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“Pennyworth: The Complete 2nd Season [Blu-ray]” Review by Suzanne 7/14/21

I apologize for the lateness of this review…they usually send me these weeks in advance, but this one came a day late.

I love this show. Then again, I love anything remotely related to Batman. Also, Bruno Heller is co-creator of the series, and he developed the TV series “Gotham” on FOX, which I also loved. Both shows are prequels for “Batman” but have their own unique stories and twisted histories.  Unlike “Gotham,” this series has very little to do with Batman. It centers on the Cold War history of Alfred, Batman’s “butler,” and Batman’s parents, Bruce and Martha.  This is all original to the show, although I’m sure they were heavily influenced by both “Gotham” and the comics.

Yet this is still a fantasy show because there are public executions in London, and a secret society called The Raven Society tries to take over the British government.  We know from “Gotham” that Alfred is a former SAS officer, so they’ve expanded on that quite a bit. He has PTSD in this series but runs a security firm. In this season season, he runs a black market club in Soho, and he might be moving to America soon.

The first season was very good. I’ve enjoyed this second season as well. Like the first season, it has a lot of action (violence), intrigue, and complex stories. There are many characters to keep track of, but not too many. I didn’t find it hard to follow, or boring. I love these kinds of shows.

I hope it gets a third season as well. The general theory out on the net seems to be that the show will move to HBO Max.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

Unfortunately, there are no features at all. That’s too bad.

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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Announces Upcoming TV and Animation Titles from Warner Archive Collection in July

Burbank, CA (June 15, 2021) – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings consumers the opportunity to own more fan-favorite programming from the past several decades from the Warner Archive Collection. In July, four new titles will be released via Warner Archive including Pennyworth: The Complete Second Season, C.B. Strike: Lethal White, Head of the Class: The Complete Third Season Available and The Herculoids: The Complete Original Series.

Pennyworth: The Complete Second Season

Available on Blu-ray & DVD 7/13/21

A year after the explosive events of last season, England finds itself embroiled in a devastating civil war, with the powerful, neo-fascist Raven Union, led by Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng) threatening to control the entire country. North London remains one of the few resistance holdouts remaining. It’s here in the West End Neutral Zone, that we find Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon). After years in the British Army, his training with the SAS has taught him to be a cynical optimist – expecting the worst, but knowing that he can handle it. Now running The Delaney, a black-market Soho club that welcomes everyone, regardless of their politics, Alfred, with his SAS mates, “Bazza” (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) and “Daveboy” (Ryan Fletcher), is now in search of a way out – before London, and his country, burns itself to the ground. And he’s got his eye on America.

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Pennyworth: The Complete 2nd Season