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“Alaska Daily” Review on by Eva 10/9/2022

I wasn’t going to watch this show until I saw some television interviews with the star of the show Hilary Swank (Eileen Fitzgerald) where she spoke about the show so I decided to watch it.

I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed the show, it is well written and had my attention from the first minute I pushed play on my DVR recording of the show. I always pick out some new shows tie watch every television season but it takes me a few episodes to like new shows and sometimes, after a few episodes, I stop watching the show because I don’t enjoy it anymore. It is very rare that a show grabs me from the first minute.

Swank plays Eileen Fitzgerald, a New York reporter who is working on a big story trying to expose a possible presidential appointee before the president gives the man a big job in the State Department. Eileen’s source for the story is discredited by what she believes are highly placed government officials who don’t want the story to come out. Eileen doesn’t want to rewrite the story like her boss wants her to do. So, she quits her job and decides to write a book exposing the truth about the presidential appointee. Eileen is then contacted by a former boss, Stanley Kornik (Jeff Perry) who wants her to come work for The Daily Alaskan and help him investigate a story about some missing indigenous women who after some time were found dead. Eileen takes the job and with the help of the young reporters at the paper begins to investigate the story.

I really enjoyed this show because I enjoy mysteries, and I want to find out who killed these women. I also enjoyed the mentor relationship that the character of Eileen has with the young newspaper reporters although she doesn’t want to be a mentor, but that is the role she takes on because the young reporters look up r her and appreciate her experience.

I think this show is worth watching and if you missed the first episode you can watch it on Hulu or ABC I give this show 5 out of 5 stars.

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