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Welcome, new volunteer/contributor for the TV MegaSite!  This probably seems like a lot to read, but it gives you a lot of information and shows how I feel about the site and you.  So please read it, and share any thoughts and concerns you have! Thanks!

HISTORY — Misc. Facts

The TV MegaSite used to be part of my personal site at The site got too big and used too much bandwidth (got too popular), so my ISP at the time asked me to cut it down.  Instead, I took the TV part and made it a separate site.  I joined with Amanda D., who had a great Y&R site, and we built up the site to include all of the daytime TV shows and much more.  Eventually we looked for volunteers and added daily summaries and transcripts for the soaps and many links for all the shows.

We also have a few other sites that are not directly under the that domain (you can find them on our old Site Map).

We had to move the site many times in order to find a good home for it.  Because of how large the site is, and how many hits we get now, it is hard to find a cheap or free place to host it.  We finally have found a good host that we can afford and that has worked out very well for us.

Back when the’s were making lots of money, I thought perhaps that we could get some advertising for our site and make some money, at least enough to pay the volunteers.  Unfortunately, by the time we got enough hits on the site to make it worth it for advertisers, the’s were going downhill and Web advertising dollars were virtually gone.  Add to that the fact that none of us really knows anything about advertising and marketing, particularly on the internet, and things just didn’t go well in that regard.  We made a few bucks off affiliate programs, but for most years what I got barely paid for the Christmas presents and cards that I buy for the volunteers every year.  So we know this has to be a labor of love! 🙂  What we get now in advertising pays for most hosting costs and other expenses. Anything left goes toward volunteers’ holiday gifts.

Because of the nature of volunteerism, we have a rather high turnover of volunteers.  Fortunately, there always seem to be more that come in and take up the slack for the ones who leave.  We get new volunteers all of the time. Occasionally I post for new help on other people’s forums and boards, but I don’t have too much time to do that.

Our volunteers are listed on the credits page as well as on other places in our site.  We have volunteers of all ages, races, backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, and nationalities.

Although this site is a “fan site”, it is a business as well. It is a corporation, mostly for tax and legal reasons. There is no budget and no one draws a salary.


Besides whatever work you have volunteered to do, we would really like you to go to our volunteers forum at least once a month to read the posts in the “Announcements/Reminders” topic. It’s at It is by invitation only, so if you have not received an invitation from me in a week from now, please email to remind me.  This is for our volunteers only and not anyone else. I used to send announcements  (about important things to do with the site) out in email, but this is easier and doesn’t rely on my having to make sure everyone’s email is working. is free; they just require you to register (if they ask personal info you don’t like, put in fake info).  This is not optional!  If you post on the forum and introduce yourself, and chat with others about the site, that’s great!!  But that part’s not required.  It really doesn’t take any more time to do this every month than reading an email from me.

Besides our credits pages, we have bio pages for the volunteers, with their pictures.  We need you to send us your bio and a picture to put up as soon as possible.  Your bio is just a paragraph or two about yourself; you can talk about your personal life, your hobbies, your favorite TV shows, etc.  It’s up to you.  You can click on the link to read other people’s bios, to get an idea of what to write.  We can work with you to help you get a picture, if you don’t already have one.

If you want a business card for the site with your name and other info, let me know..  We get them from dcp-print.comHere is an example of what the current card looks like.  At the current time, we do not pay for cards for  volunteers. Note that any volunteer who will be attending an event where they can take photos of celebrities will get cards or letters if they need them to obtain press access. The cards cost about $50. They cost more if you want it glossy, rounded corners etc.

We mostly use WordPress now for our site, so it’s helpful if you can learn that.  Our older site uses Microsoft Frontpage or Expression web.  These are much harder programs to use. You’re not required to learn WordPress; it depends on what you’re doing for our site.

If you find you want to change jobs or add more responsibilities, let me know!  I am not always good at remembering what everyone can do.  And you can always send me a message on Facebook, or even phone me if you prefer.

We always can use more content, so if you get an idea for an article, a list, a puzzle or game, or anything, please let me know!  We can always use more people to help with soaps updates, scoops, rumors, and predictions, too.

I urge you to look around the site and really get to know both and TVMEG.COM. The sites are really huge and have tons of content.

I am always open to new ideas and designs!  I may not always be able to implement them or do them right away, but I appreciate anyone’s opinion, expertise, and viewpoint.

If you are going to be using Frontpage for the site, please configure your version so that it is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape, versions 4.0 and above. (If you don’t know how to do that, ask me and I will send you details)  This site should be completely visible in both of those browsers.

All of our volunteers fill out the questionnaire on this page.  It is just so that I can keep track of everyone and only I see the answers.  Feel free to leave out anything you feel is too personal.  I need to know your name and email address, at least.  If you want to get a present during the winter holidays, we generally need your mailing address.

If you are going to be a soap update (summary) writer, please read this; it’s what I usually tell our new writers:  We like detailed summaries, not just short recaps.  Don’t ever worry that you are writing too much because that’s usually not a problem.  People come here to find out what happened on their soaps, not just the bare essentials.  You can find good examples and other info on this page. You will be putting them up through a form on the Web. As soon  as you let me know you are going to do this, then we will give you the details about that…  They need to be in as soon as possible after the show airs. The sooner the better because the earlier they get in, the more people who will come to our page to read them. The very latest we will accept is midnight central time. We are not strict if you have an emergency or can’t do them, but we do ask that you let us know if you can’t do them or if it will be later than that.


First let me say I am VERY GRATEFUL that you chose to work for our site and to donate your time and effort.  This site would be nothing without the volunteers and the visitors.

I consider this site not only “my site” but “our site”.  Sure, I pay to host it, I built much of it, and it is “my baby” 🙂 But I could not run it without the help of all the people.  It is just too big now.  I place the site and how I think it should be run over anyone or just about anything else.  What’s most important to me is “what’s good for the site”, and that means more than my own ego or gratification, or yours.

Brenda is our Editor-in-Chief; she is the person that you can ask questions or send things to if you’re having problems posting.  Please make sure that her  and my email addresses are in your address book, so you can receive her messages.  Make sure to always reply to her or my emails so we know you are reading them and not ignoring us! You can email me for her address.

The internet is a difficult place for communication. I cannot see you or meet you in any real way.  I don’t know what you look like, who you are, what your life experiences are, or in many cases, why you choose to work for my/our site.  You don’t know any of that about me, either.  That is both a good and bad thing.  When we communicate, it must be through email or IM, neither of which is great for real communication.  Sometimes people misunderstand things or say things the wrong way, and that can lead to problems.

Please know that I always say what I mean, but that doesn’t mean that you always will know what I mean. 🙂  Try to take what I say at face value and not get offended.  I will do the same to you.  I usually assume that people say what they mean and that they are nice, pleasant people, and I’m not disappointed too often.  I prefer that if you have a problem/question/concern that you ask me directly and we can work it out.  If I have said something to offend you or put you off in some way, chances are I didn’t know it and I wasn’t trying to do that.  You need to tell me, if you think it is that important, and especially if it means you want to stop being a volunteer or you are somehow disgruntled.  I’m not like your real boss; I won’t fire you (well, hardly ever) because I really really need you and I can’t afford to pay you or anyone else like you!  I won’t ever yell at you, curse you, call you names, or get upset with you for quitting or making mistakes.

Please think of me as the director of the site, rather than the boss, but I do have to give instructions on how things should be done.  When I make suggestions or tell you that I think something needs to be changed, it is because I have a certain standard for the site and what I want it to be like, and I want your work to fit into that.  If you don’t like what I’m saying, you are very free to let me know that and then we can take it from there.  I just ask you that you try not to get upset or angry, or take it personally, and that you be upfront with me.

I know that a volunteer worker is not the same as a paid worker. You don’t have the same expectations, and neither do I.  I can’t ask you to donate more time than you are able/willing to give.  However, I do expect you to take it seriously.  That is, if you commit to doing something, in a certain way, in a certain time, I expect you to follow through on that commitment.  I know that life can interfere with these things, and that’s fine for the occasional mishap when your computer needs repair, you have a family emergency, you have to take on a second job, etc.  Please let me know that, though; I’m not psychic.  In other words, I need to be able to depend on you and you need to be reliable, as much as possible.  Mostly I need you to communicate with me, especially if you can’t do the job you promised to do.

For instance, if you are a soap opera summary writer, I expect you to upload the summaries in a timely fashion (as early as you can, and no later than midnight) and to let me know if you can’t do it, or if it has to be late.  If you are constantly unreliable, or late, I may be looking for someone to replace you. More importantly, you are hurting the site and not living up to your word.

If you agree to keep something updated on my site, and you don’t do that, I need to know why.  And if you change your mind about volunteering and decide to quit, please let me know.    Otherwise, I have to sit around, wondering whether I will hear back from you and whether you will email me, and keep emailing you until I give up.  Believe me, a lot of people do this to me, and though I’m used to it now, I still think it’s rude…I would never do that to you!

If you are writing something for the site, I expect you to run spellcheck on your contribution first, and then proofread it for typos, punctuation errors, grammar, and any spelling problems that spellcheck may have missed. Again, I understand that no one is perfect, and if you have a problem with spelling (or whatever) or you can’t use spellcheck, please let me know and we can work something out.  We don’t have proofreaders any more, so it’s best if you do your own proofreading.

Any content given to or written for this site is the property of the site.  That is, if you write an article, poem, fanfic, etc. for The TV MegaSite, or any part of The TV MegaSite, it stays part of The TV MegaSite, whether you still continue to work for The TV MegaSite or not. This is also true of TVMEG.COM

Most of the volunteers on this site have been great and do wonderful work, thank goodness!  Occasionally we get some prima donnas who don’t like to be given instruction or who think that they know the best way to run a website.  That type of attitude is not useful or constructive.

So, please, feel free to share with me any concerns, problems, etc. but please don’t get overly upset or quit without telling me.  NO website is more important than our real lives or our human interaction. We just ask for simple courtesy from you.

I try to thank everyone who contributes work to the site and I try to always let you know how valued you are.  But just like you, sometimes real life interferes with what I do, too, and so I may not always tell you how much I value your work.  I’m very busy, as I know you probably are, too.  There are many helpful people who have contributed to the site and I value every person who has worked on it.

And if you ever need to get a job recommendation from me, just ask, and feel free to put us on your resume.  This is a job, whether you get paid for it or not. I hope it’s fun, too!

Please go back right now and fill out the questionnaire mentioned above, and also write the bio and send it to us, along with your pic!

Page Updated 10/18/23

Welcome to our team!


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Easy/Quick Volunteer Jobs!

Here are some easy or quick jobs you can do for our site!

We have about 25 part-time volunteers, and we are ALWAYS looking for more! This is an excellent resume-builder if you are unemployed, a student, stay-at-home mom, recovering from an illness, etc.

Please note that we have NO income for this site, so we can’t afford to pay anyone. We have ads that pay for the site’s hosting and other expenses. We do usually give out small gift certificates at the holidays…

Here are things that need doing for our site that won’t take up much time and you don’t have to do it more than once!

1. FIND LINKS FOR NEW SECTIONS – we need more links for our newer pages. Go to Google, type in “30 Rock” and find links to other 30 Rock sites. Send me the name of the site, and the URL or web address, like this: Official NBC Site Go through about 10 pages of Google to find as many as you can. When you are done, send me the list of links you’ve found. You can also look for cast-related links. Go back to Google and type in the actor names like “Alec Baldwin” and look for sites about him. You can go to our 30 Rock cast list to find the actors’ names. We need links for our other pages, too, for Bones, Burn Notice, Castle, Dexter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Eureka, Glee, Hollywood Heights, American Idol, Leverage, Mad Men, Medium, Veronica Mars, The Mentalist, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles,  Stargate Universe, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, plus many more that we will be building pages for soon. Just finding links for ONE of these shows shouldn’t take more than an hour or so, depending on your net connection… Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

2. CHECK EXISTING LINKS – We have many links pages for all the shows, networks, other TV sites, etc. and so we really need people to click on each linkand let us know if the site is still there or not. That’s it – so easy!  Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

3. FIND MORE LINKS – We also need to find more links for the shows that already have them. New sites crop up all the time! You can do this in Google but also go to places like Facebook and Yahoo to search.  Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

4. FIND PHOTOS – We need photos posted on our Pinterest site regularly, and we also need to find photos to build our new sites for shows like Once Upon a Time. It’s easy, you just go to Google Images and type the show’s name, save the picture you like and email it to us.  Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

5. WRITING ARTICLES – Do you love or hate a show, and want to tell us why? Send us your opinion and we will post it as an article! It should be 3-5 paragraphs long, at least, though.  Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful! Or if you have only a short one then post it on our Facebook Group or one of our many forums.

6. GATHER NEWS OR SPOILERS – Look around the net and find news and spoilers about the various primetime TV shows we cover. We always need more info! Make sure it’s for current and upcoming shows.  Send it in any time.  Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

7. WRITE A REVIEW – If you just bought a new TV show DVD, write up a review and send it to us. Watching one of the new primetime shows? Same thing. We always need reviews. Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

8.  FAVORITE QUOTES – If you watch and like a show that we cover, and especially if you have it on DVD, just send a list of the funny bits of dialogue from the show. It doesn’t matter if you only have one season on DVD! Email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful!

9. MAKING PUZZLES, ETC. – We always need episode guide recaps poems, puzzles, top ten lists, fan fiction, predictions/rumors, cast list info and more so please email us if you want to help out with this! We will be MOST grateful! You can just do it once, see if you want to do more – it’s up to you!

Please check out the main Volunteer Jobs Page as there are many more volunteer jobs.

Contact us if you are interested!   Only dependable people who are serious about helping us  should bother contacting us.

Volunteer Jobs!

We always need lots of help!

NOTE: All written content submitted to our site should be ORIGINAL (nothing that is already on another page). You can use other sites for research or information, though (credited).

We have about 25 part-time volunteers, and we are ALWAYS looking for more! This is an excellent resume-builder if you are unemployed, a student, stay-at-home mom, disabled, etc.

Please note that we have NO income for this site, so we can’t afford to pay anyone. We have ads that pay for the site’s hosting and other expenses. We do usually give out Amazon gift certificates at the holidays…

No experience or particular skills are necessary for many of these jobs! We just need people with some extra time who are willing to help!!! Below is the help we need, but we are open to other content suggestions!

Why volunteer? Follow the link to learn about the benefits of volunteering in general.

Even though there is no pay for these jobs, we expect you to act professionally and take your responsibilities seriously like the rest of us do.

New Volunteers, please read our Volunteers Page!

For reference purposes, you can see a list of all of the shows we cover in depth.

We have these positions below available; click on the link to see the details of each job. Please ask if you have any questions, and any suggestions about jobs not listed here are welcome!

Just want to do something one time for our site, or try something easy? Check out our list of Quick, easy or one-time jobs!

Here are the jobs we are MOST in need of right now!

See more detailed descriptions and info below

  • Short Recap Writers for Bold and Beautiful , General Hospital and/or Young and the Restless
  • Update writer for Bold and Beautiful, Young and The Restless and/or General Hospital (updates are detailed recaps)
  • Best Lines chooser for Bold and Beautiful and/or General Hospital
  • Soap Opera Digest summarizer (Saturdays or Sundays)
  • Days and GH Transcript Proofreaders (very involved-requires you watching the show a few times)
  • News Manager (posting press releases and other news to our site regularly at TVMEG.NEWS
  • Primetime schedule builder (daily/weekly – helping to build our weekly primetime schedule by editing and posting)
  • Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives or Young and The Restless transcript proofreader (a lot easier)
  • Fill-in Writer for all Daytime Soap Short Recaps and Updates
  • Editor to transfer content to WordPress (fairly easy and at your own time)
  • Days of Our Lives article writer

(Here is a list of suggested content you can contribute as well…)

  1. Daily Soap Summary Writers
  2. Soap Opera Digest summarizer
  3. Transcribers
  4. Content Managers
  5. FrontPage Editors
  6. Newsletter Editor
  7. Link Checkers/Finders
  8. Expert Proofreaders
  9. Transcript Proofreaders
  10. Writers – both daytime and primetime needed!
    1. Character Descriptions
    2. Trivia Quizzes
    3. Top Ten Lists
    4. Fan Fiction
    5. Articles/Essays
    6. Puzzles
    7. Poetry/Haiku
    8. Predictions/Rumors
    9. Best Lines or Quotes
    10. Episode Guides
    11. Primetime Reviews
    12. Interviews
    13. TV Blog
  11. Appearances finder
  12. Graphics–Slideshow Maker
  13. Promoter
  14. Search Engine Promoter
  15. Forum Managers
  16. Daytime Manager
  17. Primetime Manager
  18. News Manager
  19. Volunteer Manager
  20. Screen Capture Maker
  21. Primetime Schedule Builder

Daily summary writers for the daytime soaps.  We often need someone new for these as people come and go quite often.  Right now we need these volunteers below.

You must be a pretty good writer (good with grammar, punctuation, and with writing clearly) and able to put detail into your updates.

We just lost our GH and B&B update and recaps writer, so we need someone to take on the job for either. Even if you can do just one day per week, it would be a big help!

We need  backup writers for most of our other daytime summaries (people to fill in when our volunteers can’t do it).   These still have to be written well, with details, but they don’t have to be on time.

We may also sometimes need some writers for short recaps. These are just 1-2 short paragraphs that describe the main points of what happened (no details needed).

    This requires someone who watches the show to write summaries for the days they choose.  They will be put up at a page like this.  Some good examples of the kind of summaries we need, and instructions on how to write them, are at this page.  We like them fairly detailed.  

NOTE: This list changes often because our volunteers come and go often.  WE ARE VERY PARTICULAR about the type of writing we need so please make sure to follow the instructions!  However, we are willing to work with ANYONE on improving writing skills or getting it just right to suit our needs.

Soap Opera Digest Summarizer
Weekly-we need someone who can summarize the news and spoilers parts of the magazine weekly. We would supply you with a link to our Zinio account so you can view the magazine to use it. It should be done no later than Sunday night. It’s usually available Fridays on their site.

This is not difficult to do at all as long as you’re not a bad writer. It might take a few hours if you’re a slow reader/writer. It gets faster, the longer you do it.

We need some interview transcribers for when we have one-on-one phone interviews with actors.Even if you can transcribe only one thing occasionally, it would be helpful!

We might also have some older daytime soaps that you can transcribe for us (mostly online, or we can send you some on DVD).

These have to be very exact. You can’t leave parts out. It would be difficult to do if you don’t have a lot of patience or don’t know proper punctuation. You have to be able to watch the show while you type, and pause the show when necessary.

NOTE: We need some people to help us specifically with our “General Hospital” weekday transcripts. We have a device that grabs the closed-captioning from the shows, but ABC has changed the way they the CC, and now we have to put in all of the characters’ names and separate each line of dialogue. It’s not quite proofreading and not quite transcribing. It requires that you watch the show while you fix it up, so you can see who’s saying what. You also have to edit out any commercial bits and put in line dividers between each scene as well as fix any other mistakes you see. Even if you can only do ONE day a week, it would be a big help!

We also have some transcripts for primetime shows like “Smallville” that are not finished; just like the GH transcripts above, you need to put in the names and listen to the dialogue from the show and fix it up on the transcript. These need to be exact. You have to have good knowledge of English grammar and punctuation as well as have a good ear and attention to detail. We may also have transcripts some for other shows like “Gotham” and “The Flash” that also need the same type of editing.

Managers of each section of our site
This requires that you have a good knowledge of TV or of a particular show we cover.  For instance, you have to be a fan of The Bold & The Beautiful to manage the B&B section.  You have to be a fan of Star Trek to manage the Star Trek section.  Or you have to have a good knowledge of most of the soaps to manage the daytime section. And so on…It would help if you know MS Frontpage (FP) or Expression Web (EW) or are willing to learn it.  Your duties would include finding more volunteers to make content, making content yourself, helping to publicize your section, making sure your section’s pages match up, putting up ads or other changes, etc.  We especially need people to run each of our soap sections and our sections for current shows like Arrow, The Flash, Big Bang Theory, Law & Order, Gotham, Grey’s Anatomy, South Park, and others.  Please see this list for all shows we cover.  We have managers already for Days of Our Lives. We also need someone to run our sites for soap actors Cady McClain, Hunt Block, Tamara Braun, Maurice Benard, Agim Kaba and more.

Editors to edit the site using the software Microsoft Frontpage or Expression Web.
We only will take someone who we can trust and who has a lot of experience in FrontPage or Expression Web.  We need people to help us update the old site and move sections over here to WordPress. We can help you learn FrontPage or Expression Web, so email us! Requirements: knowledge or interest in learning Frontpage or Expression Web, owning the software, and an aptitude in using software. Right now we mostly need people who don’t mind fixing problems or maintain sections of the site, which could involve writing or finding information.

 We really need some people for this, to help us putting new content on pages, putting the existing older pages in the newer design, and building new pages. This is top priority for our site!

WordPress Editor
WordPress knowledge required, for transferring content from our old site to our new site.

We’re moving content to our new site at Content must be updated and tranferred one page at a time.

Newsletter Editor
We have newsletters for scoops/spoilers for each of the soap operas, so the editor gathers the info from select web sites and puts it together. This must be done either Sunday night or early Monday. We need someone to do our weekly GH, and/or CBS spoilers newsletters.  We also have a monthly newsletter for SciFi TV and one for jokes.  No special skills needed, but you have to be reliable and able to copy/paste text.

Volunteers to find new links for all/any daytime and primetime shows and check existing ones
We have tons of links pages for many shows.  Web pages come and go very quickly so we need to get rid of any dead links and surf the net looking for new sites. It’s not hard and again, we can teach you how to do this if you’re not sure how.  We need LOTS of people for this! Requirements: internet connection to the web and ability to follow directions.  Knowledge of shows helps! VERY EASY JOB!!!

Proofreaders to proofread parts of the site for us and soap opera summaries
You must be an excellent proofreader and have a great knowledge of grammar and spelling.  It helps if you know Frontpage or HTML but it’s not required.  We require that you take and pass a proofreading test that we supply. We also need proofreaders for our primetime episode guides and some fan fiction.

Proofreaders to proofread soap opera transcripts
For Bold & Beautiful, Days of Our Lives  and Young & The Restless–You should be able to run the spell-check, read through to catch mistakes, and insert horizontal lines between the scenes.  Very easy.

For General Hospital–We need someone who can watch the show while they read the transcript; put in the characters’ names and separate each line of dialogue as well as the above.

Writers to generally add more content to our TV show pages (either daytime or primetime) ; here is a list of our shows
We have made a good start but we need to add a lot of content to all of our television show pages.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Some more specific ideas are below.    Requirements: knowledge of a particular daytime or primetime TV show or of shows in general.  If you have one show you really like, you can be in charge of that whole section!  Especially if you know WordPress, Frontpage or HTML.

Writers of Character Descriptions;
These are a description of what the character’s personality is like.  Are they a good guy or a bad guy?  What are their habits, who are they related to, who are their friends, and some personal history.  Example here, but it doesn’t have to be that long.  We currently have someone writing them for Days and Passions, but all others are available.

Writers to make trivia quizzes about each show (either daytime or primetime) ;
These are like multiple choice questions; you send in 5-10 questions, with multiple answers, and also the answer key to tell which is the right answer.  It can be about the current storyline, past storylines, the characters, the actors, anything.  Example here

Writers to write top ten lists for all/any daytime and primetime shows
This would be writing funny top ten lists (a la David Letterman) about any given TV show.  Here are some examples for Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Passions.  We are NOT picky about the writing or humor!!!  We will take them for ANY show that we already have a page for (either daytime or primetime) and will consider them for other shows that we don’t have yet.  Requirements: knowledge of a particular primetime or daytime TV show or of shows in general.

Writers to write fan fiction for all/any daytime and primetime shows
Here are some examples on our site of fan fiction for One Life to Live and Y&RWe are not particular about writing style, length, subject matter (as long as it’s about a TV show…racy is okay, but no porn), which show, or how often you send in a segment.  The only requirement is that it be about a TV show and that it be finished at some point.  It should also be original and be written well, in story format (not all dialogue).  Requirements: knowledge of a particular primetime or daytime TV show or of shows in general, writing skills.

Writers to write opinion articles or reviews (prefer funny but not necessary) for daytime and primetime shows, as well as new DVDs.
We need essays/observations/columns/articles about TV and/or TV shows.  They can be funny, obnoxious, or anything you like.  We are not particular.  Here is an example of some General Hospital and Days of Our Lives essays on our site.  Requirements: knowledge of a particular primetime or daytime TV show or of shows in general; writing skills.

Writers to make puzzles for all/any daytime and primetime shows or general TV/soap ones
We will take any kind of puzzles, word games, etc. that use TV or TV shows as the theme.  It’s VERY easy to make puzzles; we will show you how if you are interested.  You can download a free computer program to do most of the work or there are some sites where they can make them for you.  All you have to do is come up with the clues and answers, which should be easy if you are knowledgeable about any TV show.   Requirements: knowledge of a particular primetime or daytime TV show or of shows in general.  Access to a PC.

Writers to write poetry or haiku about shows
We have some for OLTL, AMC, PC, and Passions, but it would be good to get more for ANY show. It’s easy and fun!  Example here

Writers to help contribute to our Predictions and Rumors section for each show
This requires someone who watches the show and would like to tell us what they think will happen on the show or pass on any rumors they might hear about in mailing lists/groups/forums.  Example here

Someone to find celebrity appearances
Requirements: Just time to find appearances on the net, copy them and send them in regularly. In-person appearances at book-signings, conventions, etc. as well as in movies, other TV shows or on talk shows.  We know where they are and can tell you where to look. It’s not hard.

Fans to choose “Best Lines” or “Best Quotes”
Requirement: watch the show every day or week and pick out the best lines of dialogue and send them to us.  For the soaps, we have daily transcripts so you can use those as references. Example here We currently need them for General Hospital and many primetime shows.

Episode Guide Writers for primetime shows We currently need them especially for “South Park”,  and our newer sections for “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Flash”, and more.  If you want to write them for other shows, we might accept those as well.  Please see our list of primetime shows to see what we cover.
Requirement: Watch every episode of the show live or on tape/DVD and write summaries of what happened on the shows.  They can be either detailed or short, as long as they are descriptive enough so that you can tell one episode from another.    If you are proven to be reliable, we could rent or buy you the DVDs when needed.

Primetime Show and DVD review writer We need someone who watches new TV shows or new TV DVD’s to write short reviews for our site. We can send you new DVD’s to review for us and you can keep them when you’re done!

TV Blog Writer We have a TV Blog that we never have time to write in. It needs someone to write in it weekly/regularly about what’s going on in TV, your opinions or other things about TV. Basically, you can write anything you want, as long as it’s about TV (and not just all about the same show over and over).  Plus we might ask you to also put in photos and references to some of our pages on our site, for promotional purposes.

Graphics Person to make slideshows using RealSlideshow or other programs.
We would like slideshows for all of our shows. We have some right now for General Hospital, One Life to Live, and Smallville. These are animations or videos with music.

Promoter to advertise our site on the web, in newsgroups, etc.
Right now we need someone to post on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook regularly. This would require that you know how to post on those sites as well as simple graphics creation.

We also need someone to post on message boards and newsgroups for more help.  Requirements: This does not require any special knowledge or skill; we will tell you where and what to post.

Later we will need someone to post on all those places to let people know about our great site.  We currently do this ourselves.

Forum Managers

We need a co-manager for our Primetime Forum Manager to help run our forum at TVMEG.NEWS.  You would need to post news and press releases as well as promote the forum around the net and get conversations going.  You would also need to read what anyone else posts to make sure there is no spam or fights.

We also need a manager for our ABC Soaps Forum at Same basic description as above except it’s only about General Hospital, All My Children and One Life to Live, not the rest of TV. (Mostly it’s about GH since the others have been canceled)

We also need a manager for our CBS Soaps Forum Same basic description as above except it’s only about The Bold & The Beautiful and The Young & The Restless (knowledge of past CBS soaps is helpful, too, but not required).

Daytime Manager
This person would be in charge of our entire daytime section, posting info when it is sent to him/her from other volunteers, finding news and spoilers to keep current pages updated, etc. Requirements: Knowledge of WordPress/Microsoft Frontpage or Expression Web, and at least a few free hours per week. Ability to follow instructions and fairly good writing skills.

Primetime Manager
This person would be in charge of our entire primetime section, posting info when it is sent to him/her from other volunteers, finding news and spoilers to keep current pages updated, etc.  Requirements: Knowledge of WordPress/Microsoft FrontPage or Expression Web, and at least a few free hours per week.  Ability to follow instructions and fairly good writing skills.

News Manager
We need someone to post some news items sent to us by various networks and their publicists, such as USA Network, Discovery, History, MTV, HBO, TVLand, FOX etc. The items are posted on our news page and some of our other news and spoilers pages. WordPress and/or FrontPage/Expression Web knowledge required.

Volunteer Manager
We need a new person to do some administrative chores to help us keep more organized about our volunteers.  We have 25-50 volunteers at any given time, and people come and go often, so we need someone to help keep track of people in our spread sheet.  We also need this person to keep track of the work people do, remind them to do the work and to go to our Volunteer Forum, add to and remove them from the forum, send them Birthday e-cards, etc.  Requirements:  Ownership of and Knowledge of Excel is helpful.  You must be a detailed, organized person with fairly good social skills online, since you will be contacting our volunteers via email quite often.

Volunteer to make pictures for our site (screen captures)
We need some more pictures for our site all of the time.   We do not want someone else’s pictures (unless they are your own that you took at a fan encounter or from the set of a show) or pictures scanned in from magazines because they are copyrighted.  You can make the caps from the shows online very easily (we can tell you how) or by using a Snappy or ATI device.

We need someone with TV contacts to do interviews with TV actors. You must have some experience or be able to figure out how to get interviews with them via their publicists or agents.

You must be able to either take shorthand or record the phone interview so you can then write it up as an interview or transcript. This requires some skills for writing and interviewing. You should have a good phone voice and be clear and professional on the phone. You should be able to come up with 10-15 minutes of questions if necessary, even if it’s someone you don’t know or for a show you have never seen (i.e. do research online). We can help you out with suggestions, but you must do the bulk of the work.  We need reliable people who will do this regularly.

Daytime Soap screencap maker
We need someone to make 4-6 screencaps for the soaps Monday through Friday, so we can put them in our Updates. This is very easy. You must live in the US so you can see the soaps online.  Helpful if you know how to work with graphics, but it’s not required.  We just recently lost our regular volunteer who did this for us for years.

Primetime News and Schedule maker
We need someone to help build our weekly schedule of shows. The ideal candidate would work on it daily, but we’ll take however many hours per week you can handle. It requires that you gather press releases (or get them from our news page), edit them into small blurbs, add some information such as network and date, organize them in a certain way and find promos for each if you have time.

Contact us if you are interested!   Only dependable people who are serious about helping us and can donate at least a few hours a week should contact us. Thanks!

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