Primetime TV Review: “Name That Tune” (2021)

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“Name That Tune (2021)” on Fox Review by Eva 1/9/2021

I was excited to learn that the game show Name that Tune was getting an update and would air on Fox. Broadway, film, and television star Jane Krakowski hosts the show and musician and former American Idol judge Randy Jackson directs the band and singers.

In the first round of the game, two contestants play against each other guessing songs from topics they choose from a list. The second round is called Bd A Note where contestants bid against each other to see in how many notes they can guess a song. If the contestant who wins the bet can guess the song, he wins money. If the contestant is unable to guess the song the other contestant gets ten notes to guess the song and if they are correct they win the money. The person who has the most money at the end of the two rounds goes to the Golden Medley round where they can win $ 100,000 if they guess seven songs correctly. Jane and Randy have great chemistry together and are truly rooting for the contestants to win the game.

I think the show is fun to watch and you will have fun playing along with the game to see if you can guess the songs along with the contestants. I think this will be a big hit and one of the strongest games in the Fox game show line up. I give the show a 5 out of 5 stars you will really enjoy this show.


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