GH Short Recap Thursday, May 6, 2021

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Recap written by Anthony

Jordan informs Cam that the security video proves he did not shoot Jason. It was the actual person who had the gun. Jordan explains that the charges against him are dropped but reminds him that he was close to ending his life that night or at least twenty years. Dante tells Jordan that Carly claims she does not know where Jason is. He thinks that it would be nice to live in Carly’s world. Sam races in and demands to know where Jason is. Dante has no idea. They agree to work together.

Jason and Britt watch as Spinelli shows up with the blood. Spinelli tries to trash talk Britt but Jason defends her. Britt overhears this and smiles. Elizabeth is concerned about Cam’s well being right now. Cam demands to know why they believe that Jason didn’t kill Franco. Elizabeth and Scott explain that it was actually Peter. Portia shows up at Curtis’ bar. They both try new drinks that the mixoligist came up with for them to drink. They end up reliving their old days together in the process. Jordan talks with Trina briefly about love.

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