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Recap written by Christine

At the hotel, Nick asked Phyllis how she was feeling about Summer and Kyle staying in Milan now that things were starting to sink in. Phyllis said Summer was doing great in Genoa City, she was happy, running JCV, she and Kyle were building a house and planning their wedding. Phyllis didn’t understand why Summer wouldn’t come home. Nick said Summer was young, and she’d always had a sense of adventure. Phyllis said it wasn’t an adventure – Summer was forced to leave because Sally wanted her job and Tara wanted her man. Nick pointed out that Phyllis came to Summer’s rescue and gave her and Kyle their futures back, which was an incredible gift. He said she lifted the threat over Summer and gave her the chance to make her own decisions, and she was doing that. She nodded and said he was right. She said she saw Lauren fire Sally, and she called Summer to tell her that she could have her job back, but Summer wanted to stay in Italy. She lamented that their daughter was thousands of miles away. Nick was sorry this was so hard for Phyllis. Phyllis couldn’t imagine how Jack felt – one minute he was running Jabot with Kyle, which was his dream, just like Jack ran Jabot with his dad… Nick said Kyle wasn’t quitting, just relocating. Phyllis said it wasn’t the same. Nick thought Phyllis had to let Kyle and Jack work that out. He felt she’d been an incredible friend to Jack. He was glad that she’d exposed Sally’s manipulations, but Jack was a big boy, and Phyllis didn’t need to appoint herself his champion. Phyllis tearfully said she wasn’t doing that; she just felt bad for her friend. She said that Jack had a really bad year – his mom died, his nephew sued him, now Kyle was gone, all that stuff with Sally, and if Harrison went to Italy, Jack would be lost.

Sally was at Crimson Lights on the phone with her grandma. She vented about Phyllis. “What hasn’t that woman done to me,” Sally complained, before rattling off a list of grievances about Phyllis. Phyllis walked up behind Sally and overheard the end of the conversation. Sally felt like Phyllis was on a mission to make sure she didn’t have a single friend in this town. Sally could feel her blood pressure rising, so she ended the call. Phyllis made a snippy comment about Sally being unemployed. “Stay the hell away from me,” Sally ordered.

Harrison ran into the Abbott living room after his nap. Jack told him that his father was in town and wanted to visit. Jack wanted to squeeze in as much time with Harrison as he could, so he said he’d take him to the park to play catch. Later, at the park, Jack told Harrison that people move, but they shouldn’t forget the people and places they used to live. He said that wherever Harrison moved, his grandfather would never forget him. He said he’d always love Harrison, and they’d always visit as often as they could.

At the main house, Nikki remarked that Victoria and Ashland had taken her breath away. Victoria said the same thing happened to her when she saw the engagement ring. “That’s not what I was referring to, as you well know,” Nikki replied. Victor asked Ashland what the point of all this was. Victoria told her fiance that he didn’t have to answer. Ashland thought it was a fair question. He said he and Victoria were making up for lost time – the time they missed out on by not meeting sooner, and the long future they might not have. They were going to have a big wedding. Victoria announced that Ashland was going to fight his illness. Ashland said the odds weren’t high, but if there was the slightest chance he could spend more time with Victoria and a couple more years watching his son grow up, he’d do what it took to make that happen. Victoria said their eyes were wide open. Nikki stated that it was their decision to make. Victor was glad they found each other – he’d been waiting a long time for his daughter to find a man worthy of her.

Later, Nikki was alone in the living room when Nick came by for a visit. Nikki mentioned that she called Summer last night after Nick told Nikki what Tara did. Summer didn’t pick up, though, and Nikki hadn’t heard back. Nick said that was because she was with Kyle. Nikki was glad, since Summer and Kyle were miserable without each other. Nick said that all was forgiven – Kyle understood why Summer broke up with him, and Summer didn’t blame Kyle for not picking up on Tara’s manipulations. Nick said no one really saw what Tara was doing except for Phyllis. Nikki said that was a mother’s instinct. He said Summer and Kyle were staying in Milan. Nikki thought that was exciting, and she felt it said a lot for Kyle that he willing to move to support Summer’s career. She thought he saw what she and Victor did – that Summer was coming into her own with that job. Nikki asked what about Harrison. Nick didn’t know – Kyle didn’t have any custodial rights, and Nick assumed Tara would lose hers. It would all come down to what Kyle could negotiate with Ashland. Nikki suggested Victoria might have some influence there. Nick knew his parents had concerns about Victoria and Ashland moving in together. Nikki said Victoria and Ashland had big news, but she’d let Victoria share it.

Nikki asked how Phyllis was handling Summer and Kyle’s news. He said that she was blindsided. Since he’d seen Summer hitting her stride in Italy, he had a feeling that she’d choose to stay, but Phyllis never saw it coming, and she was heartbroken. Nikki thought that was natural – mothers wanted their babies nearby. He said Phyllis wanted to be there for the milestones, like a wedding, grandchildren someday. Nikki needed a moment to come to terms with the idea of Nick as a grandfather. “And that would make you a” Nick started to say. “No no no, not talking about that,” Nikki replied. She was sure Phyllis would come around. Nick said that Phyllis needed time to adjust – Daniel was in Georgia, Noah was London, which Nick got used to.

Victoria and Ashland relaxed in their dining room. He said he was basking in the glow of all the compliments from Victor. She was shocked by how enthusiastic Victor was, but she warned Ashland that her father could turn on a dime. Ashland didn’t think that would happen. He said that Victor approved because he could see Ashland appreciated her for the amazing woman she was. Ashland reported that his oncologist said they’d start treatment tomorrow. Victoria asked about side effects, and Ashland said each patient responded differently. She was ready for anything. She said that after she got stabbed, and she was laid up at the ranch, she was bored and cranky. If he was irritable, she’d take it as karma. He joked that if she got tired of him, she could send him to Victor’s to convalesce, since it seemed he was a fan. “That’s a hard no. You remember how he dealt with your heart attack,” she replied.

Ashland would be meeting Harrison soon. Victoria asked what he was going to say about Tara. Ashland was going to try and deflect any questions about her. He’d promised Jack that he’d wait until Kyle got back to work out when Harrison could visit the Abbotts. Today, he planned to broach the idea that Harrison start spending more time with him and Victoria. Victoria had a light schedule today, so she was willing to go with Ashland if that would help. He kissed her. He appreciated that, and he said not this time, but soon.

Ashland visited Harrison at the Abbott house and proposed a sleepover at Victoria’s. There was a bedroom for Harrison at the house, and Harrison’s cousins, Johnny and Katie might be there sometimes. Harrison liked the idea. Jack came in and told Harrison that Mrs. Martinez made cookies. Ashland and Harrison said they loved each other, and Harrison went to the kitchen. Jack said he didn’t mean to cut Ashland’s time off. Ashland was okay because he wanted to talk with Jack. Ashland felt it was best that Harrison continue to live at the Abbott’s while Ashland saw how he tolerated the cancer treatment. Jack said Harrison was always welcome. Ashland appreciated Jack and Kyle giving Harrison the stability he’d needed over the past few months. Ashland said to have Kyle get in touch about working out a visitation schedule.

Jack revealed that Summer and Kyle were staying in Milan. Ashland thought that would complicate things. He knew Summer wasn’t keen on helping raise Harrison. Jack clarified that Summer only said that as an excuse to leave town, as Tara pushed her to do. He said Summer and Kyle wanted Harrison to live with them in Milan, if Ashland would allow it. Ashland recalled that, a few hours ago, Jack emphasized the importance of not uprooting Harrison, and now he was asking him to send him across the ocean to live with a couple of kids who had no parenting experience. Jack thought it was important for Harrison and Kyle to continue to bond, especially with Tara somewhat out of the picture and Ashland focusing on his treatment. Ashland agreed, but that was why he was going to allow Kyle visitation. He said apparently, Kyle had other priorities.

Victor went to work, where Adam was waiting. Their people who kept tabs on NY real estate had informed Adam that Ashland sold all his properties there. He hoped Victoria knew what she’d gotten herself into, since it seemed that Ashland was planning to run out the clock in Genoa City. Victor said Ashland might be around longer than Adam thought, now that he had something to live for. He added that Ashland was getting an experimental treatment. Adam wondered how Victoria felt about that – if Ashland lived, he’d probably want to run Newman-Locke himself, which wasn’t what Victoria had in mind. Victor told Adam not to worry about that. Adam said he didn’t mean anything by that, it was just dark humor. Adam added that Ashland might not have the stamina to oversee the merger the way he’d hoped to. Victor wanted to know what that meant, but Chloe suddenly entered. Chloe needed Adam’s approval on something. He pointed out that free rein meant she didn’t need to run things by him. She noted that reins were only free until someone yanked them. She doubted she could turn the website into an “I hate Adam” platform, delightful as that would be. He noted that the point of this was to create a safe haven for her fashion best friend to relaunch her career. She showed him her mock up, and he was very impressed. He offered Victor a chance to see it, but he didn’t want to. Chloe left.

Victor wanted to know why Adam was being so trusting with Chloe. He said for all they knew, she helped frame him. Adam said he gave Chloe a job, which Victor had consented to. Victor said he agreed to this on the condition that Adam keep an eye on Chloe. He didn’t understand why Adam was giving this dangerous woman free rein. Adam said Chloe just liked to mouth off, because it made her feel like less of a sellout. Victor said that Chloe shouldn’t be here. Adam said he and Victor wanted Connor here full time, so he had to keep Chelsea here too – happy, occupied, and most importantly, out of trouble. Hiring Chloe was a strategic move. Victor said Chloe would be distracting. Adam said his focus was on turning Newman Media into a powerhouse and trying to take advantage of their competitors’ weaknesses. Victor hoped Adam was talking about ChancComm and not Newman/Locke. Adam acknowledged Victor made it clear that Victoria and the family business was off limits. Victor said this was an opportunity for Adam to mend fences with his sister, as he had with his brother. Adam said that Victoria’s hostility ran deep, so perhaps Victor should have this conversation with her. Victor refused to do that, because Victoria had a lot on her plate. He expected Adam and Nick to be supportive of Victoria. Adam understood.

Victor went to Victoria’s place. He’d heard Ashland was visiting Harrison, so he decided to come visit Victoria. She asked if he wanted to say something that he didn’t want Ashland to hear. He said no, he just wanted her to be able to speak freely. He asked if she was still okay with her decision to be engaged to Ashland. Victoria didn’t understand – at lunch, Victor was behind the engagement, but now he was questioning her decision. He clarified that he wasn’t doing that. He respected Ashland, but he was in a dire situation, treatment or no treatment, he had a rough road ahead. Victoria didn’t want Ashland to walk that road alone. Victor thought Victoria was doing this out of pity. Victoria said not to twist her words. She said if Ashland wanted pity, he could’ve reconciled with his ex-wife, who was willing. Victoria and Ashland were together because they knew they belonged together, for however long they had left. He said he wasn’t questioning her decision. He thought she’d finally met a man who was worthy of her. However, he thought, like Nikki, she loved deeply. He said she was setting herself up for potential heartache. He said he’d been there with her before. She said she’d be okay. She’d be devastated to lose Ashland, but if she did, she wouldn’t’ have regrets, because she would make sure they made the most of their time together, and she’d have happy memories to look back on. She knew she’d been in love before, but not like this. He said he wanted to plan her wedding, with Nikki’s help. She asked why, and he said she was his daughter and he adored her. When he appointed her CEO, he knew she could handle it. Now she had the responsibility of the merger, and she had to see Ashland through the most difficult phase of his life. He felt she had enough on her plate. She conceded that weddings did take a long time to plan. He thought back on his weddings to Nikki – they were huge, and he bet hers would be similar. He asked if they had a deal, and she said yes.

Kevin met Chloe at Crimson Lights on the patio. She said Adam was being so calm and cooperative, it was unnerving. She felt like he was weaving a big beautiful web to trap her in. Kevin wished she didn’t take the job. Chloe knew. He said, if it made her feel better, he didn’t think she was the intended target – she was the bait meant to lure Chelsea under control. Chloe didn’t like that idea, but what other options did Chelsea have? Who’d take a chance on her at this point? Chloe didn’t know how long it’d take Chelsea to get back into her creative head space – she was recovering from a lot of emotional trauma. Which was unfortunate, because creating a fashion platform by yourself wasn’t as fun. Chloe was awed when she saw Sally sitting inside. Phyllis appeared and warned Chloe not to get involved with that one. Kevin asked who Sally was and why Phyllis was saying not to get involved. Phyllis said that Kevin was kind enough to tell her not to get involved in his mother’s blackmail scheme, so she was returning the favor. She said to trust her on Sally, and if he didn’t believe her, he could ask Lauren. Phyllis left, and Chloe shook her head dismissively. Chloe gave Kevin a rundown on Sally’s employment history. However, Chloe was unaware that things had soured between Sally and Lauren. Chloe said she didn’t know what Phyllis was talking about, because every time Lauren mentioned Sally, she had nothing but good things to say. Chloe decided to go introduce herself, but Kevin tried to convince her not to, given that Phyllis had just compared Sally to Gloria. Chloe thought Phyllis was just causing drama. Kevin had to go back to work, so he told Chloe to be careful. “Aren’t I always?,” she asked. “No,” he replied.

Chloe went inside and introduced herself to Sally. She was a fan of Sally’s work. Sally saw Chloe talking to Phyllis and assumed they were friends. She thought Chloe had come to give her a hard time. Chloe said she and Phyllis briefly worked together, but they weren’t friends. While Phyllis mentioned she and Sally weren’t on the best of terms, that was neither here nor there, for Chloe. Chloe said that she and Sally were in the same industry – she was launching a new fashion platform for Newman Media. Sally apologized for her initial reaction and asked Chloe to tell her more about this platform. Chloe was hoping to recruit Chelsea Lawson. Sally knew her work and thought she was very talented. Chloe was sure Sally heard about Chelsea’s breakdown. Sally had. Chloe thought everyone deserved second chances. Sally was in full agreement. Chloe liked Sally’s work at Forrester. She congratulated her for her her promotion at JCV. Sally realized Chloe knew Lauren. Chloe explained that the love of her life’s brother was Lauren’s husband. Sally said she loved Lauren, and she’d always be grateful to her. Chloe thought it was funny that they hadn’t run into each other for now. Chloe said her platform was looking for content, and JCV could always use good press. Maybe they could help each other out. Sally said that would be great.

Kevin showed up at Newman Media. Kevin said he tried to stay out of this, but he wasn’t going to let this slide. Adam didn’t know what that meant. “You’re being too nice to my wife!,” Kevin exclaimed. That was a first for Adam. Kevin said he and Chloe didn’t believe Adam was reformed, and the more he tried to sell it, the more skeptical they were. Adam thought that was understandable given their history. Adam said if this was causing this much anxiety, maybe Chloe should work somewhere else. Kevin would like nothing more, but Chloe was determined to help Chelsea rebuild her life. Adam wanted that too. Kevin found that hard to believe, but he didn’t care what Chelsea and Adam did to each other from here on out. He said if Chloe got in the crossfire, there would be hell to pay. “Noted,” Adam said. He admired how protective Kevin was of his family. If he’d stayed by Chelsea with as much devotion, who knows how things would’ve turned out. Kevin said it would’ve been screwed no matter what because the real Adam always came out in the end. Adam thought it was time Kevin leave. Kevin said Adam had a lot of people fooled, maybe he’d even fooled himself, but it was just a matter of time before the real Adam showed up again. Kevin left.

Phyllis went to the Abbott house, where Ashland said he heard she uncovered Tara’s Machiavellian plot. Phyllis hoped he didn’t hold that against her. He said someone had to do it, and he left. Phyllis asked if she interrupted something. Jack didn’t want Phyllis to take this the wrong way, but she liked to go all in to fix problems, and he didn’t want her to do that now. He said he could handle it on his own. She said okay. She noted that Nick also said Jack didn’t need her help. He asked why she was here. She needed a friend.

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