B&B Short Recap Thursday, January 14 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy sends Kelly off with the nanny. Liam drops by and tells her that he told Hope the whole truth about how he slept with Steffy and now she’s pregnant. Steffy tells him that she also told Finn. She hopes Finn forgives her. Liam tells her that Hope was ready to forgive him for sleeping with her, but she was crushed to learn she’s pregnant. He’s not sure they’ll be able to survive if the baby is his. After Steffy leaves, Finn drops by and yells at Liam for what he did. He accuses him of still being in love with Steffy and looking for an opportunity to get back with her.

Hope has a large cup of coffee at Brooke’s, looking very sad. Brooke comes in and sees the coffee, figuring that Hope had trouble sleeping because she’s so busy with work and homelife. She praises Hope for all she does. Hope has a hard time hearing the compliments. Brooke wonders if something is wrong, but Hope doesn’t tell her what happened. Meanwhile, Thomas is working at Forrester when Vinny drops by to visit. Vinny is glad that Thomas looks healthy now after his brain trauma scare. He credits Hope for acting so quickly to save him. Thomas tells Vinny that he doesn’t plan to interfere in Hope’s marriage any more. He hopes that she and Liam can be happy together. Hope shows up and hears them talking. Thomas thanks her again for saving his life. Steffy arrives, so Hope asks Thomas to leave them alone. She yells at Steffy for stealing her husband. She thinks that Steffy was just waiting for an opportunity to get him back. She figures that the large photo of them on the wall should have given her the clue. Steffy protests.

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