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“Blood Sugar  Rising” Review by Suzanne 5/20/20

This was very interesting and informative. I think everyone who is pre-diabetic or loves someone with diabetes should watch it. For those of us who already have diabetes, we probably know most of the information already. Still, I did learn some things. I didn’t know that you could be thin and young, and still get diabetes. I knew diabetes was an epidemic in this country, but I didn’t realize how bad the numbers are. I didn’t know that 10% of us have it. That’s very sad and disturbing.

Until the federal and state governments really work together on this, nothing is going to change. There needs to be free diabetes medicine and supplies for everyone. There needs to be much more nutrition information in the schools, especially with regards to sugar. Schools should not have soda and candy machines on campus; nor should the cafeterias be selling junk food. Schools should have plenty of money, too, for making nutritious food for their students. They also need to bring back home economics for all students and really teach them about growing, cooking and eating healthy food. Since most parents today don’t know how to cook or eat in a healthy manner — the schools need to fill in those gaps. Also, the schools could have programs for the parents to learn about these things as well.

Anyway, it was a good program, although hard to watch in some ways. There is also a very good short film with it, all about diabetes in Native American reservations and in Hawaii. I found this particularly interesting, since I used to live in Hawaii.


Blood Sugar Rising

Diabetes is hidden epidemic that affects over 100 million people in the US, costing close to $350 billion each year. It’s now predicted that one in three children born in this century will likely develop the disease.

Blood Sugar Rising puts human faces to these statistics, presenting intimate stories of Americans living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and personal voices from the battle against the disease. Their struggles and successes showcase the dramatic impact of this national public health crisis. The two-hour special also reveals new hopes for diabetes management and prevention–from the rise of new medical treatments to exciting discoveries about lifestyle and environmental factors–and asks a provocative question: Why isn’t there a war on diabetes?

Street Date: Available now
Run Time: 120 min.
SRP: $24.99
Format: DVD, Digital
Genre: Health: Medicine/ Nutrition

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