Interview with Tamala Jones, Brian White and Jackée Harry

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Tamala Jones and Brian White star in "Every Breath She Takes" on Lifetime

Interview with Tamala Jones, Brian White and Jackée Harry of “Every Breath She Takes”Jackée Harry in "Every Breath She Takes" on Lifetime on Lifetime by Suzanne 3/8/23

This is from our Lifetime Press Day. This was my favorite of the 4 movies we saw. It’s very suspenseful! I love all of these actors, and they did a great job. Harry was not originally scheduled to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise!



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After suffering years of mental and verbal abuse by her husband Billy (Brian White), Jules Baker (Tamala Jones) thinks she is finally free when a fierce physical struggle ends in a massive fire that destroys their home and takes Billy’s life. As Jules begins to rebuild her life, dark rumors haunt her when she hears whispers around town that she is “the one that killed her husband.” Things take a turn for the worse when problems with insurance arise after it’s found that the fire was intentionally set, and all signs point to Jules. She’s pushed to the edge as a series of frightening events threaten her mental stability and she thinks she’s seeing Billy at every turn. When people around her begin to have mysterious accidents, Jules start to question everything… including her sanity.

Every Breath She Takes is produced by Poke Prod in association with MarVista Entertainment for Lifetime. Sean Dwyer and Elizabeth Cullen executive produce for Poke Prod, along with Tamala Jones. Deena Sternand Fernando Szew executive produce for MarVista. Mary Beth McAdaragh and Flo and Ken Chotiner also serve as executive producers. Darin Scott directs the screenplay from Amy Taylor and Jennifer Edwards.

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Tamala Jones and Lamon Archey star in "Every Breath She Takes" on Lifetime