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Falk Hentschel of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"

Interview with Falk Hentschel of the movie “Swap Me Baby” and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW by Suzanne 10/6/22

This was a really interesting and fun interview. I think we both enjoyed it a lot. I hope you will, too!



Falk Hentschel is best known for playing HAWKMAN in in the Arrowverse shows The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

In addition to playing Carter Hall on the superhero shows, Falk’s starred opposite Tom Cruise in KNIGHT AND DAY, as the villain, Steve Carell in WELCOME TO MARWEN, and recently, SWAP ME BABY, the acclaimed comedy from Caden Butera.

BIO.Falk was born in east Germany behind the iron curtain. After he and his family fled the country Falk was able to pursue his dream of becoming a story teller.

After some detouring that led Falk to become a professional backup dancer and choreographer, he finally landed in Los Angeles and got his first big break in Hollywood with Knight and Day, playing opposite Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

From that point on, Falk continued to work on blockbuster films like White House Down, Transcendence and most recently Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome to Marwen.

Falk had the opportunity to appear on Emmy winning shows such as Arrested Development, The Alienist, The Closer and many more.
Eventually Falk put on a superhero costume like so many others to portray Hawkman in the DC television universe.

Despite fulfilling his childhood dreams and achieving his goals, Falk suffered from severe depression. In his search of purpose and fulfillment he was lead to the plant medicine Ayahuasca, an ancient medicine originating in the amazon.

This work opened up a whole new perspective for Falk and he decided to focus his efforts on producing and creating an environment for film makers that brings the focus back to story vs maximum profit. He founded the company Patronage Film together with Firestone heir Charlie Thiel. His biggest dream is to bring transparency, fairness and creativity back to the film industry .

Check out Falk’s 2022 movie, “Swap Me, Baby!”
"Swap Me Baby" movie starring Falk Hetnschel and Ava Boel

Lily, an uptight business woman and Philippe, a larger than life French mushroom tripping gigolo are 8 months pregnant. Their therapist recommends a nature getaway at a remote cabin. Their little weekend trip turns into a hilarious adventure when Philippe stumbles upon a magic box that swaps out their souls. Lily and Philippe are tasked with riddle after riddle not only to get their own bodies back but to also get a better understanding of their opposite and what they have to offer as parents.

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Falk Hentschel of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"