Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 5, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Michael tells Amanda that without Nana’s testimony Sutton may go free so Amanda and Imani try once again to persuade Naya to testify. Naya admits that she believes Sutton hired someone to kill Richard but she doesn’t care the point of sending Sutton to jail. Amanda tells Imani and Naya that she plans to file a civil suit against Sutton for causing Richard’s wrongful death. Imani thinks it would be better for Amanda to focus on her future rather than Sutton’s past.

Kyle has a video call with Summer and he persuades her to tell him the truth. Summer admits to Kyle that Tara threatened to leave town with Harrison if she didn’t take the job in Italy. An angry Kyle heads back to his house to confront Tara. Tara surprisingly is telling Jack the truth about what she and Sally did to Summer. Tara tells Jack she only did it for Harrison’s sake. Tara apologizes to Kyle when he confronts her with her lies. Tara wonders what will happen now that he knows the truth. Summer has a video call where she tells them everything and began Phyllis to let this go now that the truth is out. Phyllis tells Nick that Tara will pay for hurting Summer. Phyllis hacks into Tara’s computer to find out what she is hiding in the financial records of her shoe company.

Victoria accepts Ashland’s marriage proposal and she wants a big wedding to celebrate their love.

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