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Bill and Brie from "Marrying Millions" on Lifetime

Interview with Bill and Brianna of “Marrying Millions” on Lifetime by Suzanne 7/13/20

I don’t watch many reality shows, including this one.¬† I wasn’t sure¬† how this interview would go, but it was a lot of fun and turned out great.¬† Don’t miss the show’s second season premiere August 5th!

Here is the audio version of it.

Suzanne: Hey, guys. Thanks for coming today.

Bill: Well, I wish we were coming, but we are sitting in our house, so I guess that’s second-best, right?

Suzanne: Close enough. Are you in Miami still?

Bill: We are. We flew to Miami with a bunch of kids on Friday, and it has been raining here almost non-stop, but it’s still beautiful, and we are happy to be here.

Suzanne: Well, that’s good.¬† I’m about four hours from Dallas, so when I was watching scenes of you guys from the first season, the first thing you went into a restaurant that I had been to, so I was like, “Oh, that’s cool.” [laughter]

Bill: Oh, yeah. Did you see us in KńÄI, the restaurant at Legacy West?

Suzanne: I saw you on that one, too, but that was not the one ‚ÄĒ it was Toulouse.

Bill: Oh, Toulouse, yeah ‚ÄĒ one of my favorites.

Suzanne: Great food there, yeah.

Bill: So, where do you live ‚ÄĒ four hours from Dallas?

Suzanne: I live in Southern Arkansas, in a little town called Magnolia.

Bill: Oh! Is that where that movie was filmed?

Suzanne: Which movie?

Bill: Famous movie with Julia Roberts.

Suzanne: I have no idea. [laughter]. Oh, I know which movie you’re talking about, but I don’t think it was about our Magnolia ‚ÄĒ might have been another Magnolia. There are several.

Bill: Well, that sounds nice.

Suzanne: it’s pretty here ‚ÄĒ it’s very hot and humid, but you know how that’s, being in Miami.

Bill: Yeah, I think it’s hot and humid just about everywhere, right? Summertime and the Southern United States, right?

Suzanne: Right. So, I was watching, I hadn’t watched the show before today, so I was watching some of the first season. I didn’t get through all of them yet. So, pardon me if I asked you questions that were probably answered in the first season.

Brie: Yeah, it’s okay.

Bill: We are fine with that.

Suzanne: So, how did you get on the show in the first place, in the first season? How did it come about?

Bill: Well, we were asked to be on the show. We were not seeking any attention, and we got this call, and we did a computer interview ‚ÄĒ a Skype interview ‚ÄĒ and we asked them how they knew about us, and they didn’t want to tell us. So, we were not really looking for any publicity, and so we turned it down many times, but the production company was very persistent, kept calling us, kept proposing that we would get it on the show, and eventually, we invited the producer, who lives in New York City, to come down here to our home in Miami and sit down in our living room with us and just spend some time together, and we can tell him our fears, our concerns, the reason why we didn’t want to be on the show, and he could try and influence us otherwise ‚ÄĒ and you know the end result because we are on the show.

He ended up influencing us and telling us that he was not wanting to film a train wreck. He was actually wanting to film a very beautiful, sweet, romantic story of the two of us, along with several other couples in this show called “Marry Millions” that didn’t even have a name yet at that time. We were hesitant, but we agreed to sign on, and we are very happy that we did because we had a wonderful experience in Season One, which you just watched, and then when they invited us back to film Season Two, we had an even more fun experience. We really had a great time doing it. That has been a wonderful adventure for both of us. Right, Brie?

Brie: Yeah, loved it.

Suzanne: that’s good. How long have the two of you been together now?

Brie: We have been together for about three and a half years now.

Suzanne: Great.

Bill: Yes, that’s right. Brie is twenty-two right now, and we met when she was eighteen.

Brie: Yes.

Bill: So, it has going on for four years.

Suzanne: Okay, and did you actually get married yet?

Bill: Well, we can’t tell you.

Suzanne: Okay.

Bill: [laughter]

Suzanne: So, it didn’t happen in the first season?

Bill: Sorry. [laughter]

Suzanne: That’s okay.

Bill: I don’t want to get in trouble here.

Suzanne: That’s fine. Feel free. Did you know that they would ask you back for a second season?

Bill: No, we didn’t know. In fact, after we watched Season One, which we enjoyed watching with our family and friends, it just went silent. It just was over, and nobody called up. Obviously, we heard that we grew up a pretty large fan base, and they were all reaching out to us. We made a lot of friends ‚ÄĒ Brie is making quite a lot of friends from the TV show ‚ÄĒ but we didn’t hear anything for weeks and months, and finally, we wrote to– we emailed the production company and said, “Hey, did Lifetime like us? Are we going to be coming back?” and they said, “Well, we hadn’t heard anything.” So, we all just sort of waited for several months, and all of a sudden, one day, the call came. Brie got the call on her phone. I got the call on my phone. The show is a success, and they wanted us back, and it made us feel very happy.

Suzanne: Great. So, how has being on the show affected your relationship?

Brie: I don’t think being in the show has affected our relationship at all. I guess, really, it made us feel things that we hadn’t even crossed over yet ‚ÄĒ we hadn’t gone past that battle. It let us take a look at ourselves and see if this is what we want.

Bill: When you say we hadn’t gotten to that battle, what are you talking about?

Brie: Prior to the show, we’d touched on marriage very seldom. It was not something that either of us pushed for, and I think, being on the show, [it was] something that we talked about a little bit more openly and frequently. Prior to the show, we were not really talking about it as much. We had touched base on the marriage topic, but it was not anything that either of us was bringing up.

Bill: Okay, that’s a good point. Right. So, it made us confront issues that we hadn’t even been thinking about just as we were dating.

Suzanne: Right. Okay. Well, that’s good.

Bill: I think, when you said the word “battle,” I was like, “What battle? What are you talking about?” We got along great before the show. We had a little bit of drama during Season One, and here we are, loving life, still together. So, we are still getting along great.

Suzanne: Well, I did see a clip of the two of you arguing about her going out all night dancing and not texting you back.

Bill: Well, that’s true, and that was a real episode. You know, Brie is forty years younger than I’m, and so she has these interests that I’m no longer interested in, like going out late night and dancing with her girl friends, or making girl friends, or going to nightclubs. When you’re sixty-one years old, you sort of burn out, and you sort of lose interest in that side of life. I’m very understanding of her needs ‚ÄĒ I used to be twenty-two once myself ‚ÄĒ and so she did go out, but she stayed out very late. If you watch the whole show, I think she didn’t come back ’till like three in the morning.

Suzanne: Right.

Brie: It was a lack of communication, honey. I forgot to text you back.

Bill: I had been texting you all night.

Suzanne: [laughter] I don’t mean to bring it up.

Bill: She is with her new girl friends, I don’t know where she is, and she is not responding to my text, and so I get pretty upset.

Suzanne: I didn’t mean to bring up a sore topic. [laughter]

Bill: [laughter]

Brie: [laughter] that’s okay.

Suzanne: Just have to let it go. Yeah, well, I have been married thirty-eight years, so I know how it’s. Couples are going to have fights, and these things sometimes come up later, and there’s always at least one person that doesn’t want to forget about, like, “Remember that time you did that thing?” [laughter]

Bill: Exactly.

Suzanne: My advice is just to let it go. I’m sorry, what?

Brie: You said you have been married thirty-seven years, what’s the secret?

Suzanne: Thirty-eight years at the end of this month, yes. I don’t know; I guess we are just very committed. I mean, obviously, we love each other ‚ÄĒ we wouldn’t be able to stand to be around each other for this long if otherwise. [laughter]

Bill: The secret is, she doesn’t go to night clubs ’till three AM.

Suzanne: Well, it’s funny. When you were talking about that, I think it depends on the person because I would love to go to nightclubs ‚ÄĒ and I’m fifty-eight ‚ÄĒ but my husband has always been a very stay-at-home type, so he doesn’t like doing that stuff so much, although if we go to Vegas or something, he will stay out a little later, but he’s not a night person, and I’m more of a night person. He would rather go to a friend’s house or stay at home or something, not go to a nightclub. So, I think it just depends on the person.

Bill: You all sound a lot like us.

Suzanne: Yeah? Well, there’s only three and a half years between us, and he’s not rich, but, uh, in some ways….

Bill: Well, that doesn’t really have a lot to do with our relationship, to be honest.

Suzanne: Well, that’s good.

Bill: We’re a very normal relationship, but I probably like to eat leftovers more than Brie does. Money doesn’t really come into daily life. It just happens to be.

Brie: Well, I think a lot of people have a misconception of how rich people act and maybe their attitudes, and personality, and I’m lucky to say that I found someone who is a regular guy and is a simple guy who knows how to hold a conversation. He knows to be respectful to his spouse, who also wants the same respect back. I think it’s much more than just if you’re rich, or if that’s his personality because he’s rich.

Suzanne: Right. Well, no, I agree with that. Go ahead.

Brie: And hopefully, that’s something we can convey on Season Two, and they can really get a feel for who he is, not only for everything that we have done on Season One as well.

Suzanne: Okay. Yeah, I will say one thing, that I come from a similar background to you, Brie, and my husband comes from– are you there? Hello?

Bill: Yeah, we are here.

Suzanne: Sorry, there’s a lot of static there. And my husband comes from a more middle class, more educated upbringing. So, thereis some more similarity there. I understand what you’re getting at, and yeah, just because somebody has more money doesn’t make them a different person, really.

Bill: Yeah, I come from a very modest background. My father is a Methodist minister, and we grew up as missionaries in Monterrey, Mexico.

Suzanne: Wow!

Bill: They were missionaries down there for thirty-five years. So, I came back to the United States after spending ten years in Mexico, as I came to SMU in Dallas, ib a preacher’s kid scholarship. I definitely have a very modest and humble beginning.

Suzanne: Wow, that’s great. Do you both speak Spanish, then?

Bill: [foreign language]

Suzanne: [laughter]

Bill: Do you know what that means?

Suzanne: I know a little bit of it.

Bill: What I said yes, we both speak Spanish. But when she gets mad at me, she always speaks in Spanish.

Suzanne: [laughter] That was like the old “I Love Lucy Show”, right? Whenever Ricky would get mad, he would swear at her in Spanish.

Bill: Yeah, exactly. Well, I don’t think Brie really watched that show.

Brie: Of course I have.

Bill: You watched “I Love Lucy?”

Brie:  (not sure what she said here)

Suzanne: Everybody has watched that “I Love Lucy,” I think.

Bill: Oh, yeah.

Suzanne: It’s on in reruns everywhere, right?

Bill: Yeah.

Suzanne: So, I would like each of you to choose one thing that you like best about the other person.

Bill: Okay.

Brie: Nice.

Bill: Do you want me to start, honey? I would say that Brie’s sweetness. She has a heart of gold. Watching her interact with her family, with her mother, with her father, with my children, won me over. She is probably the sweetest, most loving person I have ever met. Your turn, honey.

Brie: I shouldn’t have let you go first because that’s really hard to follow.

Suzanne: [laughter]

Bill: It’s true.

Brie: My favorite thing about you would be the common sense that you bring.,¬† You have this aura around you, and we could be in the middle of a tornado, and you would say, “Oh, honey, this is just a little wind. Your hair looks great.” You have this ability to calm and persuade and just put me at peace, and I watch you do that with the children, with my family members, I watch you.¬† And watching you calming my father when you first met him, it was a beautiful thing. Because my father can be a very tense man, a very quiet man. I said, you got him out of his comfort zone to giggle and laugh, and talk to you. That meant a lot. I think you do that with everybody you access, and because I’m a little bit of a ball of nerves sometimes, I really appreciate that you have that in¬† you, thankfully.

Bill: Thank you, honey.

Suzanne: Yeah, I could definitely tell that he’s more outgoing than you are.

Brie: Oh, yes, I’m definitely the introvert.

Bill: Brie is the introvert, and I’m the extrovert.

Suzanne: Right.

Bill: You have to be an extrovert in business because we are out there doing deals, and we are meeting people, and we are networking, and if you’re not an extrovert, you’re not going to get very far.

Suzanne: Right. In a way, you’re kind of a salesman, especially if you’re
doing real estate, you have to do that.

Bill: Well, I am. I am a salesman. you’re right. So, whether you’re selling real estate, or whether you’re selling yourself to your partner or your partner’s family, or you’re selling your dream, or you’re selling your idea, your wisdom, I’m sort of always selling. In fact, that’s funny, when we were filming Season One, the director had to always take me aside and say, “Hey, Bill, you can tone it down a little bit. Like, even when you’re on camera, just talking, you’re doing it forcefully, like if you’re pushing something or you’re selling something.” They said, “Just be yourself. You don’t have to always be selling something.” It was sort of actually quite a funny moment.

Suzanne: Right. Yeah, that makes sense. The two of you both have great charisma on camera.

Bill: That’s very sweet of you because I can tell you, when we watch ourselves, we don’t really see that in ourselves. I actually cringe when I watch myself personally because I think I don’t really like the way I usually come across, to be honest with you. What you don’t know about movie stars is that sometimes they don’t watch their own movies. They don’t like seeing themselves on the big screen, on the silver screen, and I thought that’s a bunch of BS. I’m sure they love watching themselves. Then, I watched myself on Season One, and I was cringing. I like watching it, but I’m also terrified at the same time. What about you, Brie?

Brie: I feel the same way. I do enjoy it because it’s a fun show, but I wish
I could just skip ourselves and get to the other couple because I see things like, “Oh, my hair,” or “I had something in my teeth,” or I made some weird hand gesture because I got too nervous, and so it definitely is cringey watching yourself. But we laugh about it, and we make jokes, and it’s fun.

Bill: Yes, it’s fun.

Suzanne: Yeah, I think everybody is their own worst critic that way.

Bill: Yes.

Brie: Yes.

Suzanne: So, Brie, what are you doing? Are you doing anything? Like, have you started a business or working in his business or anything like that?

Brie: Oh, ever since the pandemic….actually, I’d been working in a furniture showroom in the design district. Since the pandemic hit, no, we’ve been doing¬† appointments only, which is very limited. I’ve actually put a¬† pause on working for a while. The kids are out of school, and it’s so hard for them when we’re moving around a lot. I want to make sure to be here for the family. So, right now, we are just taking advantage of¬† the pandemic to get a few days off.

Suzanne: Sure, that makes sense.

Brie: No business yet, but I do enjoy working. I think it’s a very important part of someone’s life. You have to interact with other people, you have to keep your brain stimulated, and so I would love to go back to work as soon as possible.

Suzanne: Great. And were either of you a fan of reality shows before you were on the show?

Brie: Yes. Oh, “90 Day Fianc√©” was our go-to.

Bill: We are updated to “90 Day Fianc√©.” I also love to watch “The Bachelor.” We have always loved reality TV. It has been something that calms us down in the evening. With get in bed, we like to watch a good reality TV show. I like that much better than scripted TV, just because it seems like voyeurism. you’re watching real people in real situations, and like Brie said, “90 Day Fianc√©,” is just hilarious. The couples that they find and the struggles that they go through, trying to make their relationships work, so one of them can get a visa to be here in America, we find it just hilarious and captivating. Then, I love the gamesmanship of The Bachelor, having some guy, having to pick between twenty-five women and narrowing it down all the way down to two, and then proposing for one of them. I have always enjoyed watching that show. Brie, you watched that with me, but I don’t think you liked it as much as I did.

Brie: I’m not a big fan of men picking out of a big group of women and trying them all out until they find somebody they like, so that show’s not big on my radar. I’m more likely to binge-watch Judge Judy on my phone while he watches “The Bachelor.”

Suzanne: [laughter] that’s funny.

Brie: I’ll watch some “Law and Order,” but definitely, reality TV is fun to watch at night. It just gives us some quality time in bed together.

Bill: My favorite one is now “Marrying Millions,” for sure.

Suzanne: [laughter] And have you given any thought to maybe going on another reality show or becoming actors ‚ÄĒ anything like that?

Brie: No…

Bill: Not really. We would stay with this show as long as they would have us because Season One was fun, and Season Two was even better. We had so much fun of filming Season Two that if they invited us back for a Season Three, we would gladly sign up for it. But obviously, it’s too early to talk about that because we haven’t even watched Season Two on TV yet. Eventually, they will get tired of us, then we’ll be their past, but we would love to stay with this particular show as long as they would like to have us. Otherwise, we love our lives, so it’s not like we’re needy and looking for something to come our way. We really enjoy life a lot, and we’re very blessed with beautiful lives.

Suzanne: Last question. Why should fans tune in to this season of your show?

Bill: Brie, you want to take that one?

Brie: [stammers] I’ll let you get it.

Bill: Okay. Well, I’ll say why. Because, in addition to five new couples ‚ÄĒ and it’s always fun to learn who the new couples are and what’s the peculiarity in their relationships ‚ÄĒ the fact that season two has two couples coming back from the first season is really special because the fans have already gotten to know us. So, Season One ended on cliffhangers. The other couple, he got stood up when they were about to walk down the aisle. So, we were about to watch the wedding, and then all of a sudden, she called it off. So, that’s a cliffhanger for me. I can’t wait to watch Season Two just to understand and learn what happened to the other couple that had been invited back for Season Two. As far as our relationship, people are watching us going through the trials and tribulations of our age difference, the wealth gap between her family and me, the fact that I’m older than both of Brie’s parents. It’s an unusual relationship, and yet we’re trying to make it work even though I spend a lot of time listening to the wisdom of my ex-wife, Kathleen, who is very opposed to our relationship ‚ÄĒ but I want her to accept me. I want her to be happy with this decision of mine ‚ÄĒ and yet, I can’t seem to get her to sign up for this relationship, even though she thinks Brie is a nice girl. So, us bringing these struggles and these issues to Season Two, I think will be very interesting and exciting for people to watch ‚ÄĒ and that’s why they are going to want to tune in to Season Two and see what happens to me and Brie.

Suzanne: Well, great. And I do think that as your relationship progresses, if you guys get to stay married, whatever, for a while, they’ll come around ‚ÄĒ that’s what happens ‚ÄĒ so eventually, they have to accept you, right?

Bill: That’s some good wisdom from you, and I appreciate you telling us that, because we do want to keep both of our extended families united and loving us, and we don’t want to hurt anybody. We never have wanted to hurt anybody. So, where this relationship has really gone against the grain for people in both of our families, our goals have been to win people over by watching us, watching our love for each other, and realizing that this isn’t fake and it’s real and it’s meaningful and it’s deep to both of us. So, we really do want to win over family members and understand each other better. Our relationship is not perfect. As you witnessed in Season One, we got in a fight over Brie’s desire to be a twenty-two-year-old and go out and do shots and be dumb.

Brie: Hey, it wasn’t “dumb.” What did you do at 22 years old? [laughter] I don’t want to hear it.

Suzanne: [laughter]

Bill: Well, honey, I learned a long time ago not to do shots.

Brie: But it’s definitely, what he said is right because we are two completely different people that come from different paths. He’s lived a whole life before I was even born, and it’s beautiful to really understand each other, and when you come to these problems, actually being able to work it out or talk to someone that you trust, I think it’s important, and we want people to see that.

Suzanne: Well, great. And I think, too, what comes over in your relationship is that Brie, even though you’re young, you’re kind of what they call an “old soul” ‚ÄĒ you’re very mature, and you know what is what, and he’s open to that. He’s not some guy stuck in the past, so I think that’s what works.

Bill: [laughter] I agree with that. Brie is like an old soul, even though that’s a clich√©, but you know what itis? I’m still like a young man. I call myself a golden retriever. I mean well, I’m friendly, and yet I sort of bumble around and knock things over and upset people when I’m not meaning to, and so we sort of meet in the middle.

Suzanne: That’s right.

Bill: …in a very nice way.

Suzanne: I appreciate–

Tracy: I think we have got to wrap it up.

Suzanne: That’s fine. I appreciate it, and thank you guys so much.

Bill: It was great talking with you.

Suzanne: Yeah, you too.

Bill: Thanks for the interview.

Brie: Thank you.

Suzanne: Alright, good luck.

Bill: Thank you, Tracy!

Suzanne: Bye.

Bill: Okay, bye-bye.

Brie: Thanks, bye-bye.


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Catch Up Special Marrying Millions: Couples Journey So Far Debuts July 29

Facebook Live Extensions of the Premiere and Finale To Be Hosted by Glamour’s West Coast Editor, Jessica Radloff


LOS ANGELES, CA (June 29, 2020) ‚ÄstLifetime‚Äôs hit series¬†Marrying Millions¬†returns for a second season with seven couples and more relationships under the microscope than ever before, premiering¬†Wednesday, August 5, at 10 pm ET/PT.¬†¬†Five new couples¬†join the series with returning favorites¬†Bill and Brianna from Dallas and Gentille and Brian from Las Vegas.¬† From the creators of¬†90 Day Fianc√©,¬†Marrying Millions¬†follows relationships where one partner is incredibly wealthy and the other is definitively not, leading the couple to face intense scrutiny from family and friends and¬†questions about whether it‚Äôs true love‚Ķor true love of the money and lavish lifestyles.¬†While these love stories may¬†sound like modern-day fairytales, they are not without major challenges as the couples must try to bridge their vast differences and fit into each other worlds.

Marrying Millions: Couples Journey So Far premieres the week prior on Wednesday, July 29, at 10 pm ET/PT to provide a look at what’s life’s been like for Bill and Brianna and Gentille and Brian since season one.

“Marrying Millions¬†continues to expand our unique relationship content,‚Äú said Gena McCarthy, EVP Development and Programming Lifetime Unscripted. ¬†‚ÄúWe‚Äôre excited to introduce five outrageously relatable new couples as they all navigate clashes of class, culture and background in pursuit of love and the American Dream.‚ÄĚ

Following the premiere on August 5th, at 11pm ET/8pm PT, Glamour’s West Coast Editor, Jessica Radloff, will be joined LIVE for a social aftershow with some of the Marrying Millions couples to chat about the premiere on Lifetime’s Facebook Page.  The aftershow will also be available on IGTV and YouTube.  A second social LIVE aftershow is also slated for September 23, at 11pm ET/8pm PT to discuss the finale of the first half of the season.

Bill and Brianna (RETURNING COUPLE) РDallas, TX

Bill, who describes himself as 61 years young, founded and currently runs a commercial real estate company with investments in the billions.  Twice divorced, Bill met Brianna, 22, at a popular restaurant in Dallas where Brianna was a hostess and the two began dating.  Despite an almost 40-year age gap, these two couldn’t be more in love with one another.  Now that Brianna has become more accustomed to the tribulations of fitting in with Dallas high society, Bill must decide whether or not he’s finally ready to settle down and propose.

Gentille and Brian (RETURNING COUPLE) РLas Vegas, NV

Gentille is a real estate investor who buys and sells extravagant homes, and in doing so, lives an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle.  On the other hand, Brian works construction and lives at home with his parents.  Much to Brian’s dismay, Gentille called off their engagement at the altar. Brian isn’t ready to let go yet and holds out hope that the pair can get back together, but the question remains whether or not Gentille is willing to rekindle things.

Rodney and Desiry 
Washington, DC & Los Angeles, CA

Multi-millionaire Rodney and his girlfriend Desiry are head over heels for each other, despite living separately on opposite coasts. Rodney made his fortune in the wine industry, which has given him the ability to take care of Desiry, who works for a non-profit. But with Rodney living outside Washington, DC, and Desiry residing in Los Angeles, their relationship has its share of challenges, including the fact that they have kept their relationship a secret.

Dani and Donovan – McKinney, TX

After a missed connection while attending the same high school, it was fate that brought these two back together down the line. From humble beginnings and raised by a single mother, Donovan now runs a highly successful multi-million dollar real estate company where he employs his girlfriend, Dani. Now that he has found success, he enjoys spoiling his girlfriend with lavish gifts and trips around the world.  But issues simmer just below the surface, as Dani resents being a low-paid employee of Donovan.

Rick and Erica – Miami Beach, FL

Erica is a 23-year old small town girl from Springfield, Illinois, while 68-year old Rick lives aboard his yacht in Miami Beach.  The shock factor of their 45 year age gap hasn’t worn off on family and friends, including most notably Erica’s 5th degree black belt father, who doesn’t understand their relationship. Rick met Erica through social media, and after liking some of her photos, moved quickly to ask her to live with him on his yacht.

Kevin and Kattie – San Diego, CA

Kevin (30) is a self-made multi-millionaire who first met Kattie (23) when she traveled to one of Kevin’s speaking events in Mexico. Despite a net worth approaching $50M, Kevin is frugal with his money when it comes to spending on his girlfriend. This draws the ire of several of Kattie’s friends, who don’t understand why she is in a relationship with Kevin, despite her assurances that their love is pure.

Nonie and Reese – Seattle, WA

Nonie made a name for herself in the London fashion scene as a nail tech, working her way up to eventually launch several successful international beauty brands. She met her polar opposite, Reese, 17 years her junior, after swiping right on Tinder and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Nonie has a fierce work ethic which has led her to obtain properties in New York, London and Seattle. Reese, on the other hand, occasionally works as an arborist and lives at a skate house with several buddies.

Marrying Millions is produced by Sharp Entertainment for Lifetime and executive produced by Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, Jason Hollis and Kate Bernstein. Gena McCarthy and Cat Rodriguez executive produce and Juliet Barrack is supervising producer for Lifetime.

About Sharp Entertainment
SHARP Entertainment is a New York-based television production house with a record of creating and producing groundbreaking unscripted television. Founded by producer Matt Sharp in 2003, Sharp has flourished to become one of the industry’s leading production enterprises, delivering thousands of hours of programming and achieving an unmatched track record of ratings success across multiple networks.

About Lifetime

Celebrating over 35 years of entertaining audiences, Lifetime is a premier entertainment destination for women dedicated to offering the highest quality original programming spanning award-winning movies, high-quality scripted series and breakout non-fiction series.¬† Lifetime has an impressive legacy in public affairs, bringing attention to social issues that women care about with initiatives such as the long-running¬†Stop Breast Cancer for Life,¬†Stop Violence Against Women, and¬†Broader Focus, a major global initiative dedicated to supporting and hiring female directors, writers and producers, including women of color, to make its content.¬† Lifetime Television¬ģ, LMN¬ģ, Lifetime Real Women¬ģ and Lifetime Digital‚ĄĘ are part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of A+E Networks. A+E Networks is a joint venture of the Disney-ABC Television Group and Hearst Corporation.

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