Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 25, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby’s ex-husband Stitch returns to Genoa City for his former boss’ retirement party at the hospital. Stitch and Abby talk and Abby tells Stitch that Mariah is carrying her and Chances baby because she is unable to carry a child to term. Stitch tells Abby that his son Max hasn’t recovered from his brain tumor. Abby later tells Nina the short version of why her marriage to Stitch ended and how she feels badly that Max isn’t any better while she is so happy with her life. Stitch sits alone and remembers the happy and sad moments of his marriage to Abby.

Amanda tells Devon that she feels betrayed and hurt by Naya because they kept the truth about her father from her.
Imani has a heated argument with Amanda because Naya turned herself in to the Genoa City police and told the police she killed Richard. Imani tells Amanda Naya didn’t want Sittings political career to suffer.

Kyle, Nick, and Lauren try to persuade Summer not to go to Italy but she tells them she can’t pass up the wonderful opportunity. Summer also tells Kyle she doesn’t love him anymore, but Kyle doesn’t believe her.

Sally and Tara celebrate that their plan worked by having coffee together at Crimson Lights and telling each other what they will both gain from Summer going to Italy. Kyle is at the Abbott mansion drinking when Tara arrives and offers to help him since he looks upset.

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