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Recap written by Christine

You say you’re looking for a friend, well look no further. You were the guiding force who figured out how Sally and Tara were working together to come between Kyle and Summer,” Jack said to Phyllis, who was visiting the Abbott house. He gave her kudos, but she didn’t feel happy. She raised a strong and independent daughter who’d do whatever she wanted and be whatever she wanted. Jack thought those were great qualities, and he asked what the problem was. “She took me up on it,” Phyllis cried. Jack knew how proud Phyllis was of Summer. Phyllis said of course she was. She noted that Summer got everything she wanted. She had a great job, her fiance was by her side, and she had an adorable stepson. Phyllis wished Summer had that here in Genoa City. It was bad enough for Phyllis that her son Daniel was in Savannah, and she never saw him. She uncovered Sally and Tara’s scheme so she could pave the way for Summer’s return, but she didn’t want to come home. No more spur of the moment brunches or shopping trips. Jack suggested Phyllis pretend Summer got the job without any schemes. He assumed she was initially happy that Summer got the job, even thought it would take her out of town. Phyllis said she never allowed herself to be happy because she knew up front something shady was going on. Phyllis reiterated that she did this so Summer would come home, and she wasn’t coming home. Jack asked how Nick felt. Phyllis admitted they weren’t on the same page about this. Jack asked what Nick said. Phyllis declined to tell him because she was sure he’d agree with Nick, and they’d be right, and she’d be wrong.

Phyllis said she came to get support from a friend, not get the third degree. She grumbled that Nick was being terrific about this entire thing – he thought it was wonderful that Summer was in Italy, having the time of her life. “My God, what has gotten into him,” Jack replied. Phyllis tearfully yelled that she didn’t appreciate the sarcasm. She wanted to feel how Nick and Jack did, but she didn’t. She just missed her daughter. Jack was sorry for teasing Phyllis. He loved Summer and Kyle more than words could say, and he couldn’t be happier that they were together, but it came at a price. Phyllis said Jack lost his co-CEO. He enjoyed watching his son grow into a competent strong businessman. She asked about Harrison. He said hopefully Ashland and Kyle would work out a way for Harrison to spend time in Milan, and that was time that Jack would miss with his grandson, and he’d miss watching his son be a father. He said they didn’t have kids to become clones of themselves who stuck by their parents’ side. He said their kids weren’t out of their lives, just out of the country. She said she’d try to stop feeling sorry for herself and be happy for her brilliant daughter, but it was just really hard. She thanked him. She needed a drink, and she said she was buying.

At work, Adam video chatted Chelsea. He told her Connor was becoming a phenom on the field – fast, strong, tough. “Just like his parents,” she replied. She hoped he didn’t think she put up too much of a fight when he wanted to bring Connor home. He assured her he knew how hard it was for her, and he added that she did the right thing in the end. She was thinking of visiting Connor at lacrosse camp, and she suggested Adam come too so they could have family time. He said he’d check his calendar. She said maybe they could make a weekend of it, or take Connor for a sleepover at a hotel. In a guarded tone, he asked where she saw this going. Chelsea apologized. She said she was just excited to give Connor what he missed out on last year when he was away at school. Adam was too. She said if her suggestions made him uncomfortable, they could scale back. He wanted to take it a step at a time. She was just excited about her progress – every day was a chance to take another step forward. If it seemed like was going overboard, it was because she felt ready. He was glad she was positive, but he was worried too much too soon would confuse Connor about where things stood between his parents. “It’s never going back to the way things were, is it?,” she asked. He said too much had changed – they’d always be parents to Connor, but they needed to make their own separate paths forward now. She nodded.

Chloe and Sally hung out on the Crimson Lights patio and talked fashion. They’d clearly hit it off, and Chloe suggested that Sally could be the face of Newman Media’s fashion platform. Sally loved the idea, so Chloe said all they’d have to do was get Lauren to sign off on Sally’s side job. Chloe was sure Lauren wouldn’t mind, since she was family. Chloe started to call Lauren, but Sally stopped her. Chloe asked what the problem was. Sally said Sally was the problem. Chloe asked if this had something to do with what Phyllis said. Sally just got so swept up in the idea of everything, that she thought they could make it work, but they couldn’t. She was sure Chloe would find out the truth eventually, and Lauren would relish in sharing why she fired Sally.

Chloe was surprised Sally didn’t work for JCV anymore, but she was sure whatever Sally did couldn’t be that bad. She wanted to hear the story. Sally took a deep breath, and said this was the tragic tale of the downfall of Sally Spectra. explained that she arrived from LA and learned Summer got Sally’s dream job, while Sally became Lauren’s assistant. She was grateful for the opportunity, but she was overqualified for the job. She bided her time until she learned that she and Tara had goals that aligned. Summer had the job Sally wanted and the man Tara wanted. She reached out to Eric Forrester, and one thing lead to another, and now Summer was the creative director for Angelina Marchetti in Milan. Chloe asked how Sally got Summer to take the job. Sally explained how Tara used Harrison to force Summer to leave. Chloe thought that was extreme. Sally said unfortunately, Phyllis figured it out, and now Summer and Kyle were living happily ever after and Sally was out of a job.

Sally thought Chloe wouldn’t be interested anymore, but Chloe still wanted to work together. Sally asked why. Chloe knew going in that Sally was no saint, though she didn’t realize things got that crazy. Chloe said that her best friend, Chelsea, was trying to turn her life around. “But mainly, I used to be you, more or less,” Chloe admitted. Chloe said things changed, and people changed. She had two gorgeous kids, a man who loved her. “And the man I loathed more than anything on this planet gave me an incredible job with a lot of autonomy,” Chloe said. Chloe asked if they were going to get to work.

Chloe brought Sally to Adam’s office and introduced them. Adam tried to figure out where he’d heard that name before. Sally suggested he’d heard of her great aunt Sally Spectra. Adam actually recognized the name from Jack, a friend of his. Chloe said to call Jack, and he’d give Adam the dirt on Sally. Chloe noted that she had the autonomy to hire whoever she wanted. Adam said it never crossed his mind to call Jack before, but maybe he should. Chloe said if they started holding people to unreasonable standards because of their questionable pasts, Chloe and Adam would be the first ones out the door. He laughed and welcomed Sally to Newman Media.

Chloe and Sally went to Society to celebrate. Sally admitted she’d thought things were going to go south when Adam mentioned Jack, because whatever Lauren had to say about her, they wouldn’t compare to what Jack could say. Chloe was glad Sally was honest with her, because they could start clean slate. Chloe had a good feeling about Sally. Sally said it felt good for someone to believe in her. Chloe knew Sally couldn’t change overnight, but she said not to bring whatever she was getting into into work. Chloe was serious about this new venture, and she knew if Sally crossed the line, Chloe would pay the price with Adam. Chloe said she was ten times meaner than Lauren. Sally said she’d learned her lesson, and she planned to keep her head down and focus on her work. Chloe wanted Sally to be the platform’s on air personality – interview designers at upcoming fashion shows… Sally noticed Jack and Phyllis walk in. They didn’t notice her.

Phyllis finally did see Chloe and Sally laughing and talking, and she griped about Chloe ignoring her warning to stay away from that snake. Jack said it could be business. Phyllis said Sally was unemployed. Adam had told Jack that Newman Media offered Chloe a fashion platform. Phyllis said she wouldn’t put it past Sally to worm her way into Chloe’s life. Jack said to stop staring. Phyllis felt that Sally should’ve slunk out of town with her tail between her legs after Phyllis blew up her scheme. She railed about Sally enjoying herself at the bar while her daughter was thousands of miles away. She decided to get even.

Chloe tossed ideas at Sally for the platform. Chloe wanted all Sally’s wildest ideas. She knew Sally just got her wrist slapped, but she didn’t want to diminish her ambition. Sally suggested that Chloe send her to all the fashion capitals of the world, traveling first class all the way. Chloe didn’t think they should get ahead of themselves, and after everything Sally just told her, Chloe didn’t think she needed to explain. Sally was sorry, she was just daydreaming out loud. She was all about keeping things on a budget and making Chloe look good. She accepted the full blame for taking things too far at Fenmore’s, but she said Phyllis had been out to get her since they met, and even if Sally didn’t do anything, Phyllis would’ve found something to use against her. Sally said Phyllis was trouble, and she’d never forget it.

Adam showed up at Society and he stopped and greeted Jack, but not Phyllis. Phyllis greeted Adam coolly. Adam told Jack that Chloe hired Sally, and he asked if that was a mistake. Jack was about to say something, but Phyllis announced that she’d answer that. She told him it was a big mistake, because Sally and Tara were partners in crime. She said Sally was selfish, self centered and devious, and while Tara was facing charges, Sally landed on her feet. “So you’re saying you have a lot in common. Is that why you don’t like her?,” Adam asked, while Jack stifled a laugh.

Sharon was working at Crimson Lights. She was about to text Rey for an update on the search for Mariah when he walked in. Rey said he’d run into the same roadblocks as Tessa when he tried to use tracking data to locate Mariah’s phone. This happened even though the software he had access to was more sophisticated than the app Tessa used. There was one more thing he wanted to look into, but unfortunately, he couldn’t give her any info on Mariah’s location. She noted that he had a lot experience to draw on. She said she probably knew Mariah better than anyone, so she couldn’t be objective. She asked what his gut told him. He hated to say it, but sometimes people didn’t want to be found.

Abby was at Society doing paperwork. she texted Mariah an apology and asked her to come home. “I’m worried about you and our baby,” she added. Devon came up. Abby wondered if Mariah knew how worried they were and how much they missed her. Abby was even willing to move out of the Chancellor house until the baby was born to give Mariah space. Devon was sure that when Mariah came back, she’d be ready to be around everyone. Abby was struggling because her texts kept going unanswered. Just then, she received a text from “Mariah” asking the texts to stop because she needed more time.

Abby was trying really hard not to be angry with Mariah, because Mariah was a good person, and there had to be some logical reason why this happened. Abby wanted to feel empathy – Mariah wouldn’t be pregnant if it weren’t for Abby. Abby wanted to hug Mariah and make her feel loved, but she couldn’t do that through a text. Abby didn’t think Mariah isolating herself was the answer. Devon didn’t know what was going through Mariah’s head, but he thought Abby was showing more empathy than most people would. He didn’t want her to forget to take care of herself. He thought she should delegate some of this paperwork to her staff. He suggested she go hang out with Nina. Abby said Nina went to LA to work on a script. Abby had encouraged Nina to go. Devon suggested making another video for Chance. She admitted she hadn’t been making video diaries recently, because she was afraid of what Chance would see.

Abby didn’t want Chance to see resentment in her. She was angry that she was dealing with this by herself, and Devon was the only one she could talk to about it. He assured her her feelings were normal. The idea of Chance coming home and seeing that scared her. Devon said your spouse was the one person you shouldn’t have to hide your feelings from. Abby said that Chance had a lot on his plate – separated from those he loved, putting his life on the line. She didn’t want him to come home and feel like she wasn’t giving him 110% of her support while he was away. Sharon called Abby to Crimson Lights.

Tessa, Devon, and Abby arrived at Crimson Lights. Rey said he hadn’t gotten anywhere in the search. Tessa said it was time to do more than cross their fingers and hope Mariah would come home. Tessa understood that not everyone felt the way she did, but it wasn’t like Mariah to go to these extremes to be on her own, and she said it was time for everyone to acknowledge that. Sharon wasn’t saying Tessa was wrong, but, as Rey said, there was no proof. Rey said he couldn’t do anything without a lead, and he called them here to see if there was something he was missing. Tessa knew in her heart something was wrong. Abby said that Mariah knew how upset they were, she’d be home in a flash, if she could. Sharon agreed. She said Mariah texted Jack that she’d be gone for a few days, then no one from Jabot heard from her. She’d missed a prenatal appointment, after she said she’d be there. Tessa said Mariah knew how important that was for herself and the baby, and she’d never do this to Tessa. Sharon added that Mariah might be upset, but she wasn’t cruel – she’d never intentionally torture Tessa, Abby or any of them. Sharon thought they should do a digital intervention with Mariah. Tessa asked what if that didn’t help. Sharon said they’d have to turn up the heat on the search – they’d have to dig up leads, look at her credit card usage, banking activity. Tessa was glad because this was what she’d wanted all along. Abby also agreed with Sharon.

Mariah had a dream that Tessa showed up and broke the door down to rescue her. They shared a hug and kiss. Mariah said she’d hoped and prayed for this moment so she could see Tessa’s face. Mariah asked how Tessa found her. “I didn’t,” Tessa replied. Tessa stepped awaya from the confused Mariah. “Honey, listen to me. This is important. I have no idea where you are and no idea why you left us in the first place. Everyone thinks you deserted us,” she said. Mariah swore she’d never do that. Tessa disappeared, and Mariah woke up. Mariah tore the room apart while talking to Bowie. She promised that pages of his baby book would be dedicated to the time that he was kidnapped in utero while his surrogate had to find her way out of a seemingly impossible situation. Tears streamed down her face. She said she was looking for a clue or a sign. She noticed that the smoke detector was really a camera. “Have you been watching us? How twisted are you? Why am I here? What more do you want?,” she yelled. She put a towel over the camera and said if the person wanted to know what was going on, they could come out from hiding and face her.

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