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Angelina A.


Angelina Angileri (or Angie to all who know me)

As a writer I always find it so easy to write and create content that will inspire; teach and enthrall all who read it, so I was truly frustrated at how difficult it was for me to actually write a Bio about myself!!! So…….here goes……

Born and raised in sunny South Africa where I currently live as a single mother of four gorgeous talented children; Gemma (18yrs; leaving to live and study at the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in 2016); Olivia (15yrs); Luciano (13yrs and the only boy) and last but not least Isabella (11yrs going on 40 something due to her immense wisdom!). I chose to home school all four of my children due to the fact that talent is not seen as “good enough” unless you are an A+ student! But being wired differently is what makes life interesting and what drives us to succeed.

From a young age I was always enthralled with acting; dancing and entertaining but despite being cast in almost every school play and event that allowed me to be up on stage, I did not end up pursuing a career in the arts; instead I followed the usual normal structure of society. I have tried every job possible but only as a means of making a living and it wasn’t until I decided to quit the corporate world of Financial Planning and start working as a writer that I felt truly fulfilled.

There is something that seems to shift inside when one realizes that 40 is half way to 80!! Right?! This is, when life started looking more like a “Cease the Day” EVERYDAY opportunity to me. Therefore, when I was given the added opportunity to be able to work with Suzanne on The TV MegaSite, it not only intrigued me but also made me feel like it was an opportunity that I DID NOT want to miss out on; so Suzanne, thank you once again for the patience and opportunity to work with you.

No matter how hard life seems there is always something to look forward to regardless of what struggle may need to be overcome first!

Love life and live it to its fullest measure is how I embrace each day with my amazing children.

(Angelina no longer works for our site, but we value her major contributions!)

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