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Stargirl on The CW

“Stargirl” on The CW Review by Suzanne 7/25/20

I love this show because I’m a huge superhero fan. I grew up reading comic books of all sorts (I have three older brothers who are not only big nerds, er, fans, but they helped start San Diego Comic-Con). This show is more aimed at teens, but it fits in nicely with all the other CW superhero series. Unlike those, this one focuses on rebuilding the Justice Society of America. We really haven’t seen any other series where they take a while to build up a team. “Legends of Tomorrow” was put together by Rip in one episode. It has a lot of humor, good acting, great acting and fun special effects as well as many terrifying villains.

We saw the JSA in an episode of “Legends of Tomorrow,” but they were set in the past. Also, this was before “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” so things have been changed (obviously). In this series, the JSA was slaughtered by the Injustice Society (ISA) roughly a decade or so earlier.

Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) is a teenager whose mom gets remarried to a nice guy, Pat (Luke Wilson), who moves the family to his hometown of Blue Valley. Pat has a garage where he fixes up cars, but he also has all of the JSA costumes and weapons there, and he builds himself a giant robot out of car parts. Courtney learns that Pat used to be the sidekick for the JSA superhero, Starman. She has a special connection to Starman’s magic staff, and she sees that Starman looked just like her father, who went missing a decade ago.

Despite Pat’s objections, Courtney becomes Stargirl and sets about building a new JSA, once they figure out that the ISA is still around and plotting evil deeds. Conveniently, each of the heroes in the JSA got their powers from various items, so Courtney just has to find other young people that can use the items effectively. Pat tries to help them work as a team.

The acting is great, and you may enjoy the show because it has a lot of action and fun. The villains are very interesting, too. Teens especially should love it.



Broadcast Premiere Tuesday, May 19 (8:00-9:00pm ET)

The new DC UNIVERSE drama series DC’S STARGIRL follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as she inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. This new drama reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series.

The series focuses on the character that started creator Geoff Johns’ career as a comic book writer when he created her in 1999, lovingly inspired by his late sister who was killed in a 1996 plane crash.

Geoff Johns (“Arrow,” “Batwoman,” “The Flash,” “Titans”) is the showrunner and executive produces DC’S STARGIRL with Melissa Carter (“Queen Sugar”), who serves as co-showrunner, as well as Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Greg Beeman. Based on the characters from DC created by Geoff Johns, DC’S STARGIRL is produced by Berlanti Productions and Mad Ghost Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.  DC’S STARGIRL stars Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Jake Austin Walker, Hunter Sansone, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson and Christopher James Baker.

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