Bold & Beautiful Trivia Quiz #2

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Liam, Steffy and Kelly

Trivia Quiz #2

>>1. How many times has Jacqueline MacInnes Wood been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for playing Steffy?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four

e. none

>>2. What is the name of Steffy’s daughter?

a. Hope

b. Kelly

c. Stephanie

d. Brooke

e. Pam

>>3. Steffy has been involved with men from which family?

a. Spencer

b. Forrester

c. Logan

d. Spectra

e. Bell.

>>4. How many times have Liam and Steffy been married?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four

e. five

>>5. What is Steffy’s position at Forrester Creations?

a. janitor

b. publicist

c. accountant

d. Vice President

e. CEO

>>6. Who  was Steffy named after?

a. Her mother.

b. Her aunt.

c. Her grandmother.

d. Her cousin

e. Her great-grandmother.

>>7. What did Steffy used to enjoy riding?

a. motorcycle

b. horse

c. tractor

d. skis

e. the bus.

>>8. Who did Steffy sleep with after she and Liam had a fight?

a. Rick

b. Wyatt

c. Bill

d. Clarke

e. Jarrett

>>9. After  Steffy’s miscarriage in 2013, where did she run off to?

a. London

b. Paris

c. Rome

d. New York

e. Copenhagen

>>10. Douglas is what relation to Steffy?

a. son

b. brother

c. cousin

d. nephew

e. step-brother


1. c 2. b 3. a 4. c 5. e 6. c 7. a 8. c 9. b 10. d

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