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Trackers” on Cinemax Review by Suzanne 7/8/20

This is an action drama with too many characters. I had trouble following it… a little bit. There are three main groups of people. The PBI (Presidential Bureau of Investigation) is trying to find out all they can about some terrorists that are planning something. Their main hero is Quinn (Thapelo Mokoena), who likes to ignore his superior’s orders. Meanwhile, they’re told that they’re going to be disbanded soon. A former PBI detective, Lemmer (James Gracie), who doesn’t say much, takes a job helping someone, in a shady deal. A woman gets a job at what looks like a magazine but it’s secretly some kind of spy place. I’m guessing that they’ll all intersect at some point. I think Lemmer and Quinn are probably the real main stars of the show, but it’s hard to say at first.

What’s confusing to me is that sometimes they speak in English, and sometimes in Afrikaans, and sometimes in other languages. The closed-captioning sometimes just says “speaking Arabic” and that covers up the subtitles that tell me what they’re saying. That’s highly annoying. That’s the fault of Cinemax, though, not the show itself.  Also, the name “trackers” doesn’t make much sense as a title.

If you like action shows, this has a lot of action. It reminds me a little of “24.”


Drama Series TRACKERS Debuts June 5, Exclusively on CINEMAX

An adaptation of internationally acclaimed author Deon Meyer’s crime novel, the six-episode drama series TRACKERS, shot entirely in South Africa and debuting FRIDAY, JUNE 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), deftly interweaves three story strands into a sophisticated action-packed thriller that covers the length and breadth of the country, explosively colliding in Cape Town in a violent conspiracy involving organized crime, smuggled diamonds, state security, black rhinos, the CIA and an international terrorist plot.

TRACKERS stars James Gracie (“Siberia,” “The Gamechangers”), Rolanda Marais (“Lied van die Lappop”), Ed Stoppard (“Knightfall,” “The Pianist”), Sandi Schultz (“NYPD Blue,” “City of Angels”), Brendon Daniels (“Arendsvlei,” “Lockdown”), Trix Vivier (“Sterlopers,” “Waterfront”), Thapelo Mokoena (“Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”), and Sisanda Henna (“Tsha Tsha,” “This Life”).

All six episodes are directed by Jyri Kähönen (“Bordertown”) and shot by cinematographer Ivan Strasburg (“13 Reasons Why,” HBO’s “Generation Kill,” “Treme”).

Executive producers, Cobus van den Berg, Tim Theron, Jonathan Drake, Robert Thorogood, Deon Meyer; executive creative producer, Steve Maher; series producer, Rebecca Fuller-Campbell; directed by Jyri Kähönen; cinematography by Ivan Strasburg;  adapted for television by Robert Thorogood from the novel by Deon Meyer; a Cinemax presentation of a Three River Fiction and Scene23 co-production in association with M-Net and ZDF.

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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