B&B Short Recap Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope and Thomas go back to the cottage to talk more privately. She confirms that he heard right: Liam cheated on her with Steffy, and she might be pregnant with his child. Thomas can’t believe it and is supportive to Hope. He tells her that he saw Finn and Steffy discussing something intense at work; he guesses that this is what they were talking about. Hope is filled with doubts now about Liam. Hope is angry and hurt that Liam destroyed their family. Thomas is having trouble dealing with all of the information and feels bad for Hope. She doesn’t want to hear that he was right – that Liam would let her down and always go back to Steffy. Thomas tells her that he’s not saying that. He wishes that Liam had come in and confronted him and the mannequin. Thomas feels like it’s his fault, but he cares about Hope. He knows Liam made a terrible mistake and he was an idiot. He tells her that Liam loves her and doesn’t want to lose her or their family. He advises her to take it one step at a time, with Liam. He suggests that she should give Liam another chance. Meanwhile, Liam works at Spencer, but he’s in a foul mood. Wyatt and Flo walk in and find him yelling at someone over the phone. Flo leaves them alone, so Liam tells Wyatt what happened. Liam is so distraught that he’s eating real roast beef and cheese instead of his usual vegetarian food (LOL!). Wyatt can’t believe it. Liam beats himself up about what he’s done.

Finn wants to know if Steffy wants him- or Liam – to be the father of her baby. She tells him that she doesn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes (with regard to Liam). She keeps apologizing for cheating on him with Liam and tells him how much she loves him and wants to be with him. She lists many of the reasons that she loves him. She tells Finn that she hopes he’s the father. She promises to be honest from now on, and he agrees. She appreciates that he says he’ll be there for her, regardless of who the father is. She asks him if he wants to commit to her like she wants with him. He doesn’t reply, so she tells him that he can leave if he wants. Finn goes to the door, like he’s going to leave, but then he closes it. He tells her that he hasn’t allowed himself to open up to anyone because he’s been so immersed in his career, till her. He believes that she won’t betray him again and he loves her. He wants a family with her. She cries with happiness as he talks about building a life with her.

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