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Dark Desire on Netflix

“Dark Desire” on Netflix Review by Suzanne 7/25/20

This is a steamy, suspenseful Mexican drama from a somewhat-feminist point of view. Maite Perroni stars as Alma, a beautiful woman who teaches criminal law. Her specialty appears to be “femicide,” i.e., homicide of women. She’s married to a judge, Leonardo (Jorge Poza), but they’re not happy, and she suspects that he’s cheating on her. We don’t see for sure, in the first episode, whether he’s doing that or not, but he certainly does have some secrets that he’s keeping.

Her good friend Brenda (María Fernanda Yepes), newly-divorced, invites her for a weekend stay. They go out dancing. Alma ends up sleeping with a handsome younger man, Dario (Alejandro Speitzer).

The beginning of the series shows a woman (maybe Alma) getting arrested, and the coroner is taking a body away. They were wise to put that at the beginning, to create tension, because the show starts very slowly. However, by the end of the first episode, two shocking things happen. It’s worth waiting for. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Alma and Leonard also have a daughter, Zoe (Regina Pavón), and Leonard’s brother, Esteban (Erik Hayser), a cop, also is involved in the story. There are 18 episodes, which is long for a Netflix series. In other reviews I’ve seen, the show is compared to “You,” the Lifetime/Netflix stalker drama, and “365 Days,” a Polish S&M mob drama.


Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy and leads her to question the truth about those close to her.
Starring:Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser, Alejandro Speitzer
Creators:Leticia López Margalli
Alma Solares, a prestigious lawyer and college professor, visits her best friend for the weekend to “process the grief” of the latter’s divorce. During the getaway, Alma meets Dario Guerra, a 23-year-old, and they have a wild tryst. She returns home with her husband and daughter, determined to forget her lapse in judgment, but her life becomes a living hell. What started as a minor adventure becomes an incendiary passion, and then a dangerous obsession, unraveling a chain of secrets of a past that fatally binds them all.

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Dark Desire on Netflix

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