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Descriptions written by Suzanne

“Star Trek” premiered May 8, 2009. After Spock battles the murderous Nero, Nero escapes into the past and creates an alternate timeline by destroying the ship carrying Kirk’s parents and blowing up Vulcan. The alternative timeline (or “Kelvin”) Kirk and Spock (still cadets), with the help of Christopher Pike, are able to rescue Kirk’s father before the planet blows up. Kirk meets Spock from the original timeline. With his guidance, they’are able to kill Nero and rescue Earth. Kirk, Spock and Pike are promoted.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” premiered May 17, 2013. Starfleet officers bomb London. Kirk is ordered to bomb the officers’ ship when they head to the Klingon homeworld. One of the officers turns out to be Khan Noonien Singh, who’s been commanded by a Starfleet Admiral that wants to start war with the Klingons.

“Star Trek Beyond” premiered July 22, 2016. The crew of the Enterprise is duped into a rescue mission on the planet Altamid; their leader, Krall, takes over the ship to recover a relic that can be turned into a bioweapon. After the Enterprise crashes and the crew is either taken prisoner or goes on the run, Scotty, Kirk, and others are aided by alien Jaylah to rescue the others and defeat Krall.


Kirk and Spock of the "Star Trek" movies

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