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Amar Y Vivir” on Netflix Review by Suzanne 7/9/20

This is an entertaining telenovela from Colombia. It follows two main families: the Hererra family, who lives out on a farm; and the Romero family, that lives in the city (Bogot√°). It is in Spanish, so you’ll have to read the subtitles if you’re not fluent. It’s worth it, though.¬† Netflix translates the title to “All For Love,” but it actually translates to “Love and Live.”¬† They even sing a song about it.

The incredibly handsome soldier, Joaqu√≠n, comes home from military service to help his mother, and sister Alba, on their farm. He’s not too happy to learn that their powerful neighbors have been taking part of their land and harassing his family. Their neighbors (the villains of the show) burn down their house, kill his mother, and kidnap his sister. He frees his sister, but the villains beat him up and throw him into the river to drown. He survives but learns that his sister was put on a bus to the city by helpful neighbors.

The Romero family’s daughter, Irene, wants to be a famous singer. Her family owns a fruit stall in a market. Her friend takes videos of Irene singing and posts them to YouTube. Irene is also concerned because her father (who also plays in her backup band) is an alcoholic and gets involved with the local mob (he owes them money).

Joaqu√≠n and Irene meet in a coffee shop when Joaquin goes to Bogot√°, looking for his sister, Alba. He doesn’t know that she’s become a stripper/prostitute. The love story of Joaqu√≠n and Irene is the big romance of the show.

If you like good drama, with some action, music and romance, you should watch this.


A penniless country boy goes in search of his runaway sister in Bogot√°, where he falls for an aspiring singer, but gets tangled up in organized crime.
Starring:Ana Mar√≠a Estupi√Ī√°n, Carlos Torres, Yuri Vargas Creators:Nubia Barreto

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