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Was It Love?” on Netflix Review by Suzanne 7/9/20

This is a fun little Korean romantic comedy about a woman, Noh Ae Jung (Ji-Hyo Song) trying to be successful and provide for her daughter. Along the way, she finds that she has more suitors than she can deal with. Ji-Hyo is very funny. She really made me laugh.

Although the series is light and fun, it also addresses an important social issue in South Korea. Single moms there are treated horribly by everyone and feel great shame. I didn’t know this, myself, until I looked it up. In the show, Noh is defiant about how she’s raised her daughter, No Ha-Nee (Um Chae-Young) alone, but she’s treated rudely by some people because of it.  Thankfully, she does have her mom to help her out (even if she does sometimes smack her on the head).

In one scene, her teenage daughter gets in trouble for fighting a bully. When she arrives to the school, the parents of the bully demand to speak to the girl’s father. Apparently, they have a big problem there with gender inequality, too. When Noh speaks up to tell them that she is both mother and father to her daughter, the bully’s dad tells her that she must be stricter with her daughter, so that people won’t know that her bad behavior comes from not having a father. Ouch!

Most of the show, though, is about how Noh tries to become a film producer and keeps running into guys she knew growing up. Then she suddenly has four different men interested in her, after being single for a very long time. It’s worth checking out if you don’t mind reading subtitles!


There was no press release. This is from Netflix’s site: Was It Love? 2020TV-MA 1 Season  International TV Shows
When four very different men appear in her life, a single mother who hasn’t dated in years begins to rediscover love — and herself.
Starring:Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho
Creators:Kim Do-hyung, Lee Seung-jin

This is from Wikipedia: Was It Love? (Korean: 우리, 사랑했을까; RR: Uri, Saranghaesseulkka; lit. We, Were in Love) is a South Korean television series starring Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Kim Min-joon, Koo Ja-sung and Kim Da-som. It premiered on JTBC on July 8, 2020 and is available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo) is a single mother with a strong survival instinct who has been single for 14 years. All of a sudden, four men who appeal to her in different ways appear in her life. Oh Dae-oh (Son Ho-jun) is a bad but attractive man, Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho) is pathetic but handsome and rich, Goo Pa-do (Kim Min-joon) is scary and sexy, and Oh Yeon-woo (Koo Ja-sung) is a flirty younger man.

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Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo) and her friend in "Was It Love?"

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