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“Little Voice” on Apple+ Review by Suzanne 7/20/20

This is a fun romantic comedy about a young woman, Bess (Brittany O’Grady) trying to make it as a singer/songwriter in New York City. She does many odd jobs to make money while she composes songs and tries to overcome her self-doubt.

While she bartends, walks dogs and more, she rents out a storage space to use for composing songs. In the first episode, she meets a handsome guy from a nearby storage space, as well as a cute guitar player. She gets a chance to sing her songs in the club where she bartends, but it doesn’t go well.

I enjoyed the first episode and will love to see more. The characters are likable, which include Bess’ dad, brother, roommate and other friends. There’s some pretty good music in the series. Singer Sarah Bareilles is executive producer of the series and writes many of the songs in it. She and series co-creator Jessie Nelson previously worked together on the Broadway musical “Waitress.” J.J. Abrams is also one of the executive producers.

There are 9 total episodes on the series. Check it out!


A love letter to the diverse musicality of New York, “Little Voice” explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s. Sara Bareilles (“Waitress”) will provide original music for this fresh, intensely romantic tale of the search to find your true voice … and then the courage to use it.

Produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. J.J. Abrams (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Star Trek,” “Lost”), Sara Bareilles, Jessie Nelson (“I Am Sam,” “Stepmom,” “Corrina, Corrina”) and Ben Stephenson (“Westworld”) are executive producers. Nelson will also write and direct the first episode.

The first three episodes of “Little Voice” will premiere on Friday, July 10, and new episodes will debut every Friday thereafter, exclusively on Apple TV+.

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Little Voice on Apple+

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