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Recap written by Christine

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis demanded to know what Kyle was accusing her of. Kyle wanted Phyllis to stop playing mind games with Tara – pretending to be her friend when she wasn’t. He understood that she was upset Summer left, but it wasn’t fair to scapegoat Tara. He said Phyllis already laid blame on him, and the child he refused to walk away from. He noted that Phyllis even hinted that she might be interested in starting things up with Tara again, which wasn’t remotely true. “So stop taking your anger out on Tara because you don’t trust me,” he snapped. “No, it’s Tara I don’t trust,” Phyllis replied. She said that Tara was looking for another powerful and wealthy family to latch onto for her and her kid. He pointed out that he was that child’s father, and Tara had been invited to stay. Phyllis argued that Tara engineered the invitation, and she was taking advantage of Kyle’s generosity and his love for his son. She believed Tara pushed Summer out of town.

Kyle challenged Phyllis to explain how Tara ran Summer out of town. He wasn’t surprised when Phyllis admitted she didn’t have proof. She vowed to find proof and show it to him. She didn’t intend to have this conversation with him now, but he’d forced her hand, and she was okay with that, because now this information was on his radar. He asked if Summer said that Tara forced her to leave or if this was just another story Phyllis concocted. “How dare you!,” Phyllis yelled, before bursting into tears. She said she knew her daughter better than anyone, and Summer wouldn’t have done this. She said Summer didn’t even want her to uncover the truth, but she was going to do it regardless. Kyle didn’t believe Tara manipulated Summer into leaving. He asked why Summer would says she didn’t love him instead of fighting for what they had. Phyllis told Kyle to look back on all the conversations he had with Summer, when he was moving Tara and Harrison into the house, and think about what she’d said that he didn’t hear at the time. “No. No. No. I am not letting you do this,” he bellowed. He’d spent weeks going over every moment he shared with Summer trying to find a clue of something that happened or something he may have done wrong, and he’d even blamed Sally for it. Phyllis told Kyle he was right about Sally. She pointed out that Sally and Tara benefited from Summer’s exit – Sally got Summer’s job, which she’d been after since she got to town, and Tara was living in the Abbott guest room. She said Sally and Tara were in it together.

Kyle said that was enough. Tara and Sally barely knew each other. Phyllis contended that Tara and Sally were closer than Kyle thought. He knew she wished Tara had gone back to NY. Phyllis did wish that, and she asked why Tara didn’t leave. He said he didn’t want to live a thousand miles away from his son. He intended to be a solid reliable presence in Harrison’s life, especially now that Ashland was sick. He understood that was hard for Phyllis and Summer to accept. He asked her to stop taking her emotions out on Tara and spreading nonsense about her being involved with Sally. Phyllis told Kyle not to let his emotions for his son cloud his judgment to the point that he couldn’t see what Tara was doing. He refused to waste more time on this. He said the bottom line was Summer chose to leave him. He walked out.

Summer visited her grandparents at their hotel suite in Italy. They’d toured the offices at Marchetti earlier. Summer said it was first rate, from top to bottom. Leslie Brooks even popped in last week, and she was going to be wearing a Marchetti gown at the concert. Summer was sorry they didn’t get a chance to meet Angela Marchetti, but she was traveling. She sounded upbeat about her job. Victor thought this sounded wonderful, but he recalled that she had a hard time when she was offered this job, and he asked if she had second thoughts about moving away. Summer stated that she missed her family and hometown, and she missed Kyle too, but she still thought she made the right choice. She wasn’t ready to be a stepmom or deal with Kyle’s ex being a constant presence. She said she was at peace with everything. Victor bought it, and he was glad to hear that. He stepped out to take a call.

Nikki asked Summer to be completely honest – was this really the life she wanted? Summer meant everything she said – she had a great job in an amazing city, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She and Kyle kept going back and forth, and it if was meant to be, it wouldn’t be so hard, and there would be no hesitation from either of them. Summer asked if Nikki agreed that it wouldn’t be hard if it were meant to be. Nikki tactfully said Summer was asking the wrong person. Nikki noted that Summer didn’t pursue the job – it fell into her lap. Summer said that now that she was here, the job felt right, and she had to hold onto that because being away from Kyle didn’t feel right. Summer admitted that at least ten times a day, something unbelievable happened, and her first thought was to tell Kyle, then she remembered. Nikki knew the feeling. Summer said Kyle was her best friend, they even worked in the same building. They were a team, and it felt unnatural to be so disconnected from him. Nikki said Summer and Kyle had a long history, and what they had was rare and special. She thought it was normal that Summer felt this sense of loss. Summer said she wanted to be with Kyle so long that it hurt to imagine a future without him, but she had to let go of that. She confided that she wasn’t happy yet, but she hoped she’d get there.

Sally ran into Jack at Society, and he invited her to sit. They both had a great time at dinner the other night. She said Kyle made it clear that he wasn’t happy Jack and Sally were spending time together. Jack said Kyle was protective of him, which was understandable given certain aspects of Sally’s history. He said Kyle wanted him to be happy. Sally also wanted Jack to be happy. She couldn’t help wondering where she and Jack went from here. He thought it was obvious that he definitely felt a connection with her. There was an ease when he was with her, she was easy on the eyes, intelligent, witty and a fighter, which he admired even when it was sometimes to her detriment. He was willing to give it another shot. She knew some people wouldn’t be pleased, but he said he made his own decisions. He thought she could go anywhere she wanted in life. Sally said that hadn’t always been her experience, but hearing him say it made her believe it. It was exhausting to feel like you had to fight to hold onto what you had, and she didn’t want to do that anymore. Her goal was to win his trust. He was happy to hear that, but he didn’t want her to feel like she was on trial. She suggested another date, and he said he’d make the arrangements.

At the Abbott house, Tara swore she’d never try and keep Ashland and Harrison from seeing each other, because that wouldn’t be fair to Harrison. Ashland asked if it was fair for Tara to have full custody. She didn’t want to discuss that. She wanted to come up with a plan to tell Harrison about Ashland’s illness. She wanted to relay what Sharon, the therapist had said. He was sure Tara was going to filter the information. Tara said that Sharon advised being forthright with Harrison and keep reminding him that he was loved and supported. Ashland thought all that made sense, and he said they’d talk with Harrison together after he’d talked to Harrison alone. Ashland knew the news would be devastating enough without confusing Harrison and making him think Tara and Ashland were back together. Tara didn’t think Harrison would even be thinking about that. They debated about it, and Ashland raised his voice. Tara said the therapist thought they should tell Harrison together. He argued that this was their decision and his illness. He didn’t know why she was fighting him on this. She raised her voice as well and said she was just trying to do what was best for Harrison. He thought she was only trying to do what was best for herself.

Ashland said he had to find a way to prepare that sweet boy for the day he’d no longer be in his life. He wouldn’t have to do it if Tara didn’t leak his illness to the media. He was sure it was her. She told him he was making wild accusations, and he replied that she’d hidden Harrison’s paternity for years. She said that was why she didn’t want him talking to Harrison alone – because of the awful things he’d say to Harrison about her. He asked if she really thought he’d waste the time he had left on this earth being vengeful and trying to turn Harrison against his mother. He said that, if he was lucky, he had months with that sweet boy, and she had decades. She thought he resented her for that. He called her a master at making literally everything about herself. He thought it was clear that she wasn’t thinking about what was best for Harrison, or she wouldn’t have filed for full custody. He told her not to try and use Harrison to get control of the situation. She asked how he could say that with a straight face, given that he was literally the most controlling man she’d ever known. She said Victoria might buy the kinder gentler version of him, but Tara had years of experience with the real thing. He said his illness had changed him, but she hadn’t changed a bit. He hoped that someday someone exposed her for the fraud she was.

Tara asked if he was through mudslinging so they could get back to the matter at hand. He said he had neither the desire nor the strength to continue this conversation, so they could discuss it another time. She asked why not now. He said she’d made it so adversarial. Harrison was a smart sensitive boy, and if they talked to him now, Ashland was sure he’d pick up on their animosity. Jack walked in, as Tara was complaining that Ashland was making it like she was the problem. Jack asked if things were okay. Ashland brought him up to speed. Ashland knew Jack was in the park when he didn’t handle things so well. Jack said he didn’t witness the incident, but he confirmed that he saw the video. He said it wasn’t Ashland’s finest hour. Ashland wished he could get his hands on the person who filmed the video. He said he had to explain things to Harrison in a way that wouldn’t frighten or confuse him. He wanted Jack’s help convincing Tara that he needed to have this conversation with his son alone. Ashland left.

Tara told Jack how Kyle had Sharon visit to give them advice on Harrison. Jack thought Sharon was a great resource. Tara said Ashland didn’t want to follow Sharon’s advice that they talk to Harrison together. She said Ashland went on a personal attack. She just wanted to do what was best for Harrison. Jack assured Tara that the Abbotts were there to help.

Phyllis saw Sally walk into the hotel and sit in the lounge. She proceeded to call Sally. Sally answered and pointed out that she was right across from Phyllis. Phyllis put her plan into motion. She approached Sally with an invoice and said a new employee accidentally charged some things to Sally’s room. She asked Sally to look over the charges and tell her which ones were incorrect. Sally studied the bill while griping about the bogus charges and vowing to leave a scathing review of The Grand Phoenix. While Sally was occupied, Phyllis picked up a stack of folders that were on the table between them, and she slipped Sally’s phone into the pile.

Phyllis went back to the bar. She discreetly used Sally’s phone to text Tara. “We have a problem. Phyllis has figured things out.”

Damn it,” Tara said as she received the text, and at that moment, Kyle came home and asked what was wrong. She let him think it was Ashland who had her upset. She vented about Ashland and called him self-centered. She supposed she’d be the same way in Ashland’s shoes, though. She assured him she and Ashland would work this out somehow.

Billy dropped by Victoria’s to talk with her about how the kids were handling things. She asked if something was wrong – was Johnny feeling sick again? He said Johnny was better, and he was back at day camp. She thanked him for letting the kids spend the majority of their time with him and Lily at least for now. He said he saw her and Nate talking, and he assumed it was about Ashland. She revealed that she knew he’d also gone to Nate about Ashland. He pretended not to know what she was talking about. She said he quizzed Nate about an anonymous friend with the exact same symptoms of Ashland. She wondered if he was planning another tasteless invasion of Ashland’s privacy or if he was truly that concerned about Ashland’s condition. He said he was concerned about her.

Billy said that when he asked Nate’s opinion about a sick friend, he didn’t know how close Victoria and Ashland had gotten. He said Nate saw through him and assumed it was for a story, a story ChancComm decided not to publish. He said he was genuinely happy for her. He only figured out the truth about Ashland’s prognosis when she let it slip that the kids would only be staying at Billy and Lily’s for a few months. Victoria said they didn’t know how long Ashland had. He thought it was important that she and Ashland follow through with the plan to give each other as much joy as they could. He said it kind of took his breath away when he realized she loved Ashland. She told him not to sound so surprised. He’d told Lily that he thought Victoria met the right person at the right time. He knew Victoria was being brave, but it had to be devastating for her not to have much time. He said he was talking as her ex, as the father of her children and as a friend. He promised she could tell him anything, and he wouldn’t ever share it. Her eyes filled with tears. She said he was right, it was awful, and she did love Ashland.

Victoria said Ashland was a proud man, and with good reason. He was fierce, determined and intelligent. It was hard watching him struggle with this cancer he didn’t know he had. She wondered if the merger was a mistake. So much of who Ashland was was tied up in this company, and it was like he was handing over a vital part of himself. Billy said Ashland had a lot to live for, and he could afford treatment. Victoria said there was no cure, and the side effects were brutal. He found it hard to believe she was going along with this. She said she was trying to convince Ashland to get the treatment. He was sure Ashland would want to spend as much time with Harrison and Victoria as possible. Victoria thought it was even more reprehensible that Tara was seeking full custody. She thought Tara was acting out of spite because Ashland cut her off. He asked if Ashland knew how lucky he was that he found Victoria. She hoped Billy knew that was why things were moving so quickly and why she wasn’t acting like her usual cautious self. He understood now. Sometimes it was overwhelming for her to think about Ashland dying, but she couldn’t let him know how much it hurt. Billy said that was what he’d been concerned about all along – that Victoria would get hurt. She was appalled because she thought he was saying “I told you so.”

Victoria regretted confiding in Billy. He said he must’ve misspoke, or she misunderstood. “When you are in pain, I am in pain,” he said. He was watching her open her heart to a guy in a tough place, and she’d have to watch him succumb to the disease. At first he didn’t understand why she wanted to do that, but now he understood. Victoria assumed Billy thought she should get out of this while she could. Ashland entered and went into the kitchen. He overheard Billy say “I think you’re exactly what Ashland needs right now. I think you need each other.”

Ashland walked into the living room and said that was quite the endorsement, considering the source. Billy meant every word. Ashland believed that. Billy thought it was clear Victoria and Ashland were committed to each other, and he knew that she wouldn’t listen if he tried to get her to bail either way. He thought Ashland’s condition sucked and he was sympathetic. Ashland asked if Billy would keep reports of his predicament off his media platform. He didn’t want Harrison to hear about it, and even someone that young could pick up information from the internet. Billy promised not to do any stories of any kind about this. Victoria and Ashland appreciated that. Victoria thanked Billy for being such a good listener, and he said anytime. He left.

Ashland asked what Victoria said to her ex that turned him into such a good listener. She said she told Billy that she felt a little overwhelmed from time to time, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She said she also admitted to Billy that she was in love with Ashland. Ashland’s mouth fell open. Victoria understood it was going quickly, but this wasn’t a normal situation, and she didn’t have time to waste. She needed what he brought to her life. “I love you, Ashland. And don’t tell me not to feel that way. Don’t even try,” she firmly said. “I – I guess I need to find a way to stay alive,” he said. He promised to start treatment, and he hoped he got lucky and it worked.

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