GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Brando is told that he needs to off his mother because she was trying to go against him and work for Carly. Brando cannot believe that Cyrus would tell him to do this. Cyrus reminds him that he is not even fond of his mother. He ran from her. Cyrus reluctantly takes the gun and points it at her. He ends up turning on Cyrus though. Carly calls upon Spinelli to start looking for Gladys. He is able to find her burner phone. Carly calls her goons in order to go and find her. Maxie prepares the spa day. She calls up Bobbie and Brook Lynn. Chloe then shows up and drugs her.

Britt and Jason return from the doctor. Britt is trying to no speak about her diagnosis. Jason tells her that she should. He wants her to say what is actually on her mind. Britt starts rambling. The two end up discussing how they have to live each day to the fullest. Lenny shows up at the bar and helps Sonny get some time after he finds out that Nina could be in trouble. Nina gets caught by Elijah. Sasha tells Willow she is pregnant and it is currently a complicated situation.

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