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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Lauren overheard Jack order a flower arrangement. He told the florist that he wanted it to be stunning – something that would match the wow factor of the woman he was buying it for. The call ended, and Lauren asked if she knew the lucky lady. She was a bit surprised when he said he and Sally were giving it another shot. He asked if she thought it was a mistake. Lauren said it wasn’t her place to decide if someone else’s relationship was a mistake, but she had no issue with him and Sally giving it another go. She was glad she gave Sally another shot at Fenmore’s. “Because without these second chances, you and I may have missed out on the phenom named Sally Spectra,” Lauren said. Sally was shining so much that Lauren was thinking of making Sally the permanent president of JCV. Lauren noticed Jack was wearing his teardrop of love cuff links, and she said maybe Dina’s stone was working its magic. He wouldn’t go that far – he and Sally were just trying to find their footing, but he said the stones seemed to be working their magic on Lauren and Michael. She said they’d never been happier. Lauren suggested that the stones brought Jack familial love – she knew how happy he was to have his grandson in his life. He spoke about the joy he got from having that boy in the house. He wished Harrison had come into their lives sooner so Dina could’ve had the chance to meet her great grandson. He thought of the necklace as signifying hope, which he had a lot of. He got to watch Harrison grow, and he got to spend time with a charming woman. He couldn’t be more grateful and happy than he was now, and he thanked Lauren for sharing the necklace with his family. Lauren and Jack wished each other joy in life.

At The Grand Phoenix, Sally complained as she examined her hotel bill and crossed off the incorrect charges. Phyllis promised that the employee at fault would get an earful from her. Sally suggested that, as the boss, the buck should stop at Phyllis. “You’re right. I am in control,” Phyllis replied. Sally went back to perusing the bill, and Phyllis deleted the text she’d sent to Tara from Sally’s phone. She then returned the phone to the table by Sally, who was none the wiser. Phyllis told Sally to put the corrected bill in the folder so that she wouldn’t be charged. Sally was adamant that she wouldn’t pay for any of these charges. “You’re right. You will only be paying for what you are responsible for. I promise you that,” Phyllis replied in a serious tone. Phyllis offered Sally a free day at the spa for her inconvenience, or maybe some training sessions with that hot trainer. Sally thought Jack might have an issue with that. Phyllis said to forget she said anything, and she repeated the offer for the spa day. Sally suggested Phyllis just owe her one and left. Phyllis’s smile faded, and she vowed to give Sally just what she was owed.

At the Abbott house, Tara was bothered by the text from “Sally” saying that Phyllis had figured out their scheme. Kyle asked about what happened with Ashland. Tara said Ashland saw her as the enemy, and he’d been impossible to reason with. She was glad Jack came home in the middle of their conversation, before things got too heated. She felt like Ashland was weaponizing telling Harrison the truth, and it was a ticking time bomb. She thought that she and Kyle should tell Harrison about Ashland’s illness. Kyle thought that Sharon had the right idea – that Tara and Ashland should be the ones to break the news to Harrison. He said this was the most important conversation they’d ever have with Harrison, and there was no reason to rush it. Tara thought Kyle could be right, and she was grateful to have him to talk to. She hoped Ashland would cool off so she could talk to him. Noticing that Tara was still anxious, Kyle asked if there was anything else bothering her.

Tara paced around and vented about her whole life being turned upside down – the affair came out, the divorce, the custody arrangement, then she found out Ashland was dying. She didn’t see true peace for her little boy in the near future. Kyle got a call that he sent to voice mail. He asked if he could do anything for her. She asked if he could watch Harrison while she went for a drive. He said no problem.

Tara arrived at the hotel with a cover story about meeting Sally for work. Tara told Sally that they should have this discussion in her suite. The ladies went to the elevator, and they weren’t aware that Phyllis was watching them on the security camera connected to her laptop. In the elevator, Tara blasted Sally for sending that text. Sally was confused. Tara refused to let Sally risk her life or her son’s. Sally said she’d only been focused on her job and Jack. Tara demanded to know what Phyllis knew that would cause Sally to send incriminating texts to Tara’s phone. Sally said she didn’t send a text, so Tara showed it to her. Sally pulled up her own phone to prove she never sent it. Sally realized Phyllis sent it. She gave Tara her key card and said to go wait in her suite while Sally handled Phyllis.

Sally went to the lobby and accused Phyllis of having no ethical boundaries. Phyllis played sweet and confused. Sally told her to save it because nice didn’t work well for Phyllis – it came across as cloying and fake. Sally said that Phyllis used that bogus bill charade to distract her so she could send that text from her phone. Phyllis pretended she didn’t know what Sally was talking about. She suggested Sally sent this text and forgot about it. She also asked what was on the text that made Sally so upset.

When Jack came home, Kyle seemed glum. Jack asked about Harrison – he was napping. Jack suggested they watch the ball game, but Kyle wasn’t in the mood. Jack asked what was going on. Kyle said Phyllis thought Tara orchestrated Summer’s exit from town. Jack had heard Phyllis’s theory. He said she had Tara in tears the other day. He didn’t know why Phyllis was compelled to stick her nose in other people’s business. It made him wonder more about her than about whether what she said was true. Kyle knew Phyllis was hurt by Summer’s sudden departure, but he thought that she seized on Tara to blame. Jack said Phyllis wouldn’t back off with Sally or Tara. Kyle revealed that Phyllis thought Tara and Sally were co-conspirators.

Jack asked if Kyle actually bought this. Kyle admitted that Phyllis briefly had him wondering if Tara was up to something. But now, he thought that was ridiculous. Jack agreed. He didn’t think Tara was capable of being that devious. Kyle wasn’t so sure about Sally, though – she did benefit from Summer leaving. Jack cut Kyle off and asked if Phyllis gave him any evidence. Kyle said Phyllis claimed she was working on finding it. Jack didn’t think Sally did anything wrong. He noted that Summer recommended Sally for the job. He knew Sally had a past, but he honestly thought she was trying to change. Kyle stated that trying wasn’t necessarily succeeding. He didn’t want to see Jack get hurt. Jack knew Kyle’s heart was in the right place, but he was going into it with his eyes open. Kyle figured that he’d said his piece, and he conceded that he didn’t have any more proof than Phyllis did about Sally being involved with Summer leaving. Phyllis sent Jack and Kyle a text of the security footage from the elevator. There was no sound in the video, so Jack and Kyle were mystified about the cause of Sally and Tara’s argument. Kyle noticed the timestamp showed that the video was recorded in the last hour. Jack commented that Sally and Tara were looking at something on the phones.

Back at the hotel, Sally told Phyllis “you think that you’re smarter and more devious than I am, but you are making a big mistake underestimating me.” Phyllis said she didn’t underestimate Sally at all. Phyllis claimed she was curious why Sally was upset. Sally asked for Phyllis’s phone to send some texts. Phyllis didn’t own up to sending the text, but she said that if she had sent it, what was in it that had Sally so scared. Sally said she wasn’t scared. She accused Phyllis of committing identity theft by impersonating her. Phyllis continued to needle Sally by asking just what was on that text. Phyllis said the way Sally was acting was next-level. Sally snarled that Phyllis knew nothing about what hit her on any level. Phyllis whispered that someone pushed Sally’s buttons. “You come clean right now. You tell me what you and Tara did to my daughter,” Phyllis said.

Tara paced around Sally’s suite. She got a text from Kyle saying they needed to talk.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle said he hated having to question Tara like this. She was the mother of his child. Jack knew that, but that video warranted a conversation. Kyle asked what if they were jumping to conclusions. Jack hoped they were, but they needed some answers.

At Crimson Lights, Abby thanked Devon for meeting her at Society. she said he’d been his rock. He hoped that smile on her face was because Mariah had been back. She wasn’t, and Abby was just as worried as she was before, maybe more. She hoped Mariah kept her promise to come back soon. Abby was determined not to hover or nag Mariah anymore. Devon thought Abby had been concerned, not a nag. She wasn’t so sure about that. She admitted she’d considered trying to find a way to track Mariah through her phone, which would’ve been an invasion of Mariah’s privacy. She asked him to stop her if he saw her about to drive Mariah away again. He was sure things would be fine. She noted that she hadn’t asked Devon how he was feeling all that often. She asked if she’d been pressuring him. He said not at all. He was happy to be part of the journey, and he was happy to be here for her while Chance was away. She didn’t realize Chance would be away this long. She thought they’d be planning for their baby together by now. Devon assured Abby she wasn’t alone, she had him, Nina, Tessa and all the Abbotts and Newmans.

Noting that friendship went both ways, Abby asked how Devon’s life was doing. Work was good, he liked having Moses living with him, and his main source of happiness was from Amanda. He said he and Amanda were getting closer every day. Amanda was something special, and she’d stayed strong through the emotional stress her family put her through. Abby thought Amanda was brilliant, beautiful and exactly what Devon needed. Devon thought it was crazy how she came into his life – Colin tried to use her to steal his money. Abby gave more credit to fate than Colin. She said that it was then up to Amanda and Devon to get past the animosity and realize they had something special. He said it was an odd start, but he and Amanda connected. Abby asked how Abby felt about his involvement with baby Chancellor. He said she’d been supportive from the start. Abby was relieved to hear that, because some people wouldn’t act that way. Devon asked if Abby was talking about someone in particular, like an ex. Abby assumed he meant Ben, and she said he was happy for her. She said she and Ben once shared a love, but that was a long time ago, and now he was like an old friend. She was happy he was moving back to Genoa City.

Nate was on a run in the park, and he got a call with good news. Elena happened by, and he said he wanted to take her out for champagne. She noted that they weren’t date ready – he was shirtless and she was in scrubs. He said they’d go home and get ready and meet at Society. He jogged off. They arrived at the restaurant later, and he reminded her of the night he’d had good news but he wanted to wait until it was locked in. She remembered unsuccessfully trying to seduce the information out of him. She was willing to try again if she had to. He was open to that, but she jokingly threatened to kill him if he didn’t spit it out. He said he wanted to order some champagne first.

Back at Crimson Lights, Abby said Ben got a new job at the hospital, and while she might remind him of happier times, before Max’s illness, there was nothing more to it than that. Devon asked if Abby was sure, and she said a hundred percent. Ben had been a happy distraction from worrying about Mariah and the baby. Devon accepted this and said he was just being protective. Abby said she and Ben had some painful times, but that was the past. She was happy for him, and she thought this could be the start of a new chapter for him. “Besides, how could he turn down a job like chief of surgery at Memorial?,” Abby asked.

Meanwhile, at Society, Nate shared his good news with Elena. “You are now sitting across from the table from the new chief of surgery at Memorial,” Nate said.

Mariah awoke with a start in a windowless room with a single bed, dresser and desk. She held her belly and did some calming exercises to pass the serenity on to the baby. She told herself that this was all very normal and that she wasn’t agitated or claustrophobic. She went to the door, but it was still locked. She plead with her captor to let her out. “Guess we’re still prisoners,” a resigned Mariah said to the baby, when she got no response. Mariah said she’d tried everything – screaming, crying, begging and threatening, and the person keeping them in here was giving them serious silent treatment. She promised the baby that she’d get them out of there and get him back to his mom. Mariah wasn’t surprised when the dumbwaiter sent down a tray of food. It was right on schedule. She told the baby that the food wasn’t that bad. Her captor also sent her a bottle of prenatal vitamins. Mariah started to panic, and she tried to calm herself. She promised the baby that they’d get through this together. She went back to the dumbwaiter, but it was locked. She banged on it and demanded to know who this person was and what they wanted.

At the Chancellor house, Tessa quickly closed her laptop when Nina came in. With Nina’s encouragement, Tessa admitted she’d been looking up that tracking app Ben mentioned. She thought she knew enough of Mariah’s information and passwords to make it work. Tessa knew Nina and Abby were against it, but she couldn’t just do nothing, and she didn’t want Nina taking this wrong, but she wasn’t going to argue about it. Nina said Mariah and Tessa were partners, and Tessa should do what she thought was right. Tessa had sent a text asking Mariah to send a clue if something was wrong. Mariah didn’t respond, which made Tessa fear that something actually was wrong. Tessa couldn’t explain it – it was a gut feeling. Nina told Tessa to trust her instincts. Tessa tearfully said Mariah was the woman she loved, and she couldn’t stand not knowing if she was okay. Tessa knew how Abby and Nina felt, but she said that if nothing was wrong, Mariah would be furious with her, not Nina or Abby. She turned on the app to track Mariah’s phone. Tessa waited for the app to work. Nina had no problem with Tessa’s decision. She said that Mariah and Tessa had a special bond, and anyone could see how in love they were. Tessa tearfully said thanks. She said she’d do anything to hear Mariah’s voice and see her beautiful face. The app returned a message that the phone’s location was blocked.

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