GH Short Recap Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Nina takes a sip of a drink that Sonny makes for her. She thinks that it is delicious. she reveals that she has been looking for apartments in town. Elijah walks in and is happy that she is sticking around. Jordan thanks Dante for helping out with this case. Elizabeth asks for Cam’s cuff’s to be removed. Scott vows to do everything that he can to get Cam off the hook. Cam explains that he had picked up the gun because Jason was kidnapping Britt. Scott orders him not to say anything because it shows intent. Jordan comes in and takes the cuffs off. Jordan asks Cam why he had the gun. Cam says that it just happened so quick.
Joss and Jax come home and Jax wants to know why Joss lied to him. Joss claims that she didn’t do anything wrong. Dante shows up and tells them that he is looking for Carly. Jason escaped from his hospital room. Joss tells Jax that she knows that Jason didn’t do it. Britt helps Jason get dressed but doesn’t want him going anywhere. Britt tells him that he is not safe enough to leave. Spinelli shows up with the blood. Spinelli later gets a call about coming into the station. Carly meets with the Five Family’s and Cyrus. She is able to convince the others that she is capable of running Sonny’s organization. Cyrus is angry. Dante shows up and finds her. She claims she doesn’t know what happened to Jason.

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