B&B Short Recap Wednesday, February 17 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope is upset and disappointed that Steffy’s carrying Liam’s child again. Liam tells her how much he loves her and hopes that she’ll eventually be able to forgive him. He promises never to give up on her and their family. She says again that she doesn’t want to discuss it. It’s too much to process right now. She keeps yelling at him, sobbing, and he begs her not to give up on their family. She sinks to thee floor, crying, as Liam watches helplessly. He goes over and holds her. He doesn’t think there’s anything that they can’t overcome. He goes on and on about it and begs her for a chance. At Steffy’s house, Finn is still disappointed, too. He looks at the big picture of Steffy and Liam with disgust. Steffy gets a text from Amelia (who has Kelly). She apologizes to him again and wishes the baby were his. Finn tells her that he loves her too much to walk away. She urges him to “let it out.” He’s very angry at the results, and at himself, but not at her. Steffy tells him tearfully that he would have called the baby “John Finnegan, jr.” if it was a boy. She tells him that their love will get them through this. Finn thinks it’ll be hard for him and Hope to see Liam around all Steffy the time. Steffy thinks they can survive if he doesn’t give up on them. They hug.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Vinnie wait to hear about the paternity results. Vinnie thinks that Thomas hopes the baby will be Liam’s so that he’ll have a shot with Hope. After Thomas hears from Ridge, he worries about how Hope is doing. He agrees with Vinnie that he loves Hope, but he’s not going to do anything to interfere. At home, Brooke and Ridge also wait. He texts Steffy to see if there is any news. Steffy texts back, “Not Finn’s,” so Ridge tells Brooke. She’s upset. Bridget drops by for a visit. She’s in town for a medical conferences. Bridget can tell something is wrong. She guesses that Liam must be the father of Steffy’s baby, and they confirm it. Brooke wonders whether she should go over to see Hope or give her time. Bridget thinks Hope will act like she always does and put her own feelings aside for the good of her family. Ridge calls Thomas to give him the news.

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