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“So Help Me Todd” Review on by Eva 10/2/2022

I decided to watch this show because I saw commercials for it. I thought it was a comedy, but CBS calls it a drama. I think the show is an even mix of both comedy and drama. The show is about Todd Wright (Skylar Astin) who lost his detective license when his partner and detective agency framed him forgery and illegal wiretapping.

Joan Wright (Marsha Gay Harden) has been trying to help Todd get back on his feet, but she thinks that he should quit being a private detective. Todd’s mother, Margaret, needs Todd’s help investigating a case for her law firm, and is impressed at how good Todd at his job so, she gets him his detective license back, so he can be the investigator for her law firm while her investigator is on maternity leave.

I enjoyed watching the innovative way Todd solves cases, and the complicated relationships between him and his mother. If you like lawyer shows with some comedy you will enjoy this show.

The show airs on Thursday nights after Ghosts and if you missed the pilot you can watch it on the show’s official website or on Paramount Plus. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars.

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