Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 24, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Sally arrives at the Abbott house and Jack is happy she accepted his invitation. Kyle and Summer stop by to thank Jack for his help and show him Kyle’s tie clip with the diamond from Summer’s infinity necklace that joins his piece of the tear drop of love. Summer shows Jack her piece of the tear drop of love which joins the diamonds in her infinity necklace. Amanda sees her biological mother and tries to work up the courage to walk up to her door and reveal her identity. Billy and Lily decide their relationship is working so well that they want to keep it going to see if it could lead to something special. Billy gives Lily a beautiful bracelet and Lily gives Billy a scarf. Billy and Lily have dinner and they see Victoria and when she admires their gifts to each other they tell her they are a couple.

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