Biography – Niki



My name is Nicole, but I go by Niki. I am 46, and I have two sons that live next to me. Their names are Kintrel & Nicolas. Kintrel is 26 and Nicolas is 25. My dad lives next to me, and he’s 81. He’s the best and my sons are such good young men. I am very proud of them. I also have two pitbulls. One is a female pitbull named Kali, and she is 5. There is a male named Kilo, and he just turned one. My youngest son and I are best friends. Hee takes care of me and sometimes gets mad at me. He tells me how it is and isn’t (but not disrespectfully, though).

I proofread the Days of our Lives Transcripts, and I enjoy doing them. I love typing. I used to watch Port Charles, but ABC cancelled it. I stopped watching General Hospital when they shut down my show,. Then I was in love with this show named “If Loving You Is Wrong,” but OWN canceled producer Tyler Perry’s show without giving us the answers we needed. I loved that show. I’ve been watching Days of our Lives on and off since I was a baby. My grandma watched it until she passed. She called them her stories.

I never watch regular TV — I just watch YouTube videos. I love getting subscription boxes and love spending time with my family.

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