if Ashland died, but her family would support her. Billy said he and Victoria would always be family because of their kids. Nick told Billy to live his own life and let Victoria do the same. He left.

Ashland got home and found that Victoria had set the table and lit candles. She said he got the food, so she was providing the ambience. She asked if the walk helped after saying goodbye to Harrison. He said not as much as being with her. She showed him the wedding venue, the Newman Palazzo. He said it was gorgeous, like his bride. The doorbell rang, and she told him to send the person away. Ashland ended up letting them in, because it was Billy. Billy saw that Victoria was dressed up and realized he’d interrupted. Victoria thought she and Billy finished their conversation earlier. He said he wanted to talk to Ashland about ChancComm’s article on Tara. Victoria said this story or whatever else Billy was fishing for could wait. She told him to make an appointment with Ashland’s assistant. Billy asked if Ashland had an opinion on that. Ashland agreed with Victoria, and he was enjoying hearing her tell Billy off, no offense. Billy didn’t take any. He told them to have a good evening and left.

Ashland asked Victoria if she thought Billy really came over about the story. She didn’t know. He said their engagement brought out the protective instincts in a lot of people. She was sorry, but he said it spoke highly of her that people in her life cared so much. She thought people had boundary issues, but she’d rather go with his version. She suggested they forget Billy was ever here and go back to thinking about the romantic palazzo. Over wine, Victoria told Ashland that the theme of the wedding would be the history of the palazzo. She figured that he could spend time with Harrison over the wedding week. Tuscany was close to Milan. He said it sounded perfect – once again she was taking care of him. She said she wanted to, because she loved him. They kissed.

Victor on "Young and The Restless" 8/19/21

At the main house, Nikki said she had a wonderful time with Victoria earlier. Victoria chose a theme for the wedding – the history of the Palazzo. Nikki was surprised when Victoria said she wanted a large splashy wedding. Victor asked if Nikki was surprised or if she disapproved. She didn’t disapprove, she just assumed Victoria would want a small wedding since Ashland was recently divorced and fighting for his life. She announced that Victoria wanted to make a statement, and Victoria even said that the world needed to know she’d met her perfect match. He was a little surprised by it all, but he didn’t blame her for wanting a grand affair after finding love when she least expected it. He thought Ashland was the right man for her. She said Ashland’s treatment might not be successful, so he and Victoria should enjoy this while they could. He told her to help Victoria plan the wedding of her dreams – the sky was the limit. Nick showed up to get their take on Ashland. Victor said he and Nikki were in favor of the union. Nick wished he was too, but he wasn’t. He got an odd feeling from Ashland earlier. Ashland had said something about keeping the past in the past, and it occurred to Nick that they didn’t know anything about Ashland’s history. It was weird, but Nick was with Billy on this. “You bonded with Billy Boy Abbott over this issue?,” Victor asked. Nick said he did his best to downplay his concerns to Billy and discourage him from pursuing his. As long as the kids were okay, this was none of Billy’s business, Nick said. Victor agreed.

Nick on "Young and The Restless" 8/19/21

Nikki thought they should stay away from the topic of Billy. Everyone agreed. Nick said that he was obviously concerned about Victoria getting involved with someone who had a terminal illness, but what else did they really know about Ashland’s past, besides his reputation for being ruthless. With a glance at Victor, Nikki said people could be ruthless in the boardroom and kind at home. Nick got the feeling that there was another shoe with Ashland that was yet to drop. He worried Victoria was stepping into something that she didn’t have control over. He sort of had a sixth sense that there was more to Ashland than they knew. Victor asked what Nick proposed. Nick wanted Victor to use his resources to dig into Ashland’s past. Victor agreed that they’d dig deep and uncover anything that there was to find, and they’d do it before the wedding.

Billy went back to Society. Victor showed up. “You stay out of my daughter’s life,” he said.

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