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Drunk History: The Complete Series DVD cover

“Drunk History: The Complete Series” Review by Suzanne 6/20/21

This is not my kind of show. I’ve never found it funny. I know someone must have, though, because it was on Comedy Central for 6 seasons!

Hosted by comedian Derek waters, the basic premise is that celebrities pretend to be drunk and re-tell some event from history (and they act it out as well). Now, they do claim that they’re really drinking, but how much are they drinking, and how drunk are they, really? I can’t imagine most celebrities really wanting to let the public see them in a very drunken state. My guess is that they actually drink very little.

The actors are given information packets with research about a particular historic topic beforehand. Some of the parts are pre-recorded and rehearsed. Basically, the whole thing is fake in order to produce “comedy.”  Which is fine if it’s funny, but it’s not. I’m sorry, but to me it’s never funny, and it’s very lame. Maybe it’s because I grew up with an alcoholic father (who took me to bars), but I just don’t find drunk people all that funny. People THINK they’re very funny when they’re drunk, but they’re not.

If you’re a fan of the show, then this set is really for you. Seasons 5 and 6 have never been released on DVD before. There are a few extras on the set as well, such as extended and deleted scenes, outtakes and sober reveals.

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From Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment, Drunk History: The Complete Series will be arriving on DVD on June 29th.

Prepare yourself for an unconventional history lesson with Comedy Central’s comedic television series, Drunk History: The Complete Series, arriving on DVD featuring the entire six seasons, including the previous unreleased seasons five and six! Cast includes host Derek Waters and ever-changing guest stars including Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), Laura Dern (“Twin Peaks”), Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids), and Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), and many more.

Drunk History : The Complete Series

Street Date: June 29th

Format: DVD

Description: The comedic series, first airing in 2013, follows host Derek Waters and his group of inebriated guest stars as they travel through different U.S. cities while attempting to tell stories and re-enacting famous events in history. The series is based on the award-winning web series: Funny or Die.

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Drunk History: The Complete Series DVD cover