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"The Twelve" on Netflix

“The Twelve” on Netflix Review by Suzanne 7/25/20

This is a riveting Belgian drama about a jury that’s trying a woman accused of murdering her baby as well as an old friend. We see a lot of the drama from the jury’s point of view, and how the case affects their lives, which is what makes it interesting.

Apparently, in Belgian criminal courts, while they do have a jury, they also have a set of 3 judges that question the defendant, and the defendant’s lawyer can’t object. The defendant has to answer all questions, including ones that are very personal or irrelevant. They don’t admonish the jury from listening to the news about the case, nor do they tell them to refrain from discussing the case before the deliberation. It’s very different from U.S. courts.

Frie Palmer (Maaike Cafmeyer) is accused of murdering her baby with a shard of glass after a terribly custody and divorce case. She’s also accused of murdering her best friend in the past. One of the jurors, Delphine Spijkers (Maaike Neuville), is based on a real juror who tried to get out of a court case because of spousal abuse. The details of the case reminded her of her own life.

Many face Dutch actors that you’ve never heard of star in this great crime series. It’s enthralling and worth sticking with.


Twelve jurors — ordinary people with struggles of their own — must decide the case of a woman accused of killing her best friend and her own daughter.
Starring:Maaike Neuville, Charlotte De Bruyne, Tom Vermeir

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