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“NCIS: The Eighteenth Season” Review by Suzanne 8/15/21

Somehow, this show keeps going on and on. This is the last season where Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) leads the pack. He’s retiring and will only be seen occasionally in the Nineteenth season. Gary Cole takes over the NCIS team. The interesting thing is that Harmon is only 5 years older than Cole.

The show’s cast has gone through many changes. I believe Sean Murray (Tim) is now the only remaining regular character on the show (since it started in 2003; however, he didn’t join the show until episode 7). He came in as a very junior member of the team, so that seems really strange. I don’t think NCIS will last very long without Gibbs. The ratings have been going down steadily this season. Maybe they’ll let them get to Season 20 and stop. That would be nice.

I think the show is still plenty enjoyable because they have new regular characters and new cases. As long as you enjoy the show, does it really matter if Gibbs is till around? Gary Cole is an excellent actor and a good replacement. I think it’s hard for fans to lose Ducky and Gibbs (both retiring). The show is really still feeling the loss of Tony, Ziva and Abby.

Back to season 18. They packed a lot of great action and story into this season.  There are only 16 episodes, due to COVID. There are quite a few deaths of minor characters, and another regular cast member leaves. The show always has many mysteries, twists, shootings, fighting, explosions and more. Check it out!


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Description: Originally conceived as a spinoff of the American legal drama JAG, NCIS has evolved into a major television franchise spread across three different series. Following a fictional team of special agents known as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the show combines elements of police procedural dramas with military drama to create incredibly engaging episodes. Voted American’s favorite television show in 2011, NCIS routinely premieres to over 15 million viewers each season.

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