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Omar Benson Miller & Marsha Stephanie Blake in "The Last Days of Ptolemey Grey" on Apple TV+

Interview with Omar Benson Miller & Marsha Stephanie Blake of “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” on Apple TV+ by Suzanne 2/28/22

This was a nice (but short) interview with these two actors from this really good show. Omar’s character, Reggie, is not seen on screen a lot, but his character is very important to the show.  Marsha, who plays Ptolemy’s niece, is seen a lot more. You don’t want to miss this limited series!

Suzanne:   Oh, hi. Hey, how’s it going, guys? I remember you from CSI Miami, Omar, when you played Walter Cole. And, Marcia, I remember you from How to Get Away with Murder. So, it’s great to talk to both of you.

Marsha:   Hello, Suzanne, good to talk to you

Suzanne:   So, can you each tell me how your audition went for this for these roles?

Marsha:   I’ll start, I’ll start. My audition was crazy, because I helped someone else audition first before I knew I was going to audition, and I loved the material when I helped him. And what’s crazier is he didn’t get the part. So, then, I called him, and I was like, “Hey, can you help me now now that you know the material? Can you help me with my audition?” So, you know, we were helping each other. Then, I met Ramin virtually and talked through so much stuff and just really felt like – I’d watched his film. I’d obviously read the book at this point and remember after my callback moment thinking it would be so incredible to be a part of it for so many reasons. I felt like each person I met who was connected to the project was special and really empathetic and kind and cared so much about the material and cared as much as I cared, from the time I read the sides with my friend. I think that’s when you know you’re onto something special.

Suzanne:   Okay, and Omar?

Omar:   Mine was kind of like this interview; it was virtual. I had a conversation with Ramin, then read a couple of scenes, and then stepped in with the man and had a conversation with Sam. Then, we read to see if we had any chemistry. Vicki Thomas was on reading with me and tried to sabotage my audition.

Marsha:   [laughs]

Omar:   Thank God, she wasn’t successful. No, but I could feel the chemistry with both Ramin and Sam, through the internet, which is very difficult to do. And the process was something that actually was befitting of what it was going to be like to shoot the project. Shooting in the middle of COVID has been a real challenge in multiple ways.

Suzanne:   And what was it like working with Sam?

Marsha:   Incredible.

Omar:   Unique.

Marsha:   Unique, oh I love that. Unique, yes.

Omar:   Yeah, he’s a unique individual. He brings what he brings to the table with a skill set and a presence that is very different than anybody else that you’re going to work with.


Yeah, I can see that. So, neither of you had worked with him before, is that right?

Marsha:   Omar, you had?

Omar:   No.

Marsha:   No? I had worked with him on Django, but my scene got cut. But what’s really wonderful about Sam – I know, it’s heartbreaking, but what’s great about Sam is Sam is the best at introducing you to the cast on your first day. He did it to me with Django. I had this one scene, one little part in this big – it was my biggest movie to date. You know, the biggest thing I’ve ever been in, and then I wasn’t in it. But the way he introduces you when you’re on set that first day, he is like your biggest cheerleader, and I’ve seen him do it over and over again with other people, and I just think that’s such a wonderful and generous thing. It’s not even necessary. You know, you’re there; you already got the job, but he makes you feel so welcome in this space on your first day. And he gave me the biggest shout out on Django that I will love him for that forever. I already had mad love for him as an actor, but I love him as a person.

Suzanne:   Omar, did he introduce you to everybody?

Omar:   No, most of our scenes are just me and him. So, I felt like I got cheated. I think the pretty girls get that treatment.

Suzanne:   I was gonna say, maybe you’re not quite pretty enough.

Omar:   He squared up on me. We almost had to fight.

Marsha:   That’s his way. That’s his way of welcoming you.

Omar:   No, he welcomed me, but it was just he and I as far as the actors on set. So, we all introduced ourselves then to people who we hadn’t already known. Then, really, we dug into the work, and we tore through it. So, that experience for me, just getting in there and getting to do the work with somebody who is a clear master of his craft was a joy. It really was.

Suzanne:   Yeah, well I binge-watched the whole thing, and I enjoyed it. So, I hope everybody gets to see it. It’s really good.

Omar:   All right.

Suzanne:   All right, well, they told me I have to wrap it up, so nice talking to you guys. I appreciate it.

Marsha:   You as well. Thank you.

Omar:   Thank you.

Suzanne:   Bye-bye.

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Omar Benson Miller (Reggie)Omar Benson Miller (born October 7, 1978) is an American actor.[1] He is known for his work as Walter Simmons on CSI: Miami (2009–2012), as Charles Greane on Ballers (2015–2019), as the voice of Raphael on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and on the CBS comedy series The Unicorn (2019–2021).



Marsha Stephanie BlakeMarsha Stephanie Blake (born c. May 1974) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Linda McCray in the Netflix miniseries When They See Us, for which she was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie.




Poster for "The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" on Apple TV+The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Release date: March 11, 2022


“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” stars Samuel L. Jackson as Ptolemy Grey, an ailing man forgotten by his family, by his friends, and by even himself. Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker and on the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager Robyn, played by Dominique Fishback. When they learn about a treatment that can restore Ptolemy’s dementia-addled memories, it begins a journey toward shocking truths about the past, present and future.

The six-episode limited series will debut will debut globally Friday, March 11 on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday.

Episode 1


Ptolemy Grey’s memory is getting worse. After learning his grand-nephew is no longer there for him, Ptolemy’s niece assigns him a new caretaker.

Episode 2


Kicked out by Niecie, Robyn moves in with Ptolemy and accompanies him to a doctor’s appointment for an experimental treatment.

Episode 3


Ptolemy begins treatment to restore his memories, drifting in and out of fever dreams about his life as Robyn keeps vigil at his side.

From Apple TV+


“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” will premiere with 2 episodes globally on Friday, March 11 with new episodes premiering weekly on Friday thereafter, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Jackson stars as Ptolemy Grey, an ailing man forgotten by his family, by his friends, by even himself. Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker and on the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager Robyn, who is played by Dominique Fishback (“Judas and the Black Messiah”). When they learn about a treatment that can restore Ptolemy’s dementia-addled memories, it begins a journey toward shocking truths about the past, present and future.

In addition to Jackson and Fishback, the Apple Original limited series stars Walton Goggins (“Justified,” “The Unicorn”), Marsha Stephanie Blake (“I Am Your Woman,” “When They See Us”), Damon Gupton (“Black Lightning,” “Bates Motel”), Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (“Coyote,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood”) and Omar Miller (“The Unicorn,” “Ballers”).

“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” is produced by Apple Studios and Anonymous Content. Serving as executive producers alongside Jackson and Mosley are David Levine and Eli Selden for Anonymous Content, Diane Houslin, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Ramin Bahrani.


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Omar Benson Miller & Marsha Stephanie Blake